8 Women Who Are Slaying The Unicorn Hair Trend Like A Pro


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Coloured hair is always in trend whether it is red, white or multi-coloured. Hair colour is something which is associated with fashion and if you are in trend, you need to colour your hair. Right from famous celebs to our colony ‘celebrities’, we see a pink or blue strand on everyone’s hair. These hair colours look super chic and add to the glam quotient too. But one big problem is maintaining the colour and the hair texture after these fun experiments. But when experts are here, you don’t need to worry a lot. Presenting 8 women who are slaying the unicorn hair look like a pro and what they do to maintain our hair. Enjoy!

8 women who are slaying the unicorn look like a pro!

Hair colouring is not a tough job but maintaining surely is. Before proceeding to the celebs who love to colour their hair and flaunt like a pro, we have shared some tips with you which will surely benefit you to keep your hair healthy and your colour strong.

The shampoo is a must:

Shampooing your hair twice or thrice a week is must when you have coloured your hair. Hair can’t be left dirty and it needs to get cleaned every once a while. Use colour protectant and mild shampoos.

Conditioning is the key:

For every girl with hair colour, conditioner is her love. Coloured hair tends to be dry at the ends and so conditioning your hair is a must every now and then.

Don’t use oil or products with alcohol:

benefits of oiling Hair

Oiling your hair or using products with alcohol will destroy the colour bonds and will make your hair very patchy and not that bright.


Use heat but in a small amount:

It is always better not to use heating tools on hair but if you wish to apply, make sure it is in low heat mode and you apply a heat protectant spray well.


Dry shampoo vs Baby powder:

wash hair review

When you feel your hair is dry but you don’t want to shampoo your hair, look for alternatives. Dry shampoo is one of the best alternatives in the market but if you are not a dry shampoo fan, then replace it with baby powder.

No washing hair with hot water:

Hot water is your hair’s ultimate enemy. Always use cold or lukewarm water while washing your hair.


Don’t sleep with wet hair:

Well, this is something we all know, right? Sleeping with wet hair will cause friction which will result in hair breakage. Always make a braid before retiring for the night.


Take a break sometimes:

Taking a break from your hair colour is also essential to give them a break from the harmful chemicals. And on those days, your bright eyeshadow colour can play the part of your hair colour. Try them and shadow your hair!

Now comes the celebs who love to colour their hair. Dig in!


Kristen Leanne

She herself is an owner of a hair colour line – Arctic Fox Hair Colour and so no wonder she knows her colour really well. This lady started young in her hair colour world and this is evident in her looks and her hair which looks so lustrous. Look at her and get awed!


Sita Abellan

This girl has experimented with one and all. She had started from blond, pink, purple, blue, orange, red, then back to blue and everytime she rocked the night. Her hair looks amazing and has a great density to it which makes her one of the best finds on Instagram to look up to.


This girl has taken curly hair colour trends to a new level. Being a curly hair person, this is just hair colour goals for me. Her pink, orange or that unicorn look – everything suits her so well.

Jessika Petten

She knows how to colour her hair on and off. Just by looking at these pictures, you can see a variety of colours – purple, blue, white and what not. She is one of the Instagram divas and we surely want to have a hair like her.

Sophie Hannah Richardson


Bleaching is the key to get hair colour like this beauty Sophia Hannah. This blue colour looks so vibrant and beautiful but definitely stains your hair in the long run. She looks a million bucks and look at her maintenance!

Gaby Borromeo

This purple-haired lass surely knows how to flaunt the colour in style. Her purple hair colour is deep and vibrant and her roots are just the perfect in-between OTT and pale. She surely turns heads.

Shelly Gregory

This babe surely knows how to make us eye-hungry! Her hair colour which is a Macaron inspired mix of pastels left us so amazed. We definitely love the look and this trend!

Cassondra Keiding

This is a kind of colour which looks stunning yet very much wearable. You can definitely opt for this pink highlights with the magenta base. The best part is that the roots are kept natural which will avoid any sort of a hair damage.

That’s all folks!

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