9 Tips To Apply Smudge Free Eyeliner


9 Tips To Apply Smudge Free Eyeliner

Eye makeup is one of the trickiest forms in makeup application and accounts for changing the entire look when it is done correctly. Everybody longs to achieve the perfect skill of applying eye makeup precisely and without any flaws. In my quest of learning more techniques of makeup, so as to make myself a bit better in eye makeup, I knew about these simple and easy tips which are very essential to keep in mind so as to achieve a perfect set of appealing & mesmerizing eyes.

Read on to know these tricks to apply smudge free eyeliner

Eyeliner is to be applied over the edges of the eyelids and not meant for smudging. Smudged eyeliner is only allowed in case of a Gothic black makeup or for those Halloween theme party. Other than that, smudged eyeliner looks bad and depicts poor makeup skills in front of others. For this purpose follow these basic tips to save your eyeliner from smudging.


classic winged eyeliner


Keep it branded

It is a must to look out for a good brand of cosmetics and pick eyeliner from them. Cheap eyeliners are poor in pigmentation and staying power which are more prone to get easily smudged. So, double check the brand and after reading positive reviews only, go for it.

Choose the right form of eyeliner

There are different formulations of eyeliner available these days which are suitable for different skin types. There are gel, liquid, cakes, pencil eyeliners available in stores, so one should choose the correct formulation as per their skin type.


best gel eyeliner brands


Apply an eye primer

It is very essential to apply an eye primer on your eyes so that the eyeliner you are applying stays for a long time as the primer keeps the skin well moisturized and also keeps eye makeup in place which prevents smudging.

Apply concealer under the eyes

Another tip to keep your eyeliner in place is to apply concealer under the eyes so that there is no way your eyeliner is going to smudge unless it is done deliberately.


Sleek glitter eyeliner on my eyes


Dab some powder

It is another great tip to prevent eyeliner from smudging by dabbing some loose powder after applying eyeliner as it will absorb the excess oil in that area which may cause the eyeliner to smudge. You may opt for pressed or loose powder as per your choice.

In case you don’t have any of these powders, it is better to dab a little baby powder and dust off the excess powder with the help of a makeup brush.

Apply double layer of eyeliner

It is also a great tip of applying smudge free eyeliner by applying a single layer of eyeliner and let it dry completely and then re-apply it again after a while. Single layer of eyeliner is more prone to get easily smudged so it is better to double it up.


Winged Eyeliner graphic eyeliner tutorial+how to apply winged eyeliner


Setting up the eyeliner

Another tip is to set the eyeliner by using an eye shadow of the same shade as the eyeliner, with the help of a thin eyeliner brush. If you wish to make your eyeliner look dramatic, then wet the brush and apply the eye shadow and set the eyeliner.

Use waterproof Eyeliner

If you have very less time for makeup but still want to have a long staying eyeliner then it is better you opt for a waterproof eyeliner so that the oil or sweat doesn’t makes your eyeliner runny.


Illamasqua Precision Ink eyeliner generation Q+eyeliner precision ink eyeliner generation Q Illamasqua


Keep oil-blotting sheets handy

Always keep oil-blotting sheets in your purse so that if you notice any trace of sweat or shine over the eyes, immediately blot it with the help of oil blotting sheets available in the stores.

Well, this is all I have learned about keeping the eyeliner smudge free for long durations…Hope you like these tips 🙂

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  1. Awesome tips Ira 🙂 Even after knowing most of the tips, I tend to hurry up and skip some important steps.. This is a good reminder 😉


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