8 Miss Claire Glimmerstick Lip Liners & Swatches


8 Miss Claire Glimmerstick Lip Liners

Hello Everyone! All those who follow me on Instagram must be aware of the lip liner products I shared a few days back from Miss Claire which has some of the most affordable and cheapest makeup products. So, one day I can across lip liners from this range and I thought to give it a try since the price was simply irresistible for me! 🙂 So, I got 8 Miss Clair Glimmerstick Lip Liners from the range. I am here to share the beautiful shades and swatches of these glimmerstick lip liners and also share what are my thoughts about them.

Let’s first have a look at what the brand claims about these lip liners.

8 Miss Claire Glimmerstick Lip Liner

About Miss Claire Glimmerstick Lip Liners

Treat your lips to satiny-smooth color with Miss Claire Glimmerstick for lips. These subtle shimmer sticks have a superior staying power and offer a waterproof formula that blends easily and provides great definition to your smacker. Easy to use, the stick works well for defining your lip line as well as for all-over lip colour.


  • Provides a satiny smooth texture
  • Highly pigmented formula
  • The glide-on formula doesn’t tug at your lips
  • Long lasting shades

Price: INR 65 (Available at 20% discount on Nykaa.com)

Packaging: The lip liners comes as pencil liners and can be sharpened. It has a silver cap to secure the tip. The pencils are color coded same as the shade name. Other details are all written on the pencil body itself.

These are not like the retractable lip liners so you can go ahead and use them for a longer time.

8 Miss Claire Glimmerstick Lip Liners & Swatches

Texture: The lip liners are creamy but not very suitable for dry lips as it will accentuate fine lines which won’t look good. You can apply lip balm beneath and then use these lip liners.

Pigmentation: These lip liners have a medium pigmentation but are decent given the price of these products. They are mainly lip liners used to outline the lips for a perfectly and flawless pout.


I got the following shades and they are described below.

L-39 Urban Red– A cool toned shade of red. Not very pigmented but perfect for lining lips before applying a red lipstick.

L- 26 Sharbat Pink– A beautiful muted dull pink lipstick with cool undertones. Will suit most Indian skin tones.

L-36 Tangelo Orange- A bright orange shade which is decently pigmented and will suit mostly the fairer skin tones.

L-28 Romantic Pink– A mauve pink shade of lip liner with slightly cool undertones. It is also a perfect everyday wear color for the pigmented/dark lips.

Miss Claire Glimmerstick Lip Liners & Swatches

L-42 Hot Pink- Hot Pink, as the name suggests, is a bright shade of pink lip liner with warm undertones.

L-44 Rich Pink– It is a shade darker than Hot pink and has cool blue undertones to it. It will look great on fair and medium skin tones.

L-37 Cardinal Red– Cardinal Red is mainly a warm toned light shade of tomato red. You can select either of the two red shades of lip liners mentioned.

L-50 Lilac- Lilac is true to its name and is a cool toned muted mauve shade without any hint of pink in it!

My Thoughts about Miss Claire Glimmerstick Lip Liners

Well, let me tell you I have not purchased any high-end lip liner till today and I really think of investing my money in good products and use the rest of it in my business endevours. There are already quite decent lip liners available with a much cheaper price tag.

When I heard about these I was like let me try these, there is no harm in trying and the cheap price was another reason I wanted to try them.

Miss Claire Glimmerstick Swatches

One thing that puts me off about this lip liner is that it has a strange fragrance which is not at all to be comfortable with. All those who have sensitive lip should stay away from them because you don’t know the ingredient for the weird smell and I believe a good product will never have such a strange fragrance that too which has to applied on the lips.

Miss Claire Glimmerstick Lip Liners

Overall, I am more than happy to have tried these lip liners and these are pretty good for everyday use and pairing with your favorite lipstick. Given the cheap price tag, I think it was an overall decent experience of trying these lip liners.

Have you tried Miss Claire Glimmerstick Lip Liners before?


  1. Sasta n accha to hai per us smell ka kya kiya jaye jo thik naak k neechy basi hogi
    Inke lipsticks ki range bhi acchi hai na


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