8 Best Kryolan Products You Must Try


8 Best Kryolan Products You Must Try

As we all know, Kryolan is a makeup master. Their range is so big and almost every product is a winner. It is great to have such nicely working products. The biggest glitch is availability when it comes to Kryolan. But if you can get hands on them, do check them out for sure. They have a huge range of foundations where everyone can find perfect kinds. These are some of the best Kryolan products you must try-

Kryolan Professional Blusher Set 15 Color

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Price- $106

Professional Blusher in mirror set with 15 colors is ideal for professional use. Blusher is a creamy pressed powder for dry application. 
The micronized pigments offer the possibility of applying this preparation not only with transparency, but also with vivid color emphasis. Those palettes can be individually refilled with Blusher Refill. The 15 colors of Blusher in the set are ideal shades for various skin tones and can be employed in achieving any kind of makeup look. All the 15 shades in the palette have great pigmentation and only one needs to have the perfect blending skills to use these shades in the desired makeup look perfectly. All the shades of the palette lie in the range of peach, pink & coral shades with varying degrees of pigmentation. The shades are apt to be used in all types of complexion.

Kryolan Professional Makeup Face Liners

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Price- INR 500

These faceliners are typical pencil liners which almost every brand has come up with nowadays. Only thing which separates Kryolan is that these liners are usable both for the eyes as well as lips which rarely seen in any other cosmetic brand. Kryolan has come up with a really innovative and double duty product to save people from buying different things for eyes & lips.

Kryolan Lip N Cheek Stain

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Price: INR 500

Lip N’ Cheek is a water-resistant cream that colors lips and cheeks with a natural touch. There are total 11 shades offered by the brand. The shades range range from subtle pinks and nude to plum and red. The wide shade range ensures that you will get at least one shade that will be perfect for you.

Kryolan Supracolor Foundation

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Price- INR 200

This foundation is creamy in texture and a little goes a long way. It is much pigmented and provides medium to full coverage. It gives no white cast, does not oxidize. stays put in hot humid summer and photographs beautifully! The foundation is suitable for oily skin and comes in a wide range of shades. The staying power is 6-8 hours without primer.

Kryolan Professional Make-up Ultra Underbase

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Price: INR 1000

It is white in color and feels like a lotion. It is neither runny nor thick but spreads well, gets absorbed quickly. It leaves skin soft and hydrated. The skin feels smooth but not buttery. It might not suit oily skinned girls but will definitely suit all other skin types. The primer makes skin fresh and absolutely prepped for makeup. The foundation glides effortlessly and stays for really long. It gives a dewy effect and doesn’t look very matte. It increases the staying power of makeup and moisturizes the skin too. Combination skinned girls might skip moisturizer when using this primer in summers. The makeup stays for 10 hours easily.

Kryolan Shimmering Event Foundation Pearl

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Price: INR 1000

It is a little thick in consistency and not runny at all, but this nowhere hinders smooth and even application. It blends very easily without many efforts. There are eight shades available. The shade Pearl is not exactly a foundation shade but is actually a highlighter. This works great for giving the illuminated effect and gives a flawless luminous glow. Since it is a highlighter shade, you can apply it on cheek bones, under brow bone, cupid’s bow and the bridge of nose to accentuate these features and flaunt a luminous glow. It gives a very natural glow to face.

Kryolan Eye Shadow Compact in Golden Pink

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Price- INR 350. You can buy similar color eyeshadow from Flipkart.com here

It is a duo chromatic color, gold and pink. The eye shadow will appear as pink and gold depending upon the angle and lighting. The color is definitely soft, not at all harsh looking. The eye shadow is powdery in texture. It feels smooth to touch, has no fall out. The color stays true for almost 7 hours on lids without primer. This shade can be used as a brow bone highlighter and cheek highlighter in a pinch.

Kryolan Dermacolor Fixing Spray

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Price- INR 450

This makeup fixing spray is really good for those who don’t want their makeup to budge at all and are not fond of reapplication. This fixing spray keeps the makeup smudge proof for 10 -12 hours and one needs just very less amount of it. It does not cause breakouts and keeps skin looking fresh.

Have you tried these Kryolan makeup products?

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  1. Seriously kryolan is one such rband which has never failed me, i have loved everything i got from this brand, its professional products but affordable too ! i wish they had more stores !


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