8 tips for strong nails

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 Some of you have asked me about how I keep my nails strong and healthy.I am glad you people liked them though I don’t do much for them now but few years ago when I was a nail biter (he he :P) then I did a few things to make my weak nails grow long.

Many of you might be aware that are nails are made up of keratin which is a dead substance like our hair. Once a nail has grown up whether it is weak or strong we have to maintain or improve its overall appearance.

The primary function of our nails is to protect our finger tips but ofcourse they mean a lot more to us then just protection.We all love to play with them , adorn them with nail polish , tatoos and jewellery.
If you are into to nail art then you must have realized that people notice your hands so often. Nail art makes our hand quite attractive and gives a wonderful feeling.

Below are some tips for strong natural nails which I have followed and it has worked for me. Might work for you also 🙂

1. I do not prefer to keep extremely long nails because they catch on things easily thus increasing the risk of breakage.

2. I always file nails in one direction only i.e file across then physically lift the nail file up .It takes little more time but prevents flaking and breaking of nails.

3. I am fond of cooking and therefore I have to take extra care of my nails when I am in the kitchen. If my maid is absent(which is a usual scenario nowadays :D) I do wear gloves some times and clean the dishes.I don’t try to open up jars lid with my nails which I used to do before.Opening can and jars with your nails is a sure-shot recipe for having split nails.

4. Nail health – Our nails and hands need nourishment and we are suppose to apply formulated hand and cuticle cream 3-4 times a day but I do it once a day .When you apply your hand cream , work it into the fingers up and down the sides of your fingers.This will help with blood circulation and feed your nail. Do not forget to massage cream into the cuticle area.

5. Nail hardener – Always apply a base undercoat before applying nail polish. This does two jobs  – 1) of nourishing the nail and 2) it protect the nails from the pigmentation colour in the nail polish staining my nail bed.

6.Do not use scissors to remove cuticles. Invest in cuticle cream remover or gently push back you cuticles when you are taking bath.

Split nails –  If you feel jagged bit of nail, then file it immediately so it disappears.If you leave it, you will end up either biting it or catching it causing it to split. Split nails can be very painful so prevention is always better than cure.

When ever I make lemonade for myself I always rub some remaining juice of lemon on my nails.This adds shine and removes yellowness.

Nail polish tips – Use a top coat after nail polish, this will not only enhance the look of your nail polish but protect the nail polish from flaking and chipping.

Vitamins for healthy nails – I do try to live a healthy life.I detest milk but try to have it with cornflakes or muesli.I try to include 2 fruits every day to get required vitamins and minerals.

Foods which are rich in silicon like broccoli, fish and onion help in having strong nails. My favourite is broccoli.

Eating whole grains and drinking plenty of water and fruit juices strengthens nails too.

I do try including above things but if you are suffering from weak and brittle nails problem then do include food which are richer in zinc and vitamin B.

Drinking fresh carrot juice helps in calcium and phosphorous is perfect for strengthening nails.

I came across this  nail strengthener  which prevents nails from breaking and you might like it.
P.S – A very happy Saturday to you guys and happy Navratri to all of you
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