7 yoga asanas to stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth

By Harsha,We keep discussing about hair and its various problems. We try various hair loss shampoos, hair loss conditioner’s, home remedies for healthy hair, diet and certain changes in lifestyle to keep our hair healthy. But apart from this the very important part is your daily exercise routine or yoga… which boosts up the blood circulation in whole body including scalp and this practice helps in controlling premature hair greying, hairfall, dull and lifeless hair etc…… in this article we are going to discuss various breathing techniques and yogasanas to combat the hair problem and making hair healthy and full of life.

1)Bhastrika Pranayam Sit in padmasana or sukhasana, keep your back straight and eyes closed. Place your hands on your knees in gyan mudra. Exhale completely through both nostrils, then inhale through both in full force. Then keep on doing until you feel tired.. start the process slowly and speed up. Maintain a rhythmic pattern i.e time taken to inhale should equal the time taken to exhale. When you breathe in your lungs should expand and not your belly and when you breathe out your lungs should return to the original position . Do it for 2-5 minutes.
Benefits -Supplies maximum pran vayu to the body, removes impurities and purifies the blood, makes lungs stronger, balances the vata, pitta and kapha of the body, all this results in glowing skin and healthy hair. People with migrane problem n all should practice it very slowly.
2) Kapalbhati Pranayam   Sit in padmasana or sukhasana, keep your back and neck  straight and eyes closed. Place your hands on your knees in gyan mudra. Exhales forcefully through both nostrils, simultaneously pulling your stomach in. Don’t make an effort to inhale.  It can be done 60 times in a minute. Practice for 10-15 minutes. Then breathe out completely and relax. Keep your body still during this kriya.
Benefits Eliminates toxins from air passages to cleanse body and mind, purifies the brain’s frontal portion, thus boosting blood circulation and reducing hair greyness.
3)  Anulom Vilom Pranayam– Sit in padmasana or sukhasana, keep your back and neck  straight and eyes closed. Closing the right nostril with the right hand thumb, gently fill the breath inside through the left nostril. When the inhalation is complete, close the left nostril with the ring finger and middle finger of the right hand and exhale completely through the right nostril. The rate of inhalation-exhalation should gradually be increased from medium to vigorous. Inhale vigorously with full force and then exhale. Make the rate of inhaling and exhaling slow, medium or fast according to your capacity. Continuing doing this way for 10-15 minutes and relax.
Benefits Removes impurities from skull nerves, benefits brain, lungs and heart, skin diseases, depression and insomnia, all of which are major causes of hair fall and graying.
4)   Padhastasana (Hand to toe pose )-  Stand erect. Inhale and raise your hands. Your arms must be straight and should touch your ears. Now, as you exhale bend your body forward and downward. Try to place your palms on the ground beside your feet. Try to touch your forehead to your knees without bending them. Breathe normally and hold the posture as long as you can and return to the original position.. do not force yourself, bend as much you can. You can hold this position from 1-5 minutes.

Benefits strengthens the back and abdomen, exercises the spine, boosts blood flow to the scalp thus promoting hair growth.

5)   Uttanpadasana ( Raised  foot pose) Lie on your back, your hands beside your thighs and palms resting on the ground. Stretch your body and keep it taut. Inhale and raise both legs slowly, placing pressure on your hands. Hold your legs at the angle of 60 degree to the ground as long as you can. Breather normally. Feel the strain in your legs and your abdomen. Do not tense your neck or face at all. Repeat legs to the original position. Practice 3-5 times.

Benefits Regulates blood pressure thus ensuring proper blood supply to the scalp, boosts the health of your digestive system, lung heart, liver and spleen and counters constipation.
6)  Shalabhasana ( Locust pose) Lie on your stomach, your hands below your thighs and palms resting on the ground and facing thighs. Your chin should touch the floor. Stretch your body and keep it taut and then raise your legs as much as possible. Make sure there is no stress on your shoulders, arms or chest muscles. Only the stomach and lower back should feel the strain. Hold the position for as long as you can and return back to the original position and relax. Repeat 3-5 times.
Benefits Ensures proper blood circulation and nutrition to the scalp, activates blood circulation in the abdomen, strengthens the intestines, counters constipation, and boosts digestive system.
7)  Rubbing nails for faster hair growth Rub your fingers together for at least 10-15 minutes everyday. You don’t need to devote any special time for this.. you can do this while watching tv or whenever free.
Benefits The nerve endings just under your fingernails are directly connected to your hair roots. By rubbing your nails together you help boost blood circulation in your scalp which in turn reduces grey hair.
The above are 7 easy steps which anyone can practice to get that healthy hair. Below are few  tips which you can follow to increase hair growth and prevent hair loss
·  Be very careful while applying styling gels and hair creams as they choke the pores.
· Wear a cap while swimming, protect your hair from chlorinated water and was your hair as soon as you get out.
·  Don’t sleep with tightly braided hair as they may weaken the roots.
·  Get oil massages and hot wraps to boost hair health.
·  Avoid styling products containing alcohol as they dry up hair.
·  Shampoo only thrice a week.
·  Keep the blow dryer at least 4 inches from your hair.
·  Constantly keep moving your hair dryer or iron over/ in the hair, do not keep it focused at one place for long.
·  Keep dryer setting to the coolest as excessive exposure to heat can damage hair permanently.
·  Apply hair cream or serum after drying or pressing your hair.
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  1. Hey very informative post!!! Very helpful for me. I do suffer from extreme hair loss. I'll surely try these and hope it helps. By the way I've given you a blog award. Try stopping at my blog.
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  2. i m a guy of 20 years of age..i was totally frusted when i first notice my falling of hair 2 and half years ago when i was in class 12 ..i have used so many products..i spend a lot of hours on internet for hair fall solution. my father is also having thin hair bt he aged 49 bt having hair on his head.. i go to dr . batra treatmnt bt rslt totally vanished . i also used minoxodil bt i come to know that i hve to use it to my whole lyf and it isvery sticky ..so i left it..and finally i move through natural method and ayurveda..now i m doing daily yoga…taking bhringraj and amla powder . i hope it wll take time bt give good result..i can understnd the problem and embrassment feeled by a man suffering from baldness in front of others…hope yoga will reward good results…


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