9 Stunning Sheer Pink Lipsticks You Should Try Now


9 Stunning Sheer Pink Lipsticks You Should Try Now

Sheer lipsticks are going to be stocked up in the coming spring season! There is the natural cute quotient related with sheer lipsticks which make you lips fuller and also add the glossy hint to make you look cute and natural and certainly a beautiful difference from the usual matte lip colors you wear mostly!

I think sheer lipsticks are surely great options for the college going girls and also those who do not always wish to go out with lips painted all dark and like to keep it natural with the right sheer shades on their lips! 🙂

For those who have deep pigmented lips, wearing a sheer lipstick is not such a great idea but those who have natural pink lips can go on and flaunt sheer as well as matte lip shades and have more chances of stocking both types of lipsticks!

ColorBar Sheer Creme Lust Lipsticks

Sheer lipsticks are usually creamy and tend to keep the lips moisturized so if you have dry lips, then a sheer lipstick is surely the best option for you to checkout during the next trip to the mall! 🙂

Well, there are so many lipstick reviewed on Wiseshe and here I bring the best nine shades which you can totally and must checkout if you love sheer lips!

MAC Lipstick in

mac patisserie lipstick review+ mac lustre lipstick

Patisserie is a sheer neutral Pink. This is a flesh toned neutral pink which is a very MLBB shade for most medium and fair skin tones!It has no shimmer but since it is a Lustre finish lipstick from MAC, it does give a glossy look.

mac patisserie lipstick review+ mac lotd

Its absolutely sheer and gives no coverage but mainly makes the lips look naturally beautiful!

Clinique Long Last Lipstick Bamboo Pink

clinique bamboo pink lipstick

Bamboo Pink is soft and shiny muted pink beige shade with super fine micro glitters in silver. You may not fall in love with the shade in the tube at first instance but it really comes out to look beautiful when applied!

clinique bamboo pink lips

It is mainly a sheer shade so all of you you who love matte shades on any given day might not love it so much!

Colorbar Sheer Creme Lust Lipstick Bitten Lily 06

colorbar sheer creme lust lipstick bitten lily

Its a light baby pink shade with cool undertones making it look a little vivid. The single swipe doesn’t look too bright but 2-3 swipes give a really vibrant hue to this particular lipstick shade.

colorbar sheer creme lust lipstick bitten lily swatch

The shade goes sheer in a single swipe and tends to look more intense if layered more in case you have dark lips to hide beneath!

NARS Sheer Lipstick Flamenco

NARS Sheer Lipstick Flamenco

It is a sheer candy apple red. It looks more of a beautiful subtle warm toned watermelon red shade with high gloss shine to it.

NARS flamenco lip swatch

The sheer formulation of this lip color is very impressive and if you happen to love sheer lip colors, you will surely love this hue. It leaves a soft hint of color on the lips which looks good even after the lipstick fades!

Loreal Color Riche Nutri Shine Lipstick Vivid Rose

Nutri shine lipstick L'oreal+color riche +vivid rose

It is a beautiful pink rose color with a hint of coral in it.It is mainly a sheer lip color and gives that natural pink hue to the lips and the best thing is that it stays for about 5-6 hours leaving a soft hue on the lips which looks gorgeous even after it fades completely!

L'oreal color riche nutri shine lipstick vivid rose swatches

The Body Shop Delipscious Lip Color No.7 Sheer Raspberry

the body shop delipcious lipstick in sheer raspberry review+ sheer raspberry lipstick

It is mainly a sheer pomegranate shade and looks super glossy on application! This is a sheer lipstick to begin with and doesn’t really provide any coverage whatsoever!

the body shop delipcious lipstick in sheer raspberry review+ sheer lipstick swatch+ delipcious range of lipsticks

This has one of the best textured lipsticks. It is really  soft and glides easily on the lips without tugging them!

Colorbar Sheer Creme Lust Lipstick Paradise Pink 002

colorbar sheer creme lust lipstick paradis pink swatch

The shade Paradise Pink is mainly a mix of peach and pink shades. The shade is warm toned and will compliment all the medium to fair skin tones. Even dusky skin tones will find the lip color flattering. The lip color has a sheer finish and if you have pigmented lips then you need at least 2-3 swipes of this lip color to hide dark lips.

colorbar sheer creme lust lipstick paradis pink lip swatches

The lip color gives a soft sheen when applied on the lips! It has medium color payoff and needs at least 2-3 swipes for a deep hue on the lips. The lip color is moisturizing due to the creamy texture. The lipstick has a lovely glossy finish when applied on the lips.

MAC Lipstick Sweetie

MAC Swetie lipstick review + mac cosmetics

Sweet as the name, this lipstick, is mainly a semi sheer pink which isn’t too bright and is a bit muted so that it doesn’t look too loud on the lips.

MAC Swetie lipstick review + lipstick

The shade is completely sheer and tends to suit all the skin tones well and will go well with everyday casual look and can even be worn to office!

Colorbar Sheer Creme Lust Lipstick 03 Pink Flamingo

colorbar sheer creme lust lipstick pink flamingo shade

The shade Pink Flamingo is a light cool toned pink shade with very little fuchsia undertones. It is not a too bright pink but quite toned down pink shade. The shade is going to compliment all the cool skin tones perfectly well. Dusky skin tones will easily be able to carry this shade.

colorbar sheer creme lust lipstick pink flamingo lip swatch

It is moisturizing on its own, gives a lovely effortless application and has medium opaque coverage. It leaves a lovely stain behind which is not at all bothering as it doesn’t settles in the lip lines!

Have you tried any of these sheer lipsticks?

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