9 Trendy Bob Hairstyle Inspiration For Summers


9 Trendy Bob Hairstyle Inspiration For Summers

Its just mid-March and I am already feeling that this year the summers in my city is going to be one tough battle for me! I love the sunny days but the extreme summers make me dread the afternoons otherwise I am more of a summer season person! Just not a fan of the rising mercury levels! 🙁

One of the prime reasons I hate summers is that I have a voluminous mane and I cannot sport any hairstyle other than the top knot during the summer months! I basically look like a homeless person in the afternoon with the most worn out t-shirt (because that is the most comfortable cotton cloth for surviving in summers), hair tied into a bun and nothing but a day creme on the face! 😉 :-p

Well, today we are not just discussing the hot days coming ahead but I am here with some Bob hairstyle inspirations for the months to come so if any of you are going in for a makeover or thinking of going short with the hair-length owing to the summers, make sure you checkout these hairstyles as well to sport a trendy new look! 🙂

1. Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Perfect for those who have naturally wavy hair. It looks smart & carefree and is quite low-maintenance hairstyle to sport this summer season!

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wavy bob hairstyle

2. Blunt Bob Hairstyle

For an edgy look, the best bob is the medium bob hair with blunt edges! It is definitely looks class apart from regular bobs!

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blunt bob hairstyles

3. Side-Swept Short Bob Hairstyle

If you have an oval face shape, the side swept bob hair style will certainly look charming and would be a good change over for the coming months!

side swept short bob

4. Short Curly Bob Hairstyle

If you love your curls and still want to sport a short hair length, this hairstyle is certainly a right choice for you! Not to mention, it makes you look younger which is totally something every woman would love to! 🙂

short curly bob hairstyle

5. Voluminous Bob Hairstyle

If you have a petite frame and sharp features, you can sport the voluminous bob hairstyle effortlessly and give the classic vintage vibes in your pictures!

voluminous bob hairstyle

6. Bob With Bangs Hairstyle

For those who have a broad forehead can sport the bangs along with a medium short bob hairstyle! You can style it in a bun, or a pony and look super cute & trendy at the same time!

bob hairstyle with bangs

7. Long Bob Hairstyle

For those who are not yet ready to chop off a good length of hair, can easily switch their back length hair to a long bob hairstyle and still manage to woo everyone with the transformed hairstyle!

long bob hairstyles

8. Pixie Bob Hairstyle

Pixie bob hairstyle is not everyone’s cup of tea and you cannot go back after going that short so it is better to be sure as to whether you are comfortable to carry the short hair bob look for a good time!

pixi Bob Hairstyle

9. Layered Bob Hairstyle

Layered Bob is one gorgeous way to flaunt your natural hair without going all sleek 7 pointed! Its fun to style and goes well with all the summer attire you are planning to wear! Also did I mention it looks eye catching amidst the numerous hair-do’s in a party! 🙂

layered bob hairstyle

Well, I hope you like these awesome Bob hairstyles of different hair length and would surely love to experiment sometime with your overall look! I am definitely looking forward to get a long bob hairstyle done but let me see when I can muster up the courage to chop off so much hair once again!! 😐

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