9 Easy Tips To Pamper Your Feet & Make Them Soft


9 Easy Tips To Pamper Your Feet & Make Them Soft


Makeup, shoes & bags are every woman’s favorite on any day and you can uplift her mood instantly with these. While most women focus on having a smooth & healthy face & body, feet are known to be neglected to some extent in this regard. Many times I have also ignored taking care of my feet and as a result I had to deal with the problem of cracks & scaly skin of feet.


Easy tips to pamper your feet & make them soft


So, here I am sharing some tips which helped me in making my feet turn soft and look equally moisturized just as my face & body’s skin..! 🙂

Don’t ignore your feet anyway..!

It is a must to take care of your feet almost every day and possibly before going to bed. In that way, your feet will absorb the lost moisture throughout the night and they will turn softer with regular usage. Always wash them properly during bathing & before sleeping.

Apply a good foot cream or Vaseline before bed

It is also important to apply good foot creams, which are available in the stores, before going to bed. These are special creams which will replenish the cracked heels and make them smooth eventually. In case you cannot find a cream, apply petroleum jelly on the heels to make them turn soft.


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Pamper your feet just after shower

Make sure to apply a good moisturizing cream on your feet just after you are out of the shower. Dry your feet with a towel and apply the lotion as the skin of the feet is very soft at that time and it will easily absorb moisture in comparison to any other time of the day.


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Keep your feet soaked in lukewarm water

For keeping your heels soft, make sure to soak your feet in lukewarm water for some time. This will ensure that the tough skin of the feet and the heels turn softer and make it easier to get rid of the dead skin from the surface.


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Scrub your feet quite often

Feet are the most used parts of the body just as our hands so they easily catch dirt & dust so it is very important to keep them clean every day. For this purpose, use an exfoliating loofah, gloves or brushes to get rid of the dead layer of skin. A pumice stone is also a great accessory to be used on feet to reveal a fresh layer of skin.


pumice stone for foot care


Treat your feet with goodness of lemon

Lemon is a great bleaching agent and works great for treating the problem of calluses. Adding a few drops of lemon juice to lukewarm water and soaking your feet for sometime will do the needful.


lemon for feet


Pamper your feet with a DIY exfoliating scrub

Once in a while or every weekend make sure to treat your feet with the goodness of a feet exfoliating DIY scrub at home. For this, you can mix brown sugar, honey & lemon and apply on your feet and scrub with hands or with exfoliating gloves. This will scrub off the dead cells of skin and give you a clean and fresh skin.

Always wear slippers at home

It is quite common for women to walk barefoot while they are indoors, probably due the vitrified flooring in the houses these days…! I, too being one of them…! L This is also a reason for causing the skin of the feet scaly & rough. So, always wear slippers to maintain the softness of your feet.

Walk barefoot on grass

This is an old practice to walk barefoot on grass occasionally just to improve the blood circulation of that part of feet. It is also believed that there are certain pressure points located on the heels, which if stimulated in the right & natural manner can cure many problems related to health & mind.

Did you like these tips to pamper your feet?

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