8 Hair Care & Beauty Skin Care Packs You Should Definitely Try From WisesheMakeup YouTube Channel


8 Hair Care & Beauty Skin Care Packs You Should Definitely Try From WisesheMakeup YouTube Channel

Hi All,
Hope you are doing good. You know what I had a  sudden realization that my WiseShe channel on You Tube is actually quite popular amongst you all. (Naah! i am just bragging :)) ) ..I understand, the difference lies in visual experience which is obviously a better mode of communication. I agree to you all and thank you so much for all your love on the channel.
I however had another thought which made me do this post. It was that since it is difficult to explore more and more suitable posts for say hair care or skin care and then scrolling and finding the ones you would want to choose, I am linking it all here for an easy reference. You can see the description here and then click on the link as per your requirement. So let’s begin
Skin Care
Patanjali Ubtan Review & Benefits –

This is one of the recent posts I did on ubtan usage for skin care. I have used Patanjali Ubtan for a considerable period now and can vouch for it to be the biggest product. If you have followed my post, you would have loved it for the simple techniques for using this ubtan. Do try it if you still have not tried the three ways to apply ubtan and get the perfect skin.

Wheat Grass & Honey Acne Pack –

This is my most recent post and it is all about acne. If you are suffering from acne, you got to try this one. Just use the wheat grass powder, mix honey in it and you are sorted. Apply it and see your acne disappear fast.

5 Top Ways To Use Vitamin E oil On Skin – Scars Wrinkles Sunburn Dry Skin

This post is useful if you have been trying to remove your scars, wrinkles or sun burn marks or even the signs of dry skin. This mask of olive oil and vitamin E is pretty efficient. Do watch it.
Simple Homemade Vitamin E Cream & Makeup Remover (DIY)

A simple DIY technique to have your own makeup remover and Vitamin E cream using Vitamin E Capsules and coconut oil is being shown in this video. Do watch it.

Hair Care

How To Use Loreal Hair Spa At Home & Get Dandruff Free Hair
This post is entirely about using Loreal Hair Spa to improve your hair. Totally DIY it would help you save a lot of time and money that you spend on salons

DIY – Homemade Hair Treatment For Dull, Dry & Frizzy Hair

This one is for your hair care with due consideration to all types of hair. Do try these simple DIY Techniques and feel good about your hair.

Miracle Hair Pack /Treatment For Damaged Hair|Hair Treatment At Home

A DIY technique again which would help the hair being restored from damage. This pack is actually quite popular and would make you go crazy over it. It uses Neem, Dahi, and methi which are all good for your hair.

Best Hair Oil For Hair Growth (DIY)| How To Cure Hair Fall Naturally

Suffering from hair fall? Do watch this post where I have shown you how to make a hair oil all by yourself and deal with hair fall. It uses all natural ingredients like curry leaves, cloves and onion. Don’t believe it? Watch it for your own experience.

Now tell me what more you would like to me to in the youtube videos..I look forward to your reply <3

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