8 Amazing Benefits Of Neem Flower


8 Amazing Benefits Of Neem Flower

Neem or Azadirachta indica tree is one such plant that benefits us in many ways. Every part of this tree has some medicinal benefits. We have heard a lot about many uses of neem leaves for treating skin problems and other disorders. But the flowers of neem tree are not that popular. The truth is that the tiny, white neem flower have some amazing benefits in store. They taste bitter but are quite good for health.


Take a look at amazing benefits of neem flowers-

Cure Skin problems with Neem Flower

If you want a floral solution for your acne and other similar skin troubles then make a paste of neem flowers and use it on affected area. Wash it off in a few minutes and get better skin. Neem flower also helps in healing leprosy and itching when used in conjunction with other herbal ingredients.

Neem flower also heals wounds and rashes.

Aromatherapy with Neem Flower

Neem flower oil has calming and soothing effect. It is used in aromatherapy widely. Besides aromatherapy treatments, neem flower oil is also present in cosmetic preparations like creams, massage oils and astringents.

Cure Tummy Troubles with Neem Flower

Neem flower helps in curing bile excess, intestinal worms and phlegm problems. Dried neem flowers are ingested for the purpose. Making neem flowers a part of food-spices also helps keeping these problems in check.

Improve Eyesight with Neem Flower

Dried and fried neem flowers can be taken daily to strengthen eyes and improve their power.

Become Strong with Neem Flower

Neem flowers provide vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Wash neem flowers and dry them in shade. Soak the flowers in honey and ingest this honey daily. Your immunity will be enhanced.

This honey also cures throat infection and is good for diabetics.

Treat Headache with Neem Flower

If your head is feeling heavy or you have earache, take steam with neem flower. Boil water with neem flowers and inhale the steam to get rid of head and ear aches.

Recover Quickly with Neem Flowers

Neem flowers make recovery after debilitating fever quick. Daily intake will make you stronger quickly.

Get Stronger Hair with Neem Flower

These Flowers also give you a healthy scalp. Due to this your hair become shiny and healthy too.

Have you used neem flower?

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