7 Wet N Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection Lipstick On Olive Skin Tone & Pigmented Lips + Video


7 Wet N Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection Lipstick On Olive Skin Tone & Pigmented Lips + Video

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I hope you already read the post on Wet N Wild Lipstick shades from Fergie Centerstage Collection which I recently did. Here are 7 shades from the range and in this video I will be showing how these shades look on my Olive skin tone and pigmented lips. It makes easier to decide for yourself if you are planning on to buy some shades from the range, this video is surely going to help you out with the shade choices.

I got these lipsticks from US as these are not available in India.

Wet N Wild Fergie Lipsticks are an exclusive collection of really stunning shades and everyone finds their choice of shades in this range. The highly pigmented shades are great for those who love to go bold with their lip color.

These are pure matte finish lipsticks except for the one shade D-Vinely Chilled which appears to be a shimmery lipstick.

The packaging is good and cap shuts tightly and it will survive accidental falls. But these lipsticks have a silver coating which starts wearing out in few days uses which makes it look cheap.

These are creamy and smooth texture lip colors but due to the matte texture the lipstick tends to feel a little drying on the lips.

The drying feature makes the color to settle in fine lines which doesn’t look good so make sure to apply lip balm beneath this lipstick. It leaves a strong stain on the lips as it fades gradually so you need to make sure to apply a lip primer otherwise the lips would not look that good after the shade fades.

One swipe of these lipsticks is enough to cover the pigmented lips easily! For such an awesome price, I don’t think we can ask for more except the drying part!


The shades I swatched in the video are as follows-

  • Ferguson Crest Cabernet- It is a pretty berry shade with strong fuchsia undertones in it. The color is matte and looks very glossy on the lips. It is a personal favorite of mine.
  • Bebot Love– A beautiful nude shade with caramel undertones. It is a little drying and tends to settle in fine lines so exfoliating the lips is a must to carry this shade.
  • Saraghina– This is a stunning deep red shade and an absolute favorite for all the red shade lovers. I surely recommend this shade to all the lipstick addicts.
  • D-Vinely Chilled– This is one of the sheer lipstick in the range which has chunky shimmers which makes it a little out of place. It will appeal those who love sheer glossy lip shade with shimmers.
  • Old School Glam– A perfect tomato red shade which brightens the face instantly.
  • V.I Pink- This is a blue toned light pink shade which will not suit Indian skin tones and only pale skin tones will be able to carry this type of shade.
  • Penthouse Sweet– A candy yummy pink shade which is very pretty pink and looks very attractive on the lips.

I hope you like the swatch video. If you want to see more such videos then do hit the like button and subscribe to our channel! Checkout the shades below-

Have you tried Wet N Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection Lipsticks?

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