8 Must Have Make-up Brushes + Video


 8 Must Have Make-up Brushes + Video

Hello all ! We will be doing a back to basics video today.

Let us discuss the basic must have make up brushes that one should definitely have in their vanity

As you know, there are a plethora of brushes out there, and it can be really confusing to those who have just stepped into the makeup world and it might feel really very intimidating. I know it was something that I felt very intimidated by for a very long time, until I got a little more into makeup and it all started making sense to me, however these 8/9 brushes have been my saviour throughout, and the basics i believe, they are the most important, and if you have your basics right, well there is nothing that can beat that.

So lets get started guys. What I have is 4 face brushes and 4eye brushes which I feel are must haves.

Lets start with the face brushes.

Foundation Brush

First and foremost, the foundation brush, I used to use those flat brushes in the beginning, and still at times I do use them, however I feel like these kind of flat top brushes are way better. This one is from sigma, you can have a closer look, F80 from sigma, and this is a flat round brush..Dual fibre, and I find it amazing guys, I feel like this has really revolutionized the way that I apply makeup, my foundation, it gives such a natural and an airbrushed look, and it is something that I would ask everyone to definitely definitely encourage everyone to invest in..Now also I should mention that this kind of brushes are really great because it is flat topped and it is still grounded, so it is easy to get into the crevices. And really easy to blend out your foundation.

Powder Brush

Next one is a powder brush. The one that I have with me right now is from Ambika Pillai, the one I usually also use is the powder kabuki from Bourjois which is also very very nice. But as of now, its been washed and is drying. So I thought I’ll show you this one which is equally good. The use of the powder brush is simply to apply powder. What it does that it sets whatever product you have underneath, it could be your foundation, your bb cream, your cc cream or just your usual sunscreen. Anything at all, if sure you usually use a compact to apply the powder right afterwards but what happens that at times the compact puff we get tends to make it look little cakey, and not very evenly distributed. However with these powder blushes, it makes it very easy to apply wherever required and distribute the product evenly.

Blush Brush

The next brush is blush brush. You can see the difference. Even though it looks pretty much like a powder brush, You can see from this that the powder brush is way larger than the blush brush. The powder brush is quite huge, however the blush brush sits right there on the apple of your cheeks. In fact that’s how you should pick up your blush brush guys. There are tones of blush brushes available in the market, of various sizes. The right way to choose the best one for you, is just take it and hold it on the apples of your cheeks. It should actually fit in right there and should not really be too large or too small. With the right blush you can be sure that the product is blended in the right area and in the right manner.

Contouring Brush

Next brush I have here is a contouring brush. You can see that the bristles are slanted. This brush is also from Coastal Scents like the blush brush I showed you earlier. And this is a must for all of you who contour on a regular basis. In fact these contour brushes are also great for those of you who are not sure about how to apply blush and want to try out and experiment a little. Because I found with a lot of amateur they find it easy to use this kind of brushes to apply their blush and blend it out. Reason I chose this particular brush because the size I found is perfect for me, it fits right into that hollow of my cheek. Here you can see and makes it really easy for me to blend out the product. Do get contouring brushes which have way more bristles and are little fluffier and probably if you have a larger face or a larger area of your cheeks, then that would be perfect for you. This is perfect for me.

Moving to the eye brushes which is these four.

Flat Tip Brush

The first brush is a flat tip brush. The one I’m showing you is from the brand “Faces” and helps applying eye shadow on the base of your eye lids. These are available at various sizes, because I must say that there are some of eyes who have very small lid or shorter lid spaces, where smaller brushes come into use. While someone like me who have larger lid spaces, then probably this is the best option for you.

Blending Brush

The brush I am now showing you is a blending brush/ a crease brush. The one that I am showing you is from Sigma and is the E35. This brush as you can see is more of a bulb-shaped one and really helps to get the product right on the crease and blend it out. This kind of brushes I do feel, like the white bristled brushes are really a pain because they get stained very easily and I feel the need to wash it again and again and again. However those brushes which have dark bristles, you can probably use it a lil longer because they wouldn’t rankle you because of the dust and dirt. This brush is a must. In fact both of these eye brushes are must for anyone to do their eye makeup. Without these you are literally crippled. You need a flat tip brush you need a blending brush. So guys, these two types of brushes are major major must haves if you are going to do your eye makeup.

Slant Tipped Eye Liner Brush

The next brush I have is the slant tipped eye liner brush. The one I am showing you is from the brand Bare Essential. This is what it looks like. I prefer these to the slant tipped eyeliner brushes, because I feel it gives me way more control. Plus the fact that its slanted, makes it way easier to apply gel liners or cream liners.

Concealer Brush

Next brush that I have is this brush from Sigma, that is P88 and is a concealer brush. I swear by this brush when it comes to applying a concealer. Because it really gets well into the crevices, right at the corner of your eyes, around the nose, around the mouth. It makes it really easy to apply the product and blend it out flawlessly. However when applying by fingers, when I do that, if the product is on the thicker side, I find that it just collects under the eye folds and later looks kinda tacky. But whenever I used this brush, I noticed that it doesn’t happen like that at all. It looks flawless, application is flawless and it is amazing.

Watch this video to know more about the must-have makeup brushes.



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Stay wise, and stay beautiful.

Which are your must have makeup brushes?

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