9 Awesome Dupes Of Naked Palette 1


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When I was selling UD Palette 1, almost everyone was going crazy and asking me for it. Infact I receive mail for it now also  asking if when I am getting more palettes. There is no doubt that UD palette is one of the most loved palette by beauty fanatics and this is the reason there were many dupes introduced by different brands.

I have put down some 9 dupes of UD palettes which have been around .I myself don’t possess all of them. I only have the coastal scents, MUA and Sleek palette to compare. Rest all are what I have read on the beauty forums and blogs etc.

10 awesome dupe of UD Palette

e.l.f. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette – This palette has lot of dupes not only of Naked palette 1 but Naked palette 2 as well and the price is  ridiculously cheap.It’s just $6.Make up is getting so expensive in India that a palette like this at this price is almost unimaginable right now.


The Balm Nude ‘tude palette  – I discovered that this palette can be a good dupe when Temptalia swatched it .Although its of $36 and by adding $10 extra one can even get the UD palette but The Balm comes up with lot of sales.There sales sometimes are up to %50 and this palette is sold in $18 that time.


Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Nude Palette If you search carefully on ebay, then you will find Physicians  formula palettes there.These palette sometimes are available in $5 on discount .Thing with the palette is that the pigmentation of the eyeshadows are not that great and you definitely need a good base underneath to get the right colour.

MUA Undressed Palette – This palette is one of the most famous and sold palette of MUA because it’s a UD palette dupe.I just checked their site and its sold out but they do make it available sometime so keep a track on it  :).You can see the comparison of palette with UD here 


e.l.f. Beauty Look Book Neutral Eye Palette – The shade in the palette are said to be 90% dupe of UD 1 and cost just $5..Unbelievable but true 🙂


Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette It not only have dupes of UD palette but there are many many more beautiful nude shade in it .It’s just a beauty and is many times available on Coastal scent site on discount.


NYX Nude on Nude Palette – I got to know about this dupe after checking out the swatches on Karen’s makeupandbeauty blog.Although colour of the eyehadows are not that rich as the UD one but at this cost its not a bad dupe at all.Also, along with the eyeshadows one also gets to enjoy some beautiful lipstick shades from the palette .Not a bad deal at all.


Sleek Storm Palette

Sleek palette eyeshadow pigmentation is almost similar to of UD and there are few shades extra in Sleek which are not in UD or do not match naked .As far as quality goes I am a fan of Sleek palettes and I think its one of the dupe which can be easily made available as Sleek ships world wide.


 NYX Nude on nude Natural look kit –  This is another UD palette dupe from NYX. Infact it has 3-4 UD palette dupes. Texture of these eyeshadows is soft and smooth and they come in a compact sizes which is easy to travel around with and they are four times cheaper too.


So that is it from my side..:)

Do let us know if you are aware of any UD Naked Palette1 Dupe 🙂

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  1. I have MUA undressed… love it! Stays all day long too 🙂
    And it cost me just 3 pounds when I bought it on sale… gifted palettes to my friends too 🙂

  2. i dont have even a single 1 of these… not much into neutrals i think 😉
    have any eye palettes frm which miz n match i do if i need neutral colors :smart:
    nice compilation :))


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