8 Surprising Reasons you’re Not Losing Weight


Trying to lose some weight, but cannot? Even after doing exercise and eating healthy diet you are not seeing any difference in your weight? Then probably you are making mistakes that stop you from losing weight.  So, stoop wondering about your weight loss reasons as below are ten reasons that could be getting in your way.


  • Not Eating Breakfast: People usually think that skipping breakfast will help in saving some calories but actually your body will cling to more fat because it’s being starved. So make sure you eat HEALTHY breakfast every morning to jump-start your metabolism which will help you in losing weight. Did you notice healthy? Include protein in your breakfast for sustainable energy so that you can work for hours.
  • Don’t feel Sleepy: Studies show that if you don’t sleep enough, then your body’s hormone axis doesn’t work properly as sleep can affect your metabolism which automatically leads to weight gain. It’s essential to get enough Z’s as your body won’t be digesting food normally. So, no late night movies from now. 🙁
  • Sip in Soda: Soda provides absolutely ZERO nutritional benefits, and continuing to drink it is harming your weight-loss aim, also if you’re drinking diet. Studies have shown that people who drink two or more diet sodas in a day had waistlines that were 500%……… yes 500% larger than nondrinker.  Shocking na?? So quit soda right now to achieve your weight loss goal soon.
  • No fun Time? When adrenaline i.e. the stress hormone breaks down, the body generates more cortisol, which eventually causes hunger. When you’re stressed your body triggers to eat more plus it can as well make you feel exhausted. And all these factors help you in gaining weight.  So, whenever you’re stressed make sure you relax yourself like go out with your friends, go on shopping or dance. :-D.
  • Thyroid Theory: If you have been gaining weight lately and diets fails to shift the extra fat from your body then thyroid can be the reason for it. Since thyroid slows down the metabolism so if you find symptoms like fatigue, constipation, aches, dry skin, lifeless hair and feeling cold then go and consult your doctor soon. With treatment, your body hormone will even out and weight your will soon get back to normal. 😀
  • Overeating Low-Fat Foods: Opting for foods with a lower calorie value can be illusory, as several times they’re full with extra sodium, sugar, or chemical preservatives to make up for the reduced ingredients. These low fat foods are not just less nutritious, but they as well end up tasting “lighter,” which makes you eat more of it. And thus instead of consuming low calories you’ll consume more of it.
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Lots of overweight ladies suffer from PCOS. They have an opposition to insulin, just like individuals with diabetes and thus it is difficult for them to alter the male hormone testosterone into the female hormone estrogen.  As PCOS is linked with overweight or obesity low carbohydrate diets and regular exercise diet will help you out in getting back to shape.
  • Late Night Dinner: Science says that people who eat same amount of calories as others, but consume them an hour or two before sleeping will help you in gaining weight than those who eat earlier. It is because your body knows you more than you 😛 and it knows that you’re not active, thus it stores the calories in the form of fat. So, next time before eating late night think twice..

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  1. I have PCOS and you are such a role model, just got married my husband des nt want kids but am afraid i wont conceive if i wont try now.. 🙁 am fat am trying to loose weight by exercising but i dont have strong will power as yours 🙁

    • Vasavi..although I an not any role model or something. .its just that I don like being fat ,so much so that I feel too fat right now also…I will suggest you to concentrate more on your food and little less on excercise..I mean ratio should 80:20.Try reducing rice and then move to roti..if you bring slow changes it will definitely help.

  2. I recall when I first found out about my thyroid….lost weight…then gained….n then n found out I hav pcos….so frustrating….but once v realise what can be done n learn t manage it becomes simpler…


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