9 Skin Care For Women In Their 30s


9 Skin Care For Women In Their 30s

Our skin is taken care of- the moment we are born, and as we grow we take this responsibility of caring for our skin.

As a baby we had baby specific skin  care, then as a teenager we had tenager skin care routine, though as teenager it is often misunderstood that only after passing 20s or 30s one needs to take care of skin but it is not true at all. One needs to acre for skin throughout life, it is just that after a specific age the skin care becomes more focused and regular.



When women steps in her 30s, she should know it is now high time for her where she cannot go wrong with her skin care. A little recklessness towards skin and you can just call skin ageing a little early. Of course no one wants that.

And if you are dry skinned women then you need to be very serious about your skin care or else you can have wrinkles and fine lines a way too early.

Just as you grow, you get busier or rather should I say, get laden with responsibilities but these responsibilities should not make you ignorant about yourself.

Today I shall tell you about how a woman in her 30s should care for her skin. Skin care in 30s is basically focused on delaying the skin ageing symptoms like wrinkles & fine lines

Read following skin care tips for a woman in her 30s:




Make sure to cleanse your face twice a day irrespective of the fact whether you feel your face dirty or not, you have applied makeup or not, just make a rule to cleanse your face twice a day. For the day time you should choose a cleanser that has Alpha Hydroxy Acids and for the nights choose a cream based cleanser.

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Do not ignore exfoliation. Do a whole body exfoliation at least twice a week. Skin care is not just about face, so ensure whole body exfoliation. These will help you get rid of dead cells. Do not forget to apply a rich moisturizer post exfoliation.

Exfoliating during nights is more recommended.

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In your regular CTM routine, it is now time to give Serums a place. You should now start using serums that will keep your skin hydrated, watch for ingredients and choose the ones which contain anti oxidants and vitamin c.

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Never ever skip a moisturizer. The key to healthy and youthful skin is moisturization. In your 30s it is of utter importance to provide the much needed moisture and hydration to skin.

Sun Block

Make it a point to never step out without a Sunblock, also you should now look for broader spectrum and higher SPF. Exposure of skin to sun will cause early wrinkles and moreover regular sun block will prevent you from skin cancer caused due to over exposure to skin.

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Eye Care



So far you might have had an on and off relationship with eye creams but when you step in your 30s you got be friends with eye c reams, indeed make them your best friends. Skin around eyes is very sensitive and most easily prone to wrinkles, so a proper eye care routine will only help you out in maintain good under and around eyes skin.

To reduce puffiness with use eye creams that has caffeine, to moisturize use creams with hyaluronic acid or to make dark circles diminish use creams with vitamin C or hydroquinone.

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Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty water and keep yourself hydrated from within.


It is high time to watch your diet. Include veggies and fruits in your diet and let junk foods be a junk. Veggies and fruits will not only keep you healthy but also give you a radiant glowing, youthful skin from within and slow down the skin ageing process.




Yes, you read it right, Exercise is important too in maintain a good skin. Doing regular exercising will not only keep you fit but also keep your skin toned. This will prevent your skin from sagging. You can do gym exercises, yoga or Pilates etc; the only thing important here is some sort of exercise for at least 30 minutes daily.

This was all for skincare routine for women in their 30s. Just a little extra care and make age just a number, stay radiant, stay youthful.

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Do you have more skin care tips to share?

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  1. So apt for me.. 😀 very detailed and accurate advice.. We really need to amp up the skincare on reaching 30s.. it can make or mar ur cming years 😉

  2. thnx girls….. after doing this post i too have become more conscious about my skin care, though i am in my twenties yet.

  3. This blog gives us few tips by which we can make our skin healthy and young. By applying these tips we can make our skin looks healthy and glowing in the age of 30s also. There are many ways by which we can make our skin looks healthy in any age some of these are mentioned in this post already.

  4. It is a very good descriptive article explaining about skin care for women and providing information about prevention and enhancing the skin of women in their 30’s. By seeing your writing it looks like you are professional on this subject.

  5. In this blog we have come to know about different skin care techniques for women such as cleansing and many other by which we can take care of our skin after getting in 30’s. Dry skin needs to be getting more cared compared to other skin types.

  6. What a great post and what a nice Ideas. In todays genration where poluttion and stress ruin the one’s beuty these steps will be usefull. Steps are easy and effective. Thank you for sharing. Keep posting.


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