8 Versatile MAC Eyeshadows Reviews



8 Versatile MAC Eyeshadows Review


Hey everyone I am back with another compilation which is indeed going to be helpful for sooo many makeup freaks out here. So if you’re looking to buy MAC eyeshadows but finding all the colors equally beautiful then I am here to solve your confusion. Here are 8  best MAC eyeshadows that are highly versatile and can be used to create ample of looks. These will suit almost all the skin tones in different ways. Well let’s start now.

MAC Espresso Eyeshadow

The most versatile of all, this eyeshadow by MAC can be used as a crease color when blended lighly and will double up as a brown liner for you. This is color that merges and blend well with every possible color. You can use it as a brow filler as well. Total must have!


MAC Espresso eyeshadow


MAC Eyeshadow Star Violet

A pearly purple eyeshadow, insanely pigmented. This can be used in creating various smokey looks for Indian skin tones. You can wear this own its own or add some glitter for the glam look.


mac eyeshadow star violet swatch


MAC Eyeshadow Gold Mine

The best gold eyeshadow in the lot. This will look good with every possible color and effective in adding the glitz and glam to your eyes.


mac goldmine eyeshadow


MAC Eyeshadow in Nylon

This will be the highlighting color in your kitty. It is shimmery but not at all chunky. Use it to highlight your browbone or the inner corner of your eyes for that bigger eyes illusion.


mac nylon eyeshadow review+ mac nylon es


MAC Eyeshadow in Texture

A go to shade , can be used in every possible way. This will look good as a crease color blended with some lighter color eye shadow and an inner corner shade blended with a darker shade in the crease. You can use it all over your lid to get that perfect office wear eye look.


mac texture eyeshadow review+ mac


MAC Expensive Pink

Well this is the perfect pink for indian skin tones. Buy this and trust me you’ll be reaching out for this while dressing up for office or parties 😀


MAC expensive pink veluxe pearl review


MAC Amber Lights Eyeshadow

This is definitely a must have shade from MAC, the color is superb as is the quality! Pair it with other shades or wear it alone on lids, it looks awesome both ways. I love it with Deep Blue, Greens, Plums!


MAC Amberlights eyeshadow review + mac amber lights swatch


MAC Deep Truth Eyeshadow

You see this picture here? Well this is the awesomeness of deep truth. Anamika di used as a liner and in this eye look. Well this navy eyeshadow is so versatile and is apt for creating a blue smokey eyes and much more. 🙂


MAC Deep Truth eyeshadow on my eyes

MAC TEAL & Deep truth eye makeup


Well I hope you find this information useful, Happy Shopping Lovelies! 🙂

Have you tried any of these MAC eyeshadows?

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