9 Chambor Rouge Plump Lipstick Swatches & Photos


Hi friends,recently Chambor has launched a new range of lipsticks.I got a chance to swatch the shades that were available at the counter.Lets have a look at these:


Chambor rouge plump lipstick swatches




Chambor presents Rouge Plump+, the secret to sensuously full lips.

A lipstick isn’t just a lipstick anymore. With Chambor, it becomes your beauty secret that helps you get the desired result in plumpness, moisture, colour and a lot more. The new Rouge Plump+ amplifies lips by 25%* giving you sensuously full lips. This has been dermatologist tested and clinically proven.

Rouge Plump + is:

Feather Resistant

Ultra Long Wear

Dermatologist Tested

Not Animal Tested

Has no Animal Ingredients

Along with over 25%* increase in plumpness,Rouge Plump + does so much more

Reduces fine lines

Retexturises lips

Provides deeper hydration

Defines the lip contours

Protects against UVA & UVB rays. Contains SPF 15


Chambor rouge plum lipstick swatches and shades


Rouge Plump+ is the lipstick the world is whispering about. Try it and you will know why. The secret to gorgeous lips is secret no more!

The refreshingly tingly Rouge Plump+ comes in 24 captivating shades. Ranging from reds to browns and pinks, Rouge Plump+ is here to complement and brighten Indian skin tones. Now you really have no excuse to wear the same shade, all day everyday.

*Based on actual study conducted on 60 women who used Rouge Plump+, thrice a day for 30 continues days.

SHADES AVAILABLE:Out of the 24 shades,only 8 were present at the chamber counter.



CHAMBOR ROUGE PLUMP lipstick 704+705+746+742+751+706+744+774



704: A pinkish-red shade.

705:Red with slight blue undertones.

746: Mauve shade

742:A true red.

751:Mauve with pink.

706:Mauve with taupe/blue undertones.

744:A dark burgundy maroon shade.

774: Brown with hint of red.

Chambor rouge plum 764+705+746+742+751+706+744+774 swatches


  • PRICE: Rs.745 for 2.5 gms.
  • PACKAGING: The lipsticks have a textured, long cylindrical shape which is dark navy blue in colour as other chamber lipsticks. The chamber mark is embossed on the top cap and the shade number is written at the bottom. Personally, I really dislike such kind of packaging where lipsticks are numbered and no shade indication or name is provided.




TEXTURE:The texture is really smooth and the lipsticks shows pretty much good pigmentation on one swipe.But I cant really comment on the plumping factor as I havnt tested them.



chambor rouge plum lipstick swatches shade 704+705+746+742


  • FINISH:The finish is creamy and glossy.
  • MY VIEWS: Although these seem to be nice in terms of pigmentation, texture and finishes but they didn’t impress me much in the sense that the packaging is really dull and nude, peach shades are missing.


Did you come across Chambor Rouge Plump Lipstick?

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  1. Too expensive na? I checked them at the counter. I loved the texture and some of the shades but somehow din’t feel like spending so much on these.

  2. I saw these and quite liked them but was dumbstruck at the price..there was this very beautiful PINK shade that i wanted but price was like OMG….and guess how the SA was trying to sell it ‘madam this has plumping effect, use it continuously for 30 days and your lips will plump naturally’ !!! I was ROFL right thre…

    • they think they r equally good..colorbar SA told me that MAC and colorbar manufacture from the same place only the branding is different :

  3. hey there, i read ur article about Chambor Rouge Plump+ and i wanna say that the swatches of other shades are good because i myself m using one of its shade 775…. its good and i really found ur review helpful 🙂 :hug-makeup:


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