9 Things To Keep In Mind While Shopping For A Foundation



9 Things to Keep In Mind While Shopping For A Foundation

Foundations do a lot for making our skin look healthy and flawless. But there use is often misinterpreted and people at times expect a foundation to make their skin lighter. This is not the real job of a foundation in makeup, They cover up blemishes, even tones skin and may give a glow to skin.

Foundations are of utmost importance in any makeup look but it is very easy to go wrong with them.


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Before you head next to shop for a foundation keep in mind the following tips, so that you get the best suited foundation for yourself.

Foundation Type

Before you begin with your foundation search you should actually be clear about the various types of foundations, since knowing the type will only fulfill your requirements. There are basically five main categories of foundations, they are:

  • Tinted moisturizers are great for giving natural look. They give light coverage, keep skin hydrated and are perfect for daily wear.
  • Powder Foundations are a great choice for oilier skins. Since the powder tends to absorb all the excess oil and at the same time covers up imperfections and even tones the skin.
  • Liquid Foundation is the most common foundation that provides medium coverage and suits all skin types well. It is bets for mature& dry skins, as it provides moisture to the skin.



  • Cream Foundation in known for providing heavy coverage than the rest of the variants. They are thick and usually come in pots or sticks. This foundation works best for dry to normal skins and oily skins should skip these foundations.
  • Mineral Foundation works equally well for all skin types, but it is best suited for sensitive skins. It moisturizes, even outs the skin, absorbs excess oil, and blends easily. They provide medium coverage and give skin a natural finish.



Foundation Undertone

Know what tone foundation will suit you best. Foundations are basically pink or yellow toned. While the yellow undertones will suit warm toned complexions, the pink toned foundation will suit cool toned skins the best.

Skin Type

No your skin type well before you get yourself a foundation. For example a liquid foundation is a wrong choice for oily skins or a thick cream foundation may not be well accepted by sensitive skins. So to pick the best suited foundation, you should first know your skin type.

Skin Tone

Knowing your skin tone has actually been quite confusing, and people have their own ways of judging it. On such way is checking your nerves. If you see that your nerves at your wrist are green then you have a warm toned skin and if you see blue nerves near your skin then you have a cool toned skin. And just in case if you see both kinds of veins then you have neutral undertones.

Check The Shade

For checking the shade, do not simply rely on hand swatches. The skin color of face and hand mostly vary so it is always wise to check the foundation on face and that too at your jaw line. The best suited foundation shade will not be very evident but will easily blend in your actual skin color, making your skin look more beautiful.


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Check The Light

If you are shopping online, then there is no option for you to chose n natural or artificial lights, but in online shopping before you select a foundation, make sure to confirm the shade by cross checking on other sites as well.

If you are shopping from a retail store make sure to check the foundation shade in natural day light.


Keep in mind your coverage requirement. You want full coverage or simple light coverage is all that you desire.


If you are choosing a foundation for day wear and are not going get clicked in pictures, look for SPF content in your foundation. But if you are planning to purchase a foundation for a party, do not opt for foundations with SPFs since it will not photograph well.


best matte foundation to hide scars


Ask For Free Sample

If you are taking a plunge into expensive makeup brands, then I would suggest you to ask for free samples first so that you can c heck how this foundation works for you and then make up your mind if you really want to get full sized version of the foundation or want to skip it.

Do you have your personal tips and tricks to share?

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