8 Makeup Tips For Women In 40s


8 Makeup Tips For Women In 40s


40 is the new 30! How many times have you heard this remark?

Well! I don’t know about that but one thing is certain that you need to change your makeup routine once you hit fourties. I love Mehr Jessia’s makeup and simply can’t believe that she is almost 46.

Skin becomes dehydrated by the time you hit 40 even if your face used to be an oil-factory. The skin also sags and you see fine lines and dullness more prominently than ever. So it is better to embrace new makeup items too as you change your skin care routine. These tricks may help-

Cleanse and Moisturise


votre cleanser

Use a moisturizing cleanser daily. Choose a gentle cleanser. Follow it up with a really rich moisturizer. The moisturizer should ideally contain SPF. Also use a light and hydrating under eye cream.



The Body Shop Moisture Foundation Review+make up foundation

Use a foundation that hydrates skin. Now you do not need oil-free, powder or mousse foundations. Such foundations only accentuate the fine lines of skin.
You can also use tinted moisturizer and pair it with concealer and colour corrector as needed. Powder is not required for women in their 40s as it settles in lines of skin.

Even Out

Covering up your neck and chest area with the same foundation is also a lot more important now. It is so because the sagging skin in these areas will not match up with your face if you forget to use foundation here.



Bourjois Cream Blush Nude Velvet

It is high time you switched to cream-blushes. These will moisturize and give a natural looking colour to your cheeks. Remember to keep the colours natural and not use bright popping shades.



sleek-brow-kit-product-review+sleek brow kits

Eyebrows start to get thinner so do not ignore grooming them. Invest in a good eyebrow kit and use it for the best benefits of your arches.



Essence Get Big Lashes Mascara

Say ‘goodbye’ to shimmery eyeshadows and pop colours. Switch to more neutral colours or go colourful with subtle shades of greens, blacks etc. Always prime your eyes as now there are lines on your lids. Use a creamy concealer to hide darkness.

Mascara is essential for ladies in 40s as the eyes become droopy at this age.



Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm
Take good care of your lips. Always wear a lip balm and scrub your pout regularly. Use lipsticks and glosses that give a plumping effect to your lips. Lips tend to get thinner as you age.

Always line your lips before filling them with lipstick.



ELF Studio Baked Highlighter
This becomes really important at this age. Good highlighting lifts up your skin instantly. Highlight at the usual places. The bridge of nose, corners of eyes, cheekbones and brow bones should be highlighted well.


Contouring is as important in 40s too. You can use a sculpting cream for the purpose.

The best tip is to take age as it comes. Do not live in denial and embrace your new phase. It is essential that you change your makeup look now so as to avoid ‘trying to look 20’.

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