7 Ways Of Exfoliation to Get Summer Ready Skin


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Exfoliation is a must in any skin care routine, be it summer, monsoon or winter. But the months that are hot and humid calls for some extra scrubbing and exfoliation to get rid of the sweat and dead skin cells that clog pores. Regular CTM, along with weekly exfoliation makes skin supple, soft and bright. And as summers are almost here at your doorstep, we at Wiseshe decided to tell our beautiful readers about 7 ways in which you can exfoliate your skin this season! And mind it, they all are super duper user-friendly.

There are different methods to scrub your face which are mentioned as follows!

Exfoliation with sugar:

sugaras scruser

Sugar is a great natural exfoliator that can be used for scrubbing during summer months. If you feel your skin is really dry and dehydrated and any scrub dries out your skin, then this scrubbing agent is your go-to. You can mix and match different methods for scrubbing and use it. As it is a post for summer months and tanning is a basic problem for all of us during this time, I will suggest to apply this simple scrub to get rid of tan!

All you need is

1 teaspoon of lemon juice and some sugar

Mix well and apply to the affected areas.

Exfoliation with Steam:

Steaming your face and body is a very relaxing and rejuvenating experience. We all have heard of people having a steam bath after gym but do you know steam is also really good for opening up your pores? This process is highly effective if you have normal to oily skin types as it helps reduce pores size too. You can just steam your face before starting to exfoliation and see the amazing results after completing it! This also helps to unclog pores and get rid of blackheads and whiteheads.

Exfoliation with Facial brush:

The Body Shop Facial Brush with Lid Review Package+cleansing brush

Facial Brush is a technique which many might not be aware of but trust me! it really works. The bristles are really gentle and mild and help to clean your face and neck very effectively. It helps to clean all gunk and dead skin cells leaving skin soft, smooth and beautiful.

Exfoliation with Wet Sponge:

Wet Sponge is another technique to exfoliate skin which is really mild and gentle. It is a wet, porous sponge that can clean dead skin cells and make skin smooth and soft. This is a great option for sensitive skin and you can just carry it where ever you go. Just pour some facewash over it and roll!

Exfoliation with loofah:

Haul combs n loofah+a loofah

Loofah is an everyday product to use on our skin during bath time. But do you know it can act as a mild exfoliator too? When we wash our skin with a body wash and loofah, it also removes dead cells other than cleaning the skin. Loofah is really handy and is really mild to be used daily.

Exfoliation with exfoliation gloves:

Exfoliation gloves are really uncommon to us as only a few brands have them on their shelves. This method is used to scrub body effectively and make them look supple and soft. It is really difficult to cover your whole body with a single scrubbing method other than your own hand. Scrubbing gloves comes really handy in this time! You can scrub your whole body without any extra efforts.

Exfoliation with coffee:

coffee review

Coffee is not only our favourite beverage but also a great friend for our skin. Coffee has anti-oxidant properties that help to impart a glow into the skin and make them look nourished and beautiful. This scrub is for all skin types and the best part is that you get both kind of coffee scrubs – homemade and ready made. This scrub also helps to remove tan. See Make your Own Coffee Scrub

You can see the Anti-cellulite scrub with coffee here

And with this we come to the end. Make sure to follow a good CTM procedure and scrub your skin well and be summer ready!

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