8 Hairstyles That Never Go Out Of Fashion


8 Hairstyles That Never Go Out Of Fashion

We women love to experiment and trying different hairstyles is our favorite pastime. There are hairstyles which get famous but can’t stand the test of time and they vanish from the fashion circle in a few days. But there are hairstyles that transcend generations.

So today I’ll be listing 8 iconic hair styles that endure time. Have a look..

The Rachel Cut

Rachel hair Cut

We all used to see FRIENDS. Don’t we? And WE loved everything related to the sitcom. Loved Rachel’s haircut too. Jennifer Aniston became a household name and her hairstyle a favorite topic. Millions of women went for Rachel cut, and even after decades, it is equally famous.

Farrah Fawcett’s Feathered Flip

Feathered Flip hair cut

Fawcett is no longer with us, but she stays in our heart, aaa..if not in heart, but definitely in our mind as this vintage style sported by the diva is still a favorite with ladies everywhere.

Marilyn Monroe’s Blonde Curls

Blonde Curls hairstyle

A list of iconic hairstyle would be incomplete without her. Her famous blond curly bob hairstyle was, is and will always be one of the most loved hairstyles. As somebody said, She may not have invented this look, but she certainly owned it.

Victoria Beckham’s Posh cut

asymmetrical cut hairstyle

Time for my tragic story. I chopped of my waist length tresses to sport this hairstyle. And don’t know what went wrong; my stupid hair never grew back to its original length. But this asymmetrical cut of the Posh girl is another favorite with women worldwide.

Princess Diana’s Royal Bob


When I was small I always thought that queens have long locks that they tie in classic sophisticated buns to complement their long gowns and place their tiara. I was wrong when I saw Princess Diana for the first time. But I wasn’t disheartened, but was amazed to see the pinnacle of elegance. So sophisticated, so classy and no wonder women go for this look every now and then.

Veronica waves

wave hairstyle

Our to the go hairstyle, this is one of my favorites too. Looks good when teamed up with anything and everything, but looks amazing with floor length gowns or LBD on that romantic dinner date.

Julia Robert’s curls

US magazine says, Roberts’ bountiful curls in 1990’s Pretty Woman were the perfect bridge between the big-hair ’80s and the layered-locks ’90s. Our pretty woman looked truly pretty sexy in those messy wild curls. We can’t get enough of the look. Women in every demographic still go weak in knees thinking of the style.

Cher’s straight tresses

Remember Cher, the famous singer in the 70s? She had luxurious tresses that fell to her waist. Curls are here to stay, and straight hair is also not going away anytime soon.

So which one you liked the most?

Are you planning to try any of these hair styles?

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