8 Ways To Treat And Prevent Split Ends



8 Ways To Treat And Prevent Split Ends

Split ends are every girl’s night mare. Healthy, beautiful hair says a lot about your persona and enhances your overall look. Our hairs go through a lot of wear and tear, about which we might not even be aware. No matter how good hair you are blessed with, if you are taking proper care of them, then they are bound to get damaged and develop split ends. We literally burden our hair with many hair styling products, which definitely looks great for a point of time, but in the long run it does more of damage then good to your hair.

Split ends are more common in dry & frizzy hair. Have you ever wondered why???


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Because dry and frizzy hair is the beginning signs of hair damage and when the damage aggravates, split ends occur. We at wiseshe have many a times shared about home remedies to treat split ends; you can check them out here.

Today I shall share with you all few ways to treat and prevent split ends. But before that I would like to share some causes of split ends. Probably looking at the roots cause of problem will help us control things better.

Read on.

Causes of Split Ends:

  • Over washing of hair.
  • Exposure of hair to the sun, heat, dust and pollution. Try avoiding exposure to these as much as you can.
  • Excessive use of hair styling tools, like curlers, straighteners and over chemical treatments.
  • Excessive use of hair styling cosmetics, like gels, serums, and sprays.
  • Washing of hair with hot water. Always wash hair with warm to normal water and give a final rinse of cold water.
  • Using inferior quality combs, pins, and headbands.
  • Lack of routine maintenance, like cutting and trimming.
  • Not oiling the hair properly.
  • Showering your hair with hard water, like chlorine mixed water of pools.

Ways To Treat And Prevent Split Ends:

Strengthen Your Hair: Weak hair are more prone to damage. The best way to keep split ends at bay is to strengthen your hair and make them strong. A proper hair care regime prevents split ends. Do not indulge in cheap hair care products rather get professional hair care products. Also remember what you eat, your body reflects. Try consuming more of healthy foods which are good for hair.

Hydrate Your Hair: Of course drinking plenty of water is the key to overall great health and same goes for hair. Keeping your hair properly conditioned and hydrated is the key to prevent split ends. When hair dries out, it becomes weak and brittle and can break easily with even the slightest movement. Deep condition your hair and also do frequent hot oil treatments.


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Prevent From Dry Weather & Heat: It does not take much of hot air to turn your hair into a damage disaster. Dry weather too does the same thing but when it comes to weather there isn’t much that you can do about it. Try limiting heat hair styling as much as you can.

Don’t Wash Hair Too Often: Frequent shampooing of hair too causes split ends. You should avoid washing your hair too often. Limit it to not more than twice or thrice a week. It is also crucial to use a gentle shampoo that does not dry your hair out.

Exposure To Chlorinated/ Hard Water: The most easy approach to chlorinated water are swimming pools. There you can do a lot of damage to your hair. To prevent this ensure wearing a shower cap when in pool. This will not make you look hot. But will at least prevent your hair from damage.

Avoid Brushes With Plastic Bristles: Hair brushes with plastic bristles can damage your hair by ripping through them. When your hair is dry use a wide brush that has a foam pad, use the brushes that have good quality bristles.


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Avoid Brushing Hair When Wet: We all know this and we all ignore this!!!! Why??? Wet hair are fragile and more suspect to tearing, so you should always avoid not to brush hair when wet. Swear by it.

Trim It: Who ever says that you can remove and treat split ends without trimming it is making you a fool or is actually a nerd. I may sound rude here, but people who convey such myths always make me furious. Can you ever imagine sticking a hair back which is torn? That is not possible at all. So for hair that has been damaged, one should trim it. And for people with healthy hair, they should also trim their hair at least once three- four months. This will prevent split ends from coming back.

These were some ways to prevent and treat split ends. You can always checkout our DIYs to pamper hair.

Do you have your own way of treating split ends?

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