7 Ways To Make Your Pores Look Invisible


7 Ways To Make Your Pores Look Invisible

Hey pretty girls! We all long for a healthy & flawless glow. However, large pores make the skin look unattractive & even embarrassing. Although the size of your pores is determined genetically, but there are always some steps you can take to make them appear smaller or even invisible. Following these steps diligently & patiently to make your way to a healthy & radiant skin!

Regular Cleansing & Toning:

Always make sure that your makeup is removed completely before going to sleep. Sleeping in makeup is one of the major reasons for your pores getting blocked which otherwise need to breathe while you are asleep. Pores appear larger when they’re clogged with dirt & impurities. Thus, it is important to follow a consistent routine of cleansing & toning. Always wash your face with a gentle cleanser before going to bed. Keep your face clean at all times to keep all the dirt & impurities at bay. It is equally important to use a good toner after cleansing as it helps to tighten the pores & keep your oil levels under control. You may also use a pore refining toner that contains Lactic acid or Glycolic acid to tighten your pores.


Exfoliate Right!

Regular exfoliation keeps away the dirt & excess oil to settle into your pores. It also helps in removing the dead skin cells. However, make sure that you do not exfoliate too frequently & avoid using harsh & abrasive scrubs as they can damage your skin cells. In fact, you may even try some homemade scrubs to exfoliate.

Use A Quality Face Primer:

Applying a good face primer under your makeup also helps in giving your skin a smooth & flawless finish. It covers your pores & provides a base for your makeup.


Say Yes To SPF:

Make it a skincare ritual not to step out of the house without a sunscreen on. The harmful UV rays break down the collagen in skin, making the skin less tight, which in turn makes your pores appear larger. Hence, use a quality sunscreen with an appropriate SPF value to take care of your pores.


Facial Masks & Skin peels:

Homemade face masks made with natural ingredients can also help reduce your pores. In addition, there are face peel offs & nose strips also available in the market which help tighten pores.


Use Non-Comedogenic Products:

Whether you are choosing skincare or makeup products, always go for products which are non-comedogenic. Such products do not block pores & let your skin breathe.


Steam For Face:

Steam treatments also help in reducing the size of your pores. You can either visit a spa or even do it at home by simply holding your face over a large bowl filled with hot water for a few minutes. However, be careful so that the steam does not cause any burns. Follow with a moisturizer.


Have you tried any of these tips to reduce skin pores?

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