8 Best Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyles


8 Best Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyles


This girl is a favourite of many. Sometimes she makes news for her falls and sometimes for her hunger pangs. But this cute actress is a talent powerhouse and even has an Oscar to her credit for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook (though I find the movie just OK, she did quite well).

Jennifer Lawrence also loves to experiment with her looks. She is not shy of being a little plump (though I don’t think she is plump to begin with). Her face is a little on the chubby side and her hairstyle choices balance her looks always. Take a look at some of her best hairstyles and get inspired-

Decorated Bun


jennifer lawrence bun hairstyle

This bun is so classy. I like its twisted strands that probably come from a braid. The sparkly accessory is perfect for an evening out.

Go Short


jennifer lawrence haircut

This hairstyle adds to her girl-next-door looks. Her hair cover her large forehead and also the sides of her face to give her face definition.

Boho Braid


jennifer lawrence bun

I know the name is clichรƒยฉd but it suits her hairdo. Braided hairband coupled with a cute bun is good for both casual and formal events.

Bangs and Waves


jennifer lawrence best hairstyles

The textured hair look amazing give her simple look, a beachy vibe. She looks pretty nice here.

Dare to bare


jennifer lawrence short hair

Her pixie haircut is inherently cute. A lot of texture has been added to her hair so it doesn’t look flat. She looks even younger here.

Unkempt Pony


jennifer lawrence ponytail

Her high pony with lots of bangs is a cool look for college goers. If you want to make it look a little simple, just take the down from the crown and secure it on back of head.

Sultry hair


jennifer lawrence hairstyle

Jennifer’s hair add to her sultry makeup in this look. Shiny, sleek hair cover one eye to make her look mysterious.

Loose Bun


jennifer lawrence hairstyles

This is the classic and cute side chignon. It looks great if you have layered hair as the poking strand look really hot.

Which is your favorite hair style?

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  1. She’s the best. Jennifer Lawrence is my favorites actress and she knows how to carry herself with trendy dresses or gowns with cool hairdos.

    Just love her.


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