7 Ways To Beat Stress


Post by Ankita Saroj

7 Ways To Beat Stress

Why is my energy level down? I am not able to sleep, even if I do sleep, I don’t feel wake up feeling fresh. If you would feel these things on the daily, then there are chances that you have warmly embraced stress in your life. Yes, this article will be stressed upon How to de-stress? This omnipresent problem can actually be addressed at various levels and there are many practical solutions that could help you out of this. Human body is engineered to have positive stress, called eustress to keep us alert but distress lays a strong foundation for many mental and physical problems. Let’s get straight to the ways which can effectively reduce stress.

Know the source of stress:

Is it your room mate, your colleague, the job you are doing, your ambitious thoughts or the life style? It is imperative to identify the source of stress so that you can put efforts to communicate with the person who is causing stress in your life or to modify your life choices in order to overcome stress.

ways to beat stress

Positive attitude:

You might have heard this from everyone around you, about staying optimistic. Does it work in reducing stress? It does, actually. Over-worrying is not going to solve anything. Accepting the reality and trying to move ahead could be one of the best strategies you can employ to halt the aggravating stress in your mind. Think positive, be positive and stay positive.

hpw to beat stress

Know the limits:

Everyone has commitments everywhere. We are reminded of those through messages and calls pouring in throughout the day, everyday, before we finally crash into the bed. Our mind and body has a limit and we must respect it. So go ahead, watch that movie you always wanted to watch, go on a date with your loved one, have a girls night out etc. Relax and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Develop a hobby:

It is very important to invest your time and energy into something you enjoy doing. It will make you think of your stress in a different perspective and perhaps even give you the motivation to deal with it in a better manner. For me, whenever I feel stressed out, I take out my makeup brushes and start blending 😀

Physical activity:

Any form of exercise helps alleviate stress. Be it plugging your earphones in and taking a walk in the park or calling your friend to play a game of badminton; make sure you exert your body in a productive way to keep your mind fresh. Once you slot in exercising in your daily routine, you will be able to lead a much healthier life style.



Sure, pizza is everyone’s best friend and indulging in gluttony every once in a while is good but consuming a healthy diet will cleanse your system of all the toxins and make you feel good holistically.


Take a break!

When you don’t know what to do, do nothing! This is very true as it teaches us to live in the moment and take a breather from everything. Unplug from your social media addiction, take few days off from work and relax.


  1. Jitna easy dikhta hai, utna kuch easy nahi hai ye
    De stress hony k liye maine sab try kiya hua hai per abhi tak kuch success nahi hua


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