8 Quotes Every Makeup Obsessed Girl Relates To


8 Quotes Every Makeup Obsessed Girl Relates To

Hey pretty girls!

It is new year and the perfect time to make a resolution of indulging in more makeup and continue looking damn gorgeous each day and every single day! Yes! 🙂

We all simply love to dress up & put on makeup. Whether it is lipstick, foundation, mascara, kajal or blush, we need everything to be just perfect!

Makeup has magic. It automatically makes you feel so much better about yourself! And even if everything is not perfect in your day, a good looking selfie certainly makes things less miserable! :-p

Makeup is a beautiful obsession and it never lest you down for sure! I have some really inspiring makeup and beauty quotes which constantly remind me about the kind of person I wish to become just by keeping my makeup game strong!

Have a look at these quotes, maybe you too relate with them! 🙂

wakeup makeup

 Makeup Is My Art

Absolutely! Although it might seem like a piece of cake, but we all know it is so much more than that! It is a truly an art to put on makeup which looks flawless & this makes us an artist- A makeup artist! So very cool!


Keep Calm & Put Your Lipstick On

A little lipstick never hurts! A great lip color is always there to cheer us up! Pink, Red, Orange; whatever be the color, just put on some lipstick & be happy!

 keep calm

The More Mascara, The Better

Oh Yeah! I am sure we all love to flutter those lashes, don’t we? 😉  So, the more, the merrier! Use this magic wand & perfect your lashes…


When In Doubt, Wing It Out

Hell Yeah! Take a break from the boring liner & try a winged look! Even experiment with different techniques of winged liner & have a little fun!

when in doubt 

I Make Brow Contact Before Eye Contact

Brows are the new black! So, get ready & get those brows perfectly shaped!!!

 brow on fleek

Home Is Where Your Makeup Stash Is

Yes! Yes! Yes! We all have that sacred vanity case in our room which we absolutely love! It can be admired from a distance, but no one is allowed to touch it! Right girls!

 makeup stashmakeup stash

Inner Beauty Is Great But A Little Mascara Never Hurts

 mascara love

Ohh Yess! Mascara is truly a girl’s best friend & never lets her down! So, put on some mascara & live a little!

The Best Thing Is To Look Natural, But It Takes Makeup To Look Natural

best natural makeup

Yup! A perfect hand at makeup puts everything in place for that perfect natural glow!

So, Do you agree with me girls?

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