8 Stunning Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles


8 Stunning Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

Jennifer Aniston, who gained immense popularity with the portrayal of the epic character Rachel Green on the widely popular sitcom Friends, needs no introduction! A gorgeous actress and a true beauty who is known for her acting abilities. She has appeared in several movies and continues to entertain her fans all over the world till today!

Well, most of you might not have seen her experimenting drastically with her hairstyle but well she did manage to frequently flaunt hairstyles with a twist and woo the audiences!

Here I am listing out some of my most favorite and stunning hairstyles which Jennifer Aniston managed to pull with great style!

Crown Braid Hairstyle-

Jennifer who is rarely seen with a hair up do opted for this braided crown at the fore head and left the rest of her hair open! She looked stunning undoubtedly!

jennifer aniston crown braid

The Rachel Hairstyle-

A haircut which was her worst night mare drove millions of women crazy and was one of the most popular hairstyles of women and her “Friends” fans for quite a few years!

jennifer aniston friends hairstyle

Layered Wavy Hair-

She looked super cute and chic with this layered hairstyle with soft waves giving her and overall naturally beautiful look!

jennifer aniston layered wavy hair

Long Pony Hairstyle-

Yet another stunning hairstyle which she managed to pull off quite effortlessly is the long pony hairstyle!

jennifer aniston long pony

Natural Wavy Hair-

This is probably one of the most natural hairstyles of Jennifer in which she has her original brunette hair! The wavy straight locks are making her look perfect!

jennifer aniston long wavy hair

Short Layered Hairstyle-

Jennifer opted for this layered shoulder length hairstyle just after divorcing her first husband Brad Pitt and we cannot agree more that she looked gorgeous even after all the years!

jennifer aniston short layered hair

Long Bob/ Lob Hairstyle-

This super sleek looking bob hairstyle made her look even more gorgeous and classy! The blonde hair suits her to the bits and the length of this bob hairstyle just suits her face shape making her look incredibly sweet!

jennifer aniston sleek long bob

Sleek Long Hairstyle-

Sleek long hair has been one of the most favorite hairstyles of Jennifer Aniston and she quite stick to it over a period of few years! We do like her in all the above hairstyles and her she looks equally ravishing sporting this sleek long hairstyle!

jennifer aniston straight long hair

Hope you like these hairstyle suggestions of this stunning beauty!

Which one of these hairstyles do you like the most?

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