8 Spa Treatments That Will Give You Chiselled Body & Glowing Skin


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Wanna get fit this summer? Hell, yes! Summer is the best time to lose those chubby fats and get that beautiful glowing and healthy you. And spa treatments can help you to a great extent for achieving that goal. Spa treatments are available for a variety of causes and we all love that pampering which it gives! And this post is all about it –  8 Spa Treatments that Give you A chiselled body with a glowing skin. Dig in!

8 Spa Treatments to give Chiselled Body and Glowing Skin:

  • Institut Decléor’s targeted treatments

With 3 new treatments for targetted areas, Decleor has made a point to make you fit this summer at its new spa at Rue De Temple. The treatments offered are based on aromatherapy with each based on three olfactive accords: relaxation, energy and harmony for a truly relaxing experience. It boosts lymphatic circulation that helps to get rid of heavy legs and smooths hip contour other than tightening stressed stomachs.

  • Olfa Perbal’s slimming treatments

This spa does it all when it comes to reducing the fat in your body. It even goes on to painful procedures and even surgery like treatments to kill every bit of fat stored in your body. It also drains out water and fat with its high level of treatments that includes areas like thighs, hips and even bottoms.

  • Les Mains d’Odile’s body and face treatments

This body and face treatment spa has created its own massage cream which claims to boost blood circulation and skin elasticity. Specialised in gemmotherapy and aromatherapy, this treatment begins with the diagnosis of skin and areas of the body to be shaped followed by a session devoted to face. Jacquet Leroy’s pinching technique boosts circulation and also smoothes the eye area. The overall result is really satisfying which makes you feel light and beautiful.

  • L’Azuki par Lanqi slimming treatment

This slimming treatment is more than just massage and involves a number of ancient Chinese medicines. Tuina, Azuki pouches and kidney beans are used in the treatment and the end results are just visible in 6 sessions. Better elimination of toxins, less water retention and less cellulite production will make your body relaxed and calm.

  • Martine de Richeville’s signature body remodelling

This spa does some serious shedding which attracts ladies from all over the place. The process involved doesn’t damage skin tissues and makes skin plumper. Every session targets some stubborn fat and their entry to Ken’s club involves a healthy food menu with a dip in the swimming pool to get a dose of Vitamin D.

  • The treatment at Biologique Recherche

This specialised and hi-tech treatment spa achieves a result in its two-way plan. Firstly, they do a 30-minute session in which they imply a body diagnostic that will determine the areas to treat and the procedures needed to achieve the desired result.When the areas are detected, the treatment begins with the amalgamation of two formulas – a booster liquid and a powder that drives the enzymes to the desired place.

  • Treatments by Patricia Mondargan

If you feel this is a simple massage treatment, you are getting it all wrong. With Naomi Campbell as one of the fans, this Mondargan massaging technique by Patricia Mondargan aims to maintain the optimal lymphatic equilibrium through cutaneous massage for a better quality of life and a body looking its best.

  • The Norling treatment at Mont Kailash

This Tibetian based spa goes a step ahead when it comes to dealing with water retention in the body and flushing out toxins. Based on their therapeutic treatments, this spa restores proper kidney function, kick-starting circulation and regulating the body’s volume of water. You will have magically smooth and slim legs which will attract all.

That’s all folks! Hope you have enjoyed the post.

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