7 Ways To Effective Makeup Removing


7 Ways To Effective Makeup Removing

We all love doing makeup. Isn’t? And Wiseshe has increased that love to some more extent. There is an immense pleasure in the lipstick bullets, in those pans of eye shadows, in the swirls of the blushes and the veins of the bronzers. They make my heart skip beats.

But the fun of makeup is only complete when you remove every trace of it before going to bed. Yes, removing makeup is very crucial. Never go to bed with your makeup on, no matter how much tired are you. Even if you have only kohl on your eyes or just a dab of lip balm on your lips. There shouldn’t be any trace of makeup on you.

On my post today, I’ll be discussing some effective ways to remove makeup, that too almost naturally.

Self-made makeup remover

I mix equal amounts of Johnson’s baby hair oil and Johnson’s baby shampoo and store it in bottle. This is the most effective makeup remover I used till date. No harmful chemicals, no alcohol, no disturbing smell, just soft and cleansed skin





Another effective makeup remover without any irritant chemicals or alcohol. You can use normal coconut oil, almond oil. Castor oil or olive oil. Dab the oil of your choice all over your skin and eye area and wait a minute or two to let it work its magic. Lightly massage in round motion. Wet a cotton ball or a clean cloth and gently remove the oil from your skin.  If you find your skin a little sticky and oily, use a soft dry cloth to remove the extra oil or follow up by cleansing your skin as usual.

Vaseline Magic:

Another great makeup remover, especially for eye makeup. Dab some Vaseline on eyes. Wait for some time, then take a fresh cloth dipped on lukewarm water and Gently wipe it across eyes to pick up mascara. Go over the eye area with a clean pad until it’s makeup-free.

Honey and baking soda:


homemade mask for blackhead


Right now you are thinking if this method really helps you in removing those long staying liners. Right? Even I used to think like you before I tried this recipe. And trust me, it works. Add drops of honey on pinch of baking soda and lightly massage in circular motions.


blackhead removal face pack


Keep it for 1-2 minutes and wipe off with a cloth dipped in lukewarm water. Result is unbelievable.

Dairy products:

Dry milk mixed with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Lightly massage and remove with a damp cloth. Voila..!!

Normal chilled milk is also effective in cleaning makeup. Dip your cotton ball iin milk and dab it on makeup and gently wipe it off.


greek yogurt skin care


YOGURT works too.

Baby Wipes

Another effective makeup remover, I use baby wipes to remove makeup since these wipes are specially formulated to gently clean and moisturize baby’s delicate skin, and they won’t hurt our skin as well.


Wet wipes


I use this method when in hurry.

Steam it up

Face steaming helps in opening pores, boosts circulation and draws blood to the surface of the skin, giving your face a warm, healthy glow. Apply your favourite cleanser after 10 minutes of steaming and see how it leaves your skin clean, flushed and glowing.

Try these effective ways and your skin will thank you for removing all of your makeup gently, safely, and naturally and that too without spending fortunes..!

How do you remove makeup?

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