9 Herbs To Use For Hair Growth & Thickness


9 Herbs To Use For Hair Growth & Thickness

Hair problems have been a constant concern for me since I have started coloring hair  few years back! Before that I had only few grey hair strands and lesser hair fall. Somehow over the years, I wanted may hair to look different. The constant television advertisements about hair color being safe, I too jumped in. Since then, there has been no looking back! But guess what? I started experiencing hair fall more than the average! That when I had to do something and I thought of trying these 9 Herbs To Use For Hair Growth & Thickness.

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9 herbs for hair growth

Well, I now understand why my Nani always made sure I washed my hair with shikakai soaked overnight. It was not a good thought for me because it was messy and I hated over the hair baths when I was younger.

But now when we have finally used so much of chemicals in all our products, its a bittersweet feeling to go back to the natural remedies which were once discarded by us!

Natural Herbs For Thick Hair

Checkout the 9 herbs to use for Hair growth which prevents hair fall & makes the hair gradually voluminous!



Henna is a widely grown plant herb in India and you can use it to take care of your hair naturally without any chemicals! Read Ways To Use Henna For Hair Henna also produces a rich red-brown hue on the hair and  you can use it as a nourishing hair mask to cleanse your scalp! The cooling sensation of henna mask on hair keeps the scalp problems away! This also keeps the hair strong and promotes hair growth!


Shikakai benefits & uses

Shikakai is mainly bark, leaves of the shikakai tree which gives immense strength to the hair follicles and it prevents hair fall! It treats scalp infections, gets rid of dandruff which are also prime reasons why your hair fall has increased considerably!Read Shikakai Soaps In India: Benefits & Availability

Fenugreek/ Methi

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fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek leaves or seeds both are beneficial to use on hair as they both provide a natural shine & strength to hair. You can use fenugreek leaves paste as a hair mask. You can also use its paste to apply on hair as a hair growth mask!


chamomile tea

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You must be aware of the Chamomile Tea benefits but it is interesting to know that chamomile is also used for hair as it nourishes the scalp and makes damaged hair healthy again!



Lavender is mainly used for its aroma but its is also very useful in hair care due to its anti-bacterial properties! It also acts as an effective barrier to head lice and protects the hair from any kind of infections!

Herbs For Hair Growth


bhringraj plant

Bhringraj is an active ingredient in so many hair care products and yes it is surely one of the best herbs you can use for your hair to keep them lush & strong. You can grind the leaves and use them on the scalp as a hair mask to keep the rejuvenate the scalp!


benefits of eating neem leaves for skin

Neem is known since ancient times to be an amazing anti-inflammatory plant tree and its leaves, oil etc. are used to promote hair growth in many ayurvedic hair care products!



The herb Brahmi is yet another useful thing to use on damaged hair for healthy lush looking hair! Normally, Brahmi plant leaves can be used directly or used along with a carrier oil  to massage and intensively nourish the scalp keeping the hair strands strong!

Aloe Vera

aloe vera gel

Aloe vera needs no introduction. It can be easily grown at home and you can use its leaves as a paste to sooth the scalp & treat any hair infections or dandruff issues!



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