7 Tips To Store Perfumes So They Last Longer


7 Tips To Store Perfumes So They Last Longer


The expensive fragrances, we love are not easy to store. By storage, I mean the right way to store your perfumes so that they don’t lose their original fragrance.


how to store perfumes

Here are some tips that can come handy while storing your favourite perfumes.

Keep it Cool

Perfumes degenerate in high heat. Store them in a cool place like storage boxes and shelves that are not exposed to high temperatures considering our country sees extremely hot weather. Though the idea to store your perfumes in refrigerator may sound good, the frequent temperature fluctuations when you take them out and keep them back will end up destroying your scents. Also in refrigerator, other food items may absorb the fragrance. I’m sure that wouldn’t like to eat your cheese drenched in your favourite fragrance.

In the Dark

It is simple, keep the perfumes in a dark corner of your house. The bottles are usually transparent and so the sunlight reaches very easily to your precious scents. This part is very important if you want to make your perfumes last longer.

No Humidity

Humidity is also an enemy of the longevity of perfumes. So if you like to keep scents in bathroom, think again and take them out. Better store them in a cool, dark place with minimal humidity.


Perfume storage tips

Keep it Covered

If you leave your perfume bottles without lid for a long time, the fragrance will go away. Just spritz the perfume and replace the cap immediately and tightly.

Cleanliness is next to perfume-ness πŸ˜›

If your perfume bottle has rollerball or applicator-wand, always remember to keep it clean. Through the applicator the dirt will transfer into the perfume and will destroy it eventually.

Don’t shake it Baby

‘Shake Well Before Use’ is not for perfumes. Also do not travel with the whole big bottle on a daily basis. Rather transfer some amount in an opaque and airtight atomizer that you can travel with. Lesser the shaking, better the smell.

Transfer Troubles

If you want to transfer your perfume in another bottle, you need to be quick. As the perfume comes in contact with air, it may degenerate and lose its precious properties. And yes the new bottle should be airtight.

So girls, now you know that perfumes are not only expensive but also need a lot of care. Use all these tips for the better health of your perfumes and also your pockets :-D.

Hope you find these tips useful.

Share your tips to make the scents last longer.

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  1. I use all of the above other than the travel sized thing. I never tried transferring my perfumes, I just carry the entire bottle…

  2. Maitri great article as always, tell me is it better to keep perfumes in their boxes? Ii have heard that keeping them on your dresser without the box reduces the effectiveness. I like to see the lovely bottles…. If I keep them in the box then I worry every time I take them out of the box that I will break them…


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