7 Ways To Do Nail Art


Hey  everyone how is weekend going?

I had fab time yesterday in Dhola ri dhani will share some pics with you later before that lets talk something about nail art here.There are many ways to decorate nails and doing them is so much  fun and destressing that  I thought of listing few out here.

With new trends like tattoos, hair color, nail art really catching up in India and penetrating to more sections of society, it becomes important to know about them in deeper details. Here are few clean ways to decorate your nails –

1. Glitter: Many a times, glitter is all what you need to create a good nail art design. A subtle glitter powder or dust alone should be able to do the trick instead of going for a glitter polish.  All you have to do then is sprinkle it over your wet nails. Then, again, put on some clear polish. By the way, you can also find a number of fake nails in the market with embedded glitter.

Glitter Nail Art

2.  Air brushing: Yes you read that right! Your nails can get air brushed too! Although, it’s best if you take the help of a nail technician for this as this one is quite an artistic option. You need someone who’s really professional and does his/her job keeping in mind the fine details to get the design or the picture painted right on your nails.

airbrush nails pictures

Image source

3. Gemstones: There are a number of various kinds of synthetic gemstones that you can try on your fingernails. There are kits available in market as well for you to do it yourself. They come in different colors, shapes, and sizes, and can create a glamorous shining look.

gen stone nail art

Image source

4. Decals: Decals help you make some really excellent designs at your home itself. You can also get them at a salon, but it’s quite an economical option to do them yourself. You can pick which all decals you like and apply them to your fingernails. If you put a coat of clear nail polish after applying, they’ll last longer.

Nail Art Decals

Image source

5. Floral Patterns: Floral designs are quite popular among a large number of girls. Some of them are just decals but others are actually raised flowers that look pretty good and almost real. These designs make excellent choice for big social events like weddings and parties and look  really beautiful and incredibly feminine.

floral naila rt patterns

6. French tips: French tips are extremely popular nowadays. With those lovely modern twists, they are a charming new choice while they still retain their value as a classy look. Some of the recent twists include replacing the classic white tips with some fantastic colors and also innovating on the white tip itself.

French nail art

7. Charms: Charms are slightly different from gems. Typically, they tend to look like small earrings and either have posts or they dangle down. This option is rather inappropriate for home and should be tried at a salon as special tools are required. For instance, with a post charm, you actually need to have a hole drilled through the top of your fingernail.

Nail Art dangels

image source

Which Nail Art is your favorite?

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  1. wow heard of the charms for the first time. wouldn’t there be increased chances of your nails breaking or something 😕
    plus wouldn’t it be difficult to work with charm nails. I mean so distracting it would be :-/

  2. Wow Anamika, what a wonderful and well written article. U summarised all tht in one post. 🙂 I had literally no idea abt air-brushing on nails. N hey deae, I have also created a facebook page named “Myspace Girlstime”, please search for it and like it. I have such a few number of fans that till now I have not been able to get a separate user name for that page, 🙁 so u would have to search for it by putting that name. n lastly, urs own nail art with french tip and pink design is looking absolutely neat and amazing. 🙂

    P.S- n can u shift that tweet n share icons to right side bar? It’s pretty tough to read with that. 🙂

  3. weekend was not very much happening… 🙂
    but today we are going to a family function wehere we cousins have decided to ROCK IT! lol! :dance: :dance: :party: :party: :party:
    imagine family function at valetines day LOL! ate least its better than nothing hehehe… :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


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