8 Amazing Beauty Benefits of Tulsi Powder


8 Amazing Beauty Benefits of Tulsi Powder

In India we worship Tulsi since it is a sacred plant. We all know that it has so many benefits including health and beauty. It is used as an essential ingredient in many herbal skin care products. If you like using herbal products and ingredients for your skin then you must not forget adding tulsi as well. It can provide you healthy and glowing skin with many more beauty benefits. I’m today listing few of those amazing benefits here. Take a look.


1. Treats Skin Problems:

Tulsi powder has anti-bacterial properties due to which it works effectively in treating skin problems such as acne, pimples, eczema, rashes, and almost all skin problems. This powder should be mixed with water and the paste should be applied to the affected areas to kill the bacteria lying over there. Mixing the powder in water and drinking it can also cure it from inside. To cure acne and pimples you can just make tulsi toner and apply it regularly.

2. Lightens Scars:

If you have scars and marks left by pimples and acne, then tulsi can solve this problem. Mix tulsi powder in gram flour and use this pack for your face once a week. This will slowly reduce the scar marks on your face and give even skin tone.

3. Give Glowing Skin:

Get some finely powdered tulsi and dab some of it like loose powder to add some glow to the face but more than this using this powder as pack can give you natural glow from within. Drinking its juice also improves skin health to great extent.

natural face mask tulsi

4. Prevents Inflammation:

To cure inflammation, mix some tulsi powder, rose water and sandalwood powder and make paste with them. Apply this to the inflamed area and you’ll feel the cooling sensation soon. Your acne prone skin may also be much irritating; use this paste to get some relief.

5. Gives Youthful Skin:

Tulsi powder is quite rich with anti-oxidants which is required to prevent wrinkles, age spots, freckles, fine lines, etc. which represent skin ageing. It kills the free radicals and avoid skin damage due to which you can have fresh and younger looking skin.

6. Prevents Blemishes and Tightens Skin Pores:

If you have blemishes then mix tulsi powder and egg white and apply this to your face. Leave this for 20 minutes and then rinse well. This will prevent blemishes and tighten skin pores.

diy neem tulsi facepack

7. Reduces Itching:

Mix some tulsi powder with lemon juice and rub this to the itching skin. Leave it for a while and then rinse. The anti-bacterial property of tulsi powder will reduce the effect of the root cause of itching.

8. Treats Dandruff, Dry Scalp and Hair Fall:

Dandruff and dry scalp are one of those major causes behind hair fall. Tulsi powder can be mixed with egg and some curry leaves powder and applied to scalp like a hair mask. This will cure the dandruff and dry scalp and help in hair growth. You can also make tulsi hair oil and apply it to your scalp regularly. Mix some tulsi oil in some carrier oil and massage it well to your scalp gently.

9. Cures Itchy Scalp:

If you want to treat itchy scalp, then mix tulsi powder and neem powder with some water and make paste with them. Apply this to your scalp like a hair mask. You can also use neem and tulsi hair oil for this problem. Just boil few neem leaves in some coconut oil and add some tulsi oil to it and your oil is ready.

Did you see in how many ways tulsi powder is capable to give healthy and glowing skin? Using it regularly is quite easy. Drink its juice or just eat few leaves regularly to get its benefits from inside and use it different ways to use from outside such as face packs, hair masks, hair oils, etc.

Which of these 8 amazing beauty benefits of Tulsi powder you didn’t know?

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  1. How to use means it is to be taken with tea or honey or water when it should be taken after meal or before meal and once in a day or twice in a day


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