7 Types Of Friends You Should Avoid



By Tavleen

7 Types Of Friends You Should Avoid

We all know how the importance of friends. Some of the friends we go for coffee with or shop with. Having a bestie is a very huge bonus in life. But there are some types of friends we need to avoid.




The Crying Or Depressed Friend

A friend who is always crying about their own worries .There is always something that is making them unhappy and there is typically someone to blame. Someone who is always crying or is depressed always demands attention in the form of sympathy.

The Negative Thinking Friends

A friend who takes life negatively is never a good influence.You need friends who believe in you and have a positive approach towards life. A negative minded friend will always bring more negativity in your life and will never get along with your opinions & choices in life.


depressed crying friend to avoid'


The Friend Who Is Never There When You Need Them

A friend who is too busy to be with you or is only available when they are single is no good friend.They are the one’s who do not give priority to you and are in contact as per their convinience.

The Friend Who Is Always On Phone

A friend who is always on the phone with their partner or who is just present physically but is on th phone updating pics or on fb is no good friend.They want to be with you but do not care enough to give you the priority as a friend.

The Self Centered Friend

A friend who is self centered will only think about themselves and do things to please their interests. They will never bother about your well being or look out for you. These are the friends who believe they know you but all they do is talk about their life and their issues and are available as per thier convinience.

The Friend Who Is Always With Partner And Brings Them Along To Every Meet

A friend who always brings their partner to their group is no friend.If they cannot give you time , bring in their partner and be with them instead of you , shows their priority.


friends you should avoid


The Friend Who Never Pays

Everyone has that friend who loves to hang around but never pays for themselves.They might ask you to pay or for that matter tell you that they will pay you later but you know that will never happen. It is best to avoid friends who might be with you for wrong reasons.

Do you have a friend with any of these characters?

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