8 Reasons Why Should You Use “Wooden Comb” to comb your hair?


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Using wooden combs is one of the most underrated hair care steps that we care to follow. The price, unavailability at local shops and also lack of knowledge for this little baby contributes to our lethargy to search and buy for one. Moreover, the availability of plastic combs is so widespread that it seems really foolish to search for a wooden comb in the market.


richfeel tricology hair care regieBut recently, wooden combs are getting their due respect as more and more people are leaning towards them for their benefits on our scalp and hair. And this post is just about that and so if you are noob to this concept of wooden combs and their benefits then, my friend, you are at the right place! Below are the 8 benefits of wooden comb that are really the answer to your question “Why Should you use Wooden Comb?”


wooden comb


Below are some of the benefits of wooden comb and why to use it!

Combing hair is so easy!

combing hair


Combing hair with a wooden comb is so easier than your regular plastic comb. The reason being wood is a natural material and tends to slide down faster on your hair than plastic combs. This is great for people with long and dry hair and it makes their hair combing experience so better.


Minimises dandruff:

neem benefits

Dandruff is generally the effect of a dry and dehydrated scalp and trust me! the plastic comb you are using just maximises that dryness. It leads to flakiness that ultimately snatches your sleep. Using wooden comb won’t just prevent your scalp from over-drying but will also evenly distribute the oils all over the scalp and make it nourished.


Rewinds hair fall:

Hair fall is sometimes the effect of an unhealthy scalp and one of the prime reasons may be the wrong comb. We use a variety of oils, masks and even shampoos for our hair loss issue but fail to use a correct simple comb for our hair. Using wooden comb on a regular basis makes hair so much less prone to breakage due to dryness.

Detangles easily:

Is your hair curly? Well, I know your pain of detangling your hair as mine one is curly too! It takes a hell lot of time and patience to detangle the day you wash your hair and the end result is hair fall. But not anymore! Wooden combs can help you get the easiest detangled hair in just a flick.


Removes frizziness:

Plastic combs are the primary cause for your rough and frizzy hair as they are totally artificial and do nothing for your hair. They are so widespread that it is practically impossible to remove the habit but a good habit of brushing your hair can lead to a good hair day!

Doesn’t produce static like plastic:

Let’s do some chemistry now! Wooden is a non-conductor of electricity, right? And this is the main reason why wooden combs prevent your hair and scalp from static or snapping. This feature is unknown to many and this is one of the reasons why we always prefer wooden combs over normal ones!

Shiny hair that bounces:

Long bouncy layered hairstyle

Wooden comb gives shiny and bouncy hair due to the presence of natural oils in them. They retain the moisture of hair and help them being all full of life.


Natural conditioning of hair:

Wooden comb prevents moisture from oozing out of the hair follicles and thus, in turn locking the conditioning level within. This is an excellent property for which many beauty experts are now recommending wooden combs over normal plastic ones.




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