8 Beautiful And Easy Nail Art Designs


8 Beautiful and Easy Nail Art Designs


Hi Gurrls!

Painting nails is kind of therapeutic and makes us look great too. And when we have some time and are feeling artistic, we love to try nail arts. Easier said than done. The amazing designs shown on different websites often confuse us or many of them are for Pros only. Even though I’m good at drawing, can’t say the same about my nail art skills.

Its been a while since a nail art was published on Wiseshe so I decided to compile some amazing work from our talented contributors. I searched and found some lovely nail arts that are simple for ‘lay-girls’ :-D. And I know that if I’m finding these simple then the ‘Veteran Beutistas’ are surely going to rock these.

Newspaper Nail Art



nail art easy design


It is a great way to show of your artistry without doing too much work :-D. Your nails will look unique in minutes. You may come across as an avid reader who carries newspaper on nails :-P.

Stripes Nail Art



simple nail art


Stripes are sexy anytime and very easy to do. You can choose any colours and styles. Draw a few lines here & there and your nails are ready to rock. All you need is a steady hand.

Cherry Nail Art


easy nail art at home


We love fruits and this design is a proof of that. Cute little cherries on nails look cute and summery. It is simple to do. The cherries can be drawn using toothpick also. This nail art will definitely cheer you up.

Panda Couple Nail Art



nail art easy


This again is very cute. There are 2 male pandas vying for the attention of the solo female panda. This design is attention-grabber and is also a way of showing love to your partner (draw only one male and one female in that case 😉 ).

Lady Bird Nail Art



nail art simple design


Insects may give you creeps but this nail art will not. The pretty lady bird nail art will look different on nails and is totally wearable anytime. Try it for its simplicity and uniqueness.

Watermelon Nail Art



simple quick nail art


Cool and summery again! It is super easy and melon pink looks amazingly lovely on nails. The cute quotient of this art is sure to look attractive and smart.

Glitter Nail Art



easy nail art designs


If you are a lover of glitter then go bling with this nail art. The combo of blue and maroon looks great here but you can definitely try any colours of your choice.

Strawberry Nail Art



nail art

There is a huge fan-following of strawberries on Wiseshe so why not draw them on your nails (don’t try to eat them though!). Give this one a try. It is creative and unique, not to mention very easy to do.

Which one are you trying ladies?

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  1. They are pretty, but sometimes understated nail art like French Mani with a twist or the half moon mani take the cake!


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