8 Makeup Tricks For Girls Who Wear Spectacles


8 Makeup Tricks For Girls Who Wear Spectacles


Many of you must agree to the fact, with no offence to anyone, that commonly girls who wear glasses are termed as “chashmish” in their peer group as it is quite common for the friends to give a pet name to each member of the group 😛

Fortunately or unfortunately I had a minor eye sight problem in my teen years and the Eye Specialist warned me that if I will ignore my health and essential nutrients, it may be possible that I had to wear spectacles from that time onwards. I was in VI standard then. I took this as a statutory warning and stopped exerting pressure on my eyes. As a result, after continuous medication and healthy diet my vision problem subsided and never bothered me again.

Although deep inside in my heart I was unhappy as I wanted to wear glasses just like my class teacher whom I adored very much :-p

Anyways, my tryst with glasses & the Eye specialist ended with mixed feelings.

Truly speaking, this was a long pending post I wanted to do for my bestie as she wears strong power glasses. Although, she uses contacts more often but for daily use she prefers wearing glasses only which gave me a chance to pen down this post for her. I hope this may helps some of you gorgeous ladies too..!

Here, in this post we will know about some tips which are suitable for girls who wear spectacles for better vision.

Stay gorgeous with the neutral makeup

Eyeglass wearing women look amazing even without the essential eye makeup as only a hint of mascara and eyeliner are perfect for their look.

They are also lucky that concealing the dark circles is way too easy job, with the spectacles, for them in comparison to other women.


Stay gorgeous with the neutral makeup


Curl the lashes

Another easy trick is to ensure curling your lashes to give a more voluminous lash line which instantly makes the eyes look denser & classy.

Put a double layer of Mascara

To make your eyes look attractive from behind the glasses, an important tip is to layer up a double coat of mascara on the lashes to highlight them perfectly.


Put a double layer of Mascara


Apply eyeliner as per your frame

This is a little secret to apply eyeliner as per the thickness of the frame of your glasses. If you have thin frames apply a thin line of eyeliner that too preferably gel eyeliner as they are long lasting and also make the eyes look dramatic.

Go bold with lip colors

It is the best liberty for girls wearing spectacles that they can easily experiment different bold colors according to different looks they sport. Also the bright lip color attracts the attention of the beholder and your best feature is highlighted more than anything else.


Go bold with lip colors


Groom your eyebrows

If you wear glasses and want to look glamorous, then it’s important that you keep your eyebrows in shape so as to project your defined arches in a suitable manner.


groom your eyebrows


Blush, Blush, Blush

It is one of the tricks for eyeglass wearing girls that they need to apply a hint of blush on the apples of the cheek to make them stand out and give a glamorous look to the face.


blush, blush, blush


Add some sparkle

Another great tip for glass wearers is to dab a hint of shimmer on the lower eyelid to make them look attractive even with the glasses on your face. The lens makes the eyes look a little magnified and adding a light sheen will make them look really beautiful.


add some sparkle


So, this was a little info for all the beauty geeks. I hope you all like it..! 🙂

Do you wear spectacles?

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  1. Nice post Ira.. 🙂 I may need dis in nxt 4-5 yrs 🙁 n d funny part is I used to wear zero no glasses in my second job to look mature n today I dread wearing glasses 😉

  2. This is a clever post IRA. Very useful tricks. I especially like the shimmer trick it is bound to add oomph to any girl!

  3. Super lovely post Ira :yes: 🙂 I’ve always loved glasses :heart: but never had to wear them….atleast not yet 😛

    • Haha..I know this Nafisa..I envy my bestie as she gets to wear so many new designs of frames..! 🙂

      Thanks for liking the post..! 🙂


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