8 Ponytail Hairstyles Sported by Deepika Padukone


8 Ponytail Hairstyles Sported by Deepika Padukone

The sexy leggy lassie makes us swoon every time she makes an appearance on or off screen. The heart throb of many men, she never fails to impress the women either.

Other than those stunning dresses and perky lip shades, what I love most about this dusky beauty is her hairstyles. Be it a chignon bun, curls flowing down or a neat braid or a messy ponytail, everything looks so gorgeous and perfect on her.

In this post I’ll be highlighting 8 stunning pony tails effortlessly sported by this Bolly-land beauty.

Front poof/puff ponytail


Ponytail Hairstyles 1


This started from her “cocktail” days, she sported front poof neat ponytail in that movie, and the hairstyle took no time to become the favorite of us. From then, our dimpled diva is often seen sporting front poof hairstyles, and we love them.

Messy ponytail


Ponytail Hairstyles 2


She sported a messy ponytail to Siddhivinayak temple visit in Mumbai. She wore her honey colored luscious locks in a voluminous ponytail that oozed effortless sexiness and had a just-out-of-bed feel to it. The frizzy, imperfect pony looked so perfect on her. She sported same messy ponytails at various events.

Loose low ponytail


Ponytail Hairstyles 3


She opted to keep it simple with a low ponytail to show off her subtle ombre highlights.

Neat Ponytails


Ponytail Hairstyles 4


She looks so fresh and tidy in this clean, neat ponytail. See the second picture, sometimes dressing down can make you look casually dressed up and chic.

Side ponytail


Ponytail Hairstyles 5


Love the cool side ponytail which is twisted and secured in layers with pins and accessorized with bold red bow. She is ready to rock the world.

Side parted ponytail


Ponytail Hairstyles 6


She stunned in a Houndstooth patterned Stella Mc Cartney top and pants. It’s great that she gave her messy high ponytail a break and opted for a sleek side parted low ponytail.

The retro ponytail


Ponytail Hairstyles 7


We have unbelievably beautiful Deepika flaunting retro ponytail, with poof, parting, loose curls she looks glamorous and has an enduringly appeal.

Mid-parting pony


Ponytail Hairstyles 8


She was ravishing in a cropped Zara top with a matching pencil skirt and stilettos. A statement necklace, red lips and sleek ponytail finished off her look. She tied the pony after parting her hair in the middle

A whiff of fresh air as Deepika is, she has definitely made her place in the glamour world. She is bold, she is hard working and she is a woman of substance. She has taken the whole look of ponytail hairstyles to a completely new level. I love the way she looks in them. Let us know which ones of Deepika’s looks you like.

Which is your favorite hair style?

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  1. all are perfect except the mid-parting one which somehow is not looking that great to me. Her second makeup look in loose pony is one of my faves. How I miss her inspirational looks before she went for skin lightening!


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