8 Habits To Kick Start Your Morning Everyday


8 Habits To Kick Start Your Morning Everyday

As we get older we start feeling exactly the same what our elders used to tell us all the time! I am sure it happened with you too at some point of time! For example I have heard a lot of getting up early and sleeping early and I didn’t understand it then but I am all in favor of this lifestyle because it has been rewarding me with good health & less health concerns which I hadΒ  a few years back! Well, I am not here to preach about anything but I am actually sharing some really great habits which I have too accepted in my life and have seen others following them religiously to be as productive in everyday life as anyone could be! These are the 8 Habits To Kick Start Your Morning Everyday. πŸ™‚

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Well, there is no denying in the fact that every advice our elders have given at some point of time is word by word true because they actually lived up to those habits while we were like” I don’t care” and now when everything else fails going back to the good old habits is the only when to claim a healthy well being! πŸ™‚

So checkout some very common habits which will perfectly kick start your morning each day without fail! πŸ™‚

Wake up Early!

Wake up Early

And by early I don’t mean you wake up at 5 am because all of a sudden that is not possible! You should wake up earlier than your usual wake up time! Say if you wake up at 9 am daily, try waking up at 8 and then slowly decrease that time as per your routine and hours of sleep! When you wake up early, you will fall asleep early as per your body clock and then there won’t be an issue of insomnia you have been complaining off late!

Don’t touch Gadgets

The best thing you can do in morning is to keep your phone in charging mode at night time and keep it as away as possible! When you wake-up don’t reach out for the gadget at all! Instead stand up do a little stretching and make your bed! Ten proceed to your morning ritual of brushing, face wash etc.

Kick Start Your Metabolic System

Kick Start Your Metabolic System

When you wake-up and look forward to the day, make sure you do something which kick starts your internal metabolism so that you can be at ease from body functions and plan your day ahead! Take a glass of room temperature water and squeeze a lemon in it! Drink this and then reach out for your coffee or tea as the must have beverage!

Yoga & Exercise

You can engage in mild forms of exercises as well after the nature’s call. Go for a jog session or do yoga exercises at home itself! It will get your body into an active mode an you will feel all energized and fresh!

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Turn the Volume On!

Music doesΒ  wonders to anyone and it is proof why you feel so happy and chirpy in the gym or in the car! Because it takes your stress away in reality! Make sure you listen to your favorite music every morning and your happy happy face will surprise everyone! As if you ate sunshine in breakfast! πŸ˜‰

Plan your day & read something

Plan your day

It can be a book you love but hardly get anytime to look at with the mobile notifications constantly getting your attention! Read a newspaper if you don’t want to read a book in the morning! Plan out tasks for the day and prioritize them accordingly! It will help you in day to day life!

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Take a Long Relaxing Shower

When you wake-up early you have all the time in the world to do these things and can actually devote much time in a shower which will relax you like anything and make you feel fresh & energized as ever!

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

When you start waking up early and do these things, you will automatically feel hungry by the time you finish your jogs or your morning tea! You should eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast with eggs, fruits & milk, dry fruits etc. to add to the fuel of energy to take on the day and achieve new goals!

Now on the risk of sounding like a preaching aunty, I swear by all these habits and have changed most habits and I am more than happy to see the results. I have no weight gain since months, my skin literally glows in the morning and I feel happy and content all of the time even if everything around is not so perfect or joyful, it doesn’t bother me! πŸ™‚



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