8 Ways to Get Rid of Dry Cuticles


How to get rid of dry cuticles easily


Beautiful hands and nails are indicators of well groomed personality of a woman. This is something you can easily spot and figure out that to what extent a woman is aware of personal grooming. There are some women who pay heed to only keeping their face clean and don’t bother much about other parts of the body which are as important in polishing her entire persona.

A proper grooming of the self is very essential not only for being presentable in front of others but it also affects the body language of the person if there is a lack of proper personal care which includes taking care of the other body parts such as hands and feet other than the facial beauty.


get rid of dry cuticles


Hands are prominent parts of the body and are basically used in taking care of the whole body so ignoring the hands would be the most unfair thing to do. Our hands perform so many tasks like eating, self-cleansing, cooking, cleaning and other regular chores of the house and due to this they are subjected to more chances of getting harmed by the constant contact with water and other synthetic things like soaps & detergents. These things sometimes damage the tissues of the skin of the hand and they feel dried and scaly because of constant exposure to these things.

One of the common problems which every woman faces is the problem of cuticles. These tend to distort the natural health of the nails and look bad if they are ignored. Cuticle is the protective layer of skin which surrounds the nail. They act as binding tissues of the nails and keep them intact and protect from damage & breakage.

Here we will discuss about the cuticle problem and the effective ways in which one can easily get rid of dry cuticles.

Moisturize your hand & cuticles

It is really important to keep the cuticle tissues well moisturized as they are always at the risk of being exposed to harsh substances which tend to make them dry and cause them to break. It is advisable to employ a good hand cream for this purpose and let your cuticles absorb the essential moisture so that they remain soft.


moisturize hands & cuticles


Never cut your dry cuticles

Cuticles are designed to keep the nails protected from any foreign particle entering the nail region. So, it should be well noted to not cut the cuticle on purpose because that will further create problem to the nail area. Instead of it just keep the area well moisturized so that the dry cuticle turns softer.


never cut dry cuticles


Use safe synthetic products

It is advised to make use of safer synthetics like soaps and detergents so that the cuticles are not prone to much damage. Always wash hands with a gentle hand lotion which contains glycerin and not any harsh soap as it will further cause the cuticles to dry. If it is difficult for you to manage, then wear a protecting glove in your hands while doing these household chores so that your nail cuticles remain untouched with the synthetics.


use hand gloves


Use a good cuticle cream

Invest in a good cuticle cream to get rid of dry cuticles. This will definitely work for those women who remain very busy throughout the day and don’t have much time to devote to taking care of everything from face to body and hands. Applying a good hand cream followed by a cuticle cream will serve their purpose and save them from the pain of cuticle dryness & outgrowth.


use good cuticle cream


Get a manicure done once in a month

It is a point to be noted that constant manicures are also a big reason of cuticle problem in many women. It is better to go for the manicure sessions once in a while so as to get rid of the dead cells and cuticles and give a little break for a proper re-growth for the next time. It is also advised to reduce the use of nail paint removers on the nails as it is also responsible for the drying of the cuticles of the nails.


do manicure once in a month


Olive oil Massage

Olive oil is enriched with vitamin E and it is religiously used by many to keep the nails soft and healthy and prevent them from being brittle and prone to breakage. Regular olive oil massage tends to lessen cuticle problems by making them softer.


olive oil massage


Never push dry cuticles

Well, if you really need to get rid of a dry cuticle then it is advised to keep your hands moist and soft by soaking them in lukewarm water for a good 15-20 minutes and then gently push the cuticle so that it doesn’t comes out peeling the skin and hurt you.


never push dry cuticle


Never bite you nails & cuticles

There are many people who out of nervousness start biting their nails but it is strictly not advised to bite nails and cuticles as the saliva resent in the mouth tends to dry the tissues and as a result you have cuticles to deal with. It is better to buy a good manicure tool set which is not very sharp and just perfect to use on your nails…actually better than your canine teeth!! 🙂


never bite nails & cuticles


What methods do you follow to get rid of dry cuticles?

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  1. Thanks Ira for such a detailed post.. 🙂 N its so true.. Dry cuticles spoil even the best manicure.. Time to add this to the daily skincare routine 😉

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