9 Makeup Tips For Women With Olive Skin Tone


9 Makeup Tips For Women With Olive Skin Tone


Makeup is an art of enhancing the best features of a person so that the flaws remain hidden and only the features which are pleasing to the eye are projected. Makeup is not a child’s play as I can transform an average looking women into a drop dead gorgeous Glam Doll. The perfect makeup is when the onlooker doesn’t believe that the beautiful features of a woman are not real but just wonderful job of makeup.

Here, in this post we will be disclosing the best kept makeup tricks for women who are naturally blessed with Olive skin tone and know about what things to keep in mind while choosing the right kind of makeup for their skin tone.


makeup tips for olive skin tone


Olive skin tone

Olive skin tone is a neutral complexion among the major skin tones of pale tone & dark skin tone. Olive skin tone is basically the light brown complexion in common parlance. Olive skin toned women generally have oily skin, so they are less prone to wrinkles but the excess oil production tends to cause problems like acne & large pores. Oil production sometimes tends to clog pores of olive skin tone and cause the appearance of blackheads in them.

How to select the right makeup for olive skin tone?

Generally, because of the oily skin, any makeup which is oil based is not at all suitable for the olive complexions. Powder based makeup items would be an ideal choice for them so as to reduce the formation of oil and prevent irritation and other problems like acne or blackheads.


warm shade blush for olive skin


Some makeup tips for olive complexion

Women who are endowed with olive complexion are usually the ruling damsels of makeup as they can sport a huge range of products and shades on their naturally beautiful skin tone.

  • The first tip for olive complexion is to choose an oil free foundation which reduces the appearance of large pores and even out their skin tone to give a flawless face.
  • The use of warm shade blushes on the cheeks will enhance the beauty of the face in the best possible way of enhancing the cheeks without making the face look too dramatic.
  • Coming onto the lip colors, olive complexions enjoy a wide range of lip colors that suit their complexion very well. Bright, corals and bold colors look just perfect on their skin tone and they totally rock in every look they sport.
  • So far I have observed, shimmer based or bronze shades of lip color don’t look that much flattering on olive complexions.
  • For the eyes, olive complexions enjoy the liberty of trying shimmer-based brown shades, deep green, sapphire blue shades and bronze shades. Bright shades of pink don’t look great on olive skin tone so refrain from using that in case you have olive complexion.
  • The eyebrows should be well defined using a lighter shade of eye pencil as arched eyebrows will enhance the eye makeup in a great way and compliment the look.
  • Black eye liner & mascara are the staple eye makeup for olive skin tone and they never go wrong with that. Smoky eye makeup is the best suitable eye makeup for olive complexion.
  • Highlighting is something which is the most awesome opportunity enjoyed by most olive complexions to accentuate the beautiful curves of their face and make it look more defined and chiseled.
  • Bronzing is something which olive complexions don’t need at all because they are naturally gifted with the fake tan look which bronzer is known to create.


highlighting for olive skin


Olive skin tone can get away with the minimum makeup and look stunning without the extra layers of makeup. Olive complexions inspire great envy from pale complexions who have to struggle with the blemish and worry about the coverage more than anything.

So, all you olive complexions… now you know about the best tips of makeup you can do to look jaw dropping gorgeous…!!

Did you like these makeup tips for olive skin tone?

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  1. Great post Ira. In India we take olive skin tone for granted but really a lot of women struggle to get the right warmth in their complexion. Something a lot of Indians are blessed with. We need to thanks our mommies for this one more thing…

    • Yeah I agree Purnima..but these days things have changed a lot..People are accepting the olive complexion beauties so well !! its a good sign.. :-))

  2. Iru you write so well yaar.
    The tips and tricks are really practical and a must do for most of us blessed with medium complexion.

  3. Another ‘solid’ post Ira 🙂 I was born with fair skin, but sun exposure in my job gave me a permanent tan 😉 so now my body is fair n my face is olive hehe 🙂 n u r so rite about shimmer/bronzy lipshades.. Dey absolutely do not work for me 🙂

  4. Wonderful post.thanks a lot.can U please suggest which company’s foundation and compact powder will give a natural fairer look with looking overmade

  5. Wonderful post.thanks a lot.can U please suggest which company’s foundation and compact powder will give a natural fairer look without looking overmade


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