8 Simple Food Items That Can Give You Flawless Skin


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Skin that is healthy from inside glows from outside- this is the tip that many of our grandmoms have always given us. For a healthy looking and flawless skin, you really don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket and invest in specialised treatments but some simple foods from your kitchen can do the magic.


Nutritious food that has abundant minerals and protein help to rejuvenate your skin making it look flawless and radiant. It reduces signs of ageing, gives elasticity to the skin and makes skin look smoother and visibly problem-free. Listing 8 foods from your kitchen that can give you flawless skin! Scroll down!

8 foods that can give you flawless skin:

This beautiful baby from the berry family contains a high amount of Vitamin C that helps to maintain collagen level of the skin and also to make skin firmer and more beautiful. This helps to reverse the signs of ageing and also to maintain skin elasticity. This tasty fruit is also a valuable product for your skin.

We all know how green tea aids in weight loss but did you know it helps to give you a flawless skin as well? The antioxidant power in green tea comes from polyphenols, which are naturally occurring compounds that help fight free radical damage. It also helps to protect skin from harmful sun damage and also prevents cancer and other diseases.

Salmon is one of the best sources of rich essential Omega-3 fatty acids, which are responsible for the maintenance of cell membranes. Omega 3 Fatty Acids helps to keep toxins out of the body, reduce the appearance of pores and also to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It also works wonders in protecting the skin from sun damage and even skin cancer.

Our body is 75% water and so you can yourself measure the importance of water in our life. Drinking 8 glasses of water are utterly necessary but the amount of water consumption surely depends on your activity level. Water helps to flush our toxins from the body and helps to transport essential nutrients derived from different food items. It also contains oxygen element in it that helps to make skin glowing.

Avocado is a very magical fruit that has an excellent amount of Vitamin E in it that helps to make skin and hair flawless. Avocado can also be used in hair masks to make hair silky and strong. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that will help to fight free radical damage and give you beautiful skin that glows. When added to a Vitamin C rich diet, this can also help reduce wrinkles and give you an ageless hue.

Orange hued vegetables are rich in beta-carotene which gets transferred to Vitamin A in the body and helps in skin renewal process. This helps to repair the damaged skin tissues and also to protect the body from the harmful effects of the sun.

Turkey and all other dark meat include an abundant amount of zinc that helps to maintain skin collagen level that helps in skin renewal process. This will also help in the skin rejuvenation process and will delay the signs of ageing.

Brown rice is high in selenium content which is essential if you want to delay the ageing process. It helps to keep the skin elasticity in place and make skin firmer. It also reverses the damage caused by sun exposure.

That’s all folks! Hope you now know how to make your skin glowing without shelling money.

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