8 Things To Do When You Are Feeling Low And Depressed


8 Things To Do When You Are Feeling Low And Depressed

Hey Everyone! When I told Anamika I wish to write on this topic, it was an average day for me and everything was all right! But then something came up and this went by. It is today when I had to finally write about this particular topic! So without much delay lets know the 8 Things To Do When You Are Feeling Low And Depressed.

positive mind

Well, I would say it is not the best of days to write about such a topic when you strongly feel something is eating you up inside! But then it hit me as to why at this point, it would certainly be the perfect time to write about something you are actually feeling. As simple as it looks while reading it is hard to practice because you are constantly caught with thinking about what is bothering you.

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let go and stay happy

I know it is completely not easy to let happy emotions over-power your thoughts which are negative and are making you feel low! But it is something we all should do!! I strongly felt those 2 minutes of low & sinking feeling just because few things didn’t turn out as I had expected it to. We all are aware how life can be unexpectedly dynamic with each passing second! You never know for sure what the future holds but hope is a big word which plays by the rules. It keeps you sane & gives strength to deal with whatever life throws upon you!

dont be sad

I have listed few things below, which I have truly found very helping at times when I am feeling all sad & it feels as all the miseries of the world have been bestowed upon me by the Almighty! πŸ˜‰ :-p ( Too dramatic naa?? I know!! :-p )

Write It Down!


Believe me it is the cheapest therapy and no one ever has to know about your thoughts when you were experiencing all this! You just grab a piece of paper write all the things you have been feeling! You can be blunt & hardcore sarcastic as no one is going to judge you for feeling so!

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When you are done, save that paper in your handbag! You will feel many things just went out of your system! I have done this a lot number of times because I think words hurt a lot and it is better to not treat people in your life as punching bags! πŸ™‚

Talk To A Friend


And by that I mean, choose someone who you think will not judge you in future and is someone who is also a good listener! Talk to them about anything, if you want to discuss your thoughts you can openly pour your heart out! You will certainly feel lighter that will leave you wondering what was that heavy heart feeling!


music for beauty

My solution to everything! I am happy I listen to music. I am a little low I listen to my favorite songs! It gets me going and I am in a different spirit altogether! Put on your favorite singer’s soulful track and let yourself relax with the tunes! What Kishore Kumar does toΒ  my bad mood I simply cannot explain! πŸ™‚

Babies & Pets

happy animals

Don’t get me wrong here! Not comparing or anything! Both are too demanding & attention seekers! But they mostly make your life a little less stressful! I have a big dog and as much scolding he gets for being naughty, just few minutes with that guy makes me instantly better! πŸ™‚

babies 1

Babies sure are a greater & bigger responsibility but their innocence is what gets you going and you deal with every possible hurdle in your life without feeling depressed! If you cannot afford to have any of these, what is that mobile for! Watch some of the best baby/ pet videos and let your negative thoughts fly away!

Head to The Salon

body massage

If you have been contemplating your spa session, it is the perfect day to get one! A hair spa, body spa or even a foot spa will get your spirits going after the pamper session! Best part is you don’t have to talkΒ  or you don’t have to explain anything! Win Win! πŸ˜‰

If you can’t go out, take a long shower and mix stress relieving essentials oils in your bath water for relaxation at home!

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Watch your Favorite Movie!

queen movie kangana

I do this quite often! I am a sucker for the movie “The Vow” and when I am too low to express myself I watch that movie! It helps me cry a bit and that is what makes the difference!

Avoid Social Media

earning with facebook

It is not the ideal place to change your thoughts instead it will filled with more negative thoughts as it is all superficial and happy on the outside!

Browse Through Old Pictures

Indians are obsessed with photo albums and I belong to the category! Earlier it was hard copy bulky album and now it is stored as folders in our computers! I browse through old pictures and it really works in keeping your negative thoughts in control and you instantly feel loved & happy when you are done catching up with your past memories!

Step Out

road trip jaipur tree house

It makes a huge difference to what I feel. I work from home and most of the time I don’t step out of the house on weekdays. Also I am not comfortable walking on the busy road apparently without any reason! So I make sure to walk on the terrace for a change or just prefer walking on the treadmill to sweat it all out! πŸ™‚

positive thoughts

Well, I hope I didn’t bore you with all of this but for someone who has been clueless about what exactly to do at the time of stress or that sinking feeling, here I have mentioned them above!

How do you keep yourself lively on the bad days?


  1. Bahut helpful post hai, sach me sabki life me aisi situation aati hi hai , thank you so much for these ideas
    Main jab low feel karti hu to apni frnd k pas chali jaati hu ya hum dono ghumne nikal jaatey hain, shopping k liye bhi


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