8 Amazing Remedies For Common Hair Problems


8 Amazing Remedies For Common Hair Problems

We all love our hair just as our precious face! Hair can make a huge difference to the face & both skin and hair need good care to make them look healthy & appealing at all times! Usually, the skin & hair speak a lot about your overall health & nutrition because just as the skin is the window to what all you put inside your body, your hair too makes it too obvious as to whether you are having a balanced diet or having enough sleep & are not in stress because all these things result in excessive hair loss and many other hair related problems from which people suffer!


Well, today we have some amazing remedies which will help you in eliminating the reasons you are experiencing most hair problems in the first place!

So, lets checkout these remedies below-

Hair Fall Remedy

One of the most common & serious hair problem is excessive hair fall while shampoo or combing & attributes to a lot of hormonal problems along with nutritional issues in the body. If you are eating everything right & don’t suffer from any hormonal imbalance then probably the physical texture of your hair may be the main reason!

lavender essential oil

Coconut Oil & Lavender Oil is a well known tried ingredient to combat the excess hair loss. Try to massage the scalp with this oil mix & your hair fall problem will gradually reduce!

oily hair problems

Flat Hair Remedy

If you are someone who wishes to bring a little life to your hair & have tried all the products to prevent your hair from falling flat which annoys you because you cannot style your hair in any way! Try a mixture of Baking Soda & your holy grail shampoo to see if you get your desired bouncy & full of life hair! 🙂

gray hair removal with qtips

Oily Hair Remedy

Usually during summers & winters the hair tends to start producing excess oil which makes the hair look oily even after shampoo and you really want a break with the sleek hair style you have to always sport because of your oily hair, take 1/2 cup of egg white & mix a tablespoon of lemon juice to it & apply on the hair. After 30-40 minutes later shampoo your hair & blow dry them. You will notice the oily hair is not going to concern you even two days after shampoo!

egg white

Damaged Hair Remedy

Usually the hair goes through a lot of damage from the sun, dust, pollution, smoke & tends to get damaged even if you go for a monthly hair nourishing treatment, in that case you can try this anti-damage remedy for your hair. Take 3-4 tbsp of fresh aloe vera gel & mix 2 tbsp of coconut oil to it. Mix both of these together & apply on the hair and massage with your finger deeply on the scalp. After an hour, rinse your hair. Repeat this remedy at least three times a week to see a visible change in the hair texture!

aloe gel

Dry Hair Remedy

If you have a dry scalp then it a nightmare in the winter season as it gives a lot of dandruff which looks very bad. The best way to treat the dryness of your hair is to apply a mixture of 1 cup milk & 2 tablespoon of honey to your hair & leave it for a while. Wash your hair & you will notice that the hair is moisturized & will turn smoother with each usage!

milk and honey

Split Ends Remedy

A lot of us believe that trimming hair every now & then is the only way to deal with split ends of the hair but you can also try this remedy to reduce split ends in your hair! Take an egg, mix with 1 tablespoon of honey & olive oil in the mixture and apply on the hair mainly towards the end. This remedy will definitely reduce the split ends with frequent uses in a week!

split ends

Head Lice Remedy

Head lice is not a pleasant thing for anyone & you should immediately take steps to treat your head so as to make your head lice free! Simply mix tea tree essential oil to the shampoo you normally use & comb your hair frequently with lice comb to get the lice out & prevent them from multiplying!

Frizzy Hair Remedy

Frizzy hair makes it almost impossible to open your hair & do an open hairstyle because your hair doesn’t stay in place & turns all frizzy! To deal with the excess frizz in your hair try a mixture of 1 tablespoon yogurt & honey as a hair mask to condition your hair & make it smooth and frizz-free!

I hope you find these remedies to be useful for your hair problems! Do share if you have already tried one of these remedies to treat your hair concern!

Have you tried these hair care remedies before?




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