8 Best Colour Correctors + How To Use Them!


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Hmm, this is a topic that we need to know and our favourite celebrities want to hide. Do you feel jealous seeing that spotless skin every time on the Red Carpet or on that Magazine Cover? 🙁 Believe me, I used to be like what the hell is their skin care regime. But one fine morning, I accidentally saw an article in of the leading English Daily Newspapers titled ” Does Actresses really have spotless skin” and all my jealousy went away. 😛 They also had the same issue as we do, some even worse. I found some actresses to have disastrous skin as well. :rotfl:  Well, then what was their secret? ?:-)  Google Baba gave me the answer – Colour Correct. Yes! This is the unsung hero on whom every model/actress depends and now, we have it for you. Presenting 8 Best Colour Correctors and where to use them!  🙂

8 Best Colour Correctors + Where to Use them:

Price: 28$ each

Now, this is a very expensive colour correcting device but works wonders for the skin. It conceals and hides all imperfections and is suitable for all skin tones. It minimises intense redness (green), neutralises splotches (yellow), cancels dark circles on fair skin (pink), cancels dark circles on the medium-to-dark skin (peach), perks up dull skin (lavender).

MAC Pro Conceal Palette

Price: 3650 INR

MAC Pro Conceal Palette is an all round palette that can help you to colour correct, conceal as well as contour your face. This is available in 3 shades – Light, medium and deep so that every girl can find their gorgeous match!

Price: 3.99$

This is the cheapest colour corrector in this whole post and is one of the most effective. Essence is a drugstore brand colour corrector that is suitable for fair, medium, and medium-to-dark skin tones. It subtly neutralises redness, brightens dullness, and gives skin a subtle glow, all at once.

  • Lancome Ultra Wear Camouflage Corrector

Price: 31$

This colour corrector from Lancome will burn a hole in your pocket but is a perfect colour corrector for medium-to-dark, dark, and deep skin tones. It minimises dark circles, acne scars, and age spots. As it has a orange/red undertone to it, it is perfect for very deep skin tones.

Price: 16.99$

This cushion that acts as a primer cum colour corrector is for fair, light, and medium skin tones. It Brightens darkness and dullness while leaving skin with a dewy, hydrated finish. This is for all lazy ladies who want a two-in-one product.

  • NYX Colour Correcting Concealer

Price: 11.99$

This colour correcting concealer palette by NYX is a cruelty-free product suitable for all skin tones. It minimises intense redness (green), neutralises splotchiness (yellow), cancels dark circles on fair skin (pink), medium-to-dark skin (peach), and dark skin (apricot), perks up dull skin (lavender).

Price: 7$

This 6 colour correcting palette is for Medium-to-dark and dark skin tones. It minimises intense redness (green), neutralises pink splotchiness (yellow), cancels dark circles on medium skin (peach), and medium-to-dark skin (salmon). It also contains two “normal” concealers for all-over concealing.

Price: 16.99$

This colour corrector palette is for Fair, light, and light-to-medium skin tones. It perks up dull skin (periwinkle), neutralises splotches (yellow), minimises intense redness (green), and cancels dark circles on the fair to medium skin (peach).

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