To My Fellow So Called Original Blogger



Today morning we saw this post from a fellow blogger making some lame accusations. Since she referred to a ‘hate blog’ dedicated to WiseShe, we know it’s about us. It’s amusing how far someone’s ego can force them to. Here’s a mirror for refreshment –

Who is MBB?

It’s the makeup and beauty blog which is working from more than 4 years now, catering to US ppl primarily. Cut to Indian context, and we see a woman coming up with a blog called you know what. So much for originality ! She even copied her writing style her way of giving ranking and initially called them as one of the first Indian makeup blog where there already more who were already there.


ego pic

E beauty Book

I started the concept of e beauty book which was bluntly copied saying that ‘we were planning for it since the time we started the blog’.

Copying Categories?

Everyone knows that Wise She is a women blog which covers makeup , recipes, beauty , fitness and many other women issues. Our readers claim it to be a one stop junction for women. This was not digestible to our dear competitor. How on earth a blog titled ‘makeup and beauty blog’ comes up with posts on food recipes or pregnancy or fitness regimes? And they claim to be original ??

Ask reader question

Is this your idea? Are you sure ? because I started the idea where readers can ask questions to me and within hours you started your ‘Ask the Gang’ and called yourself original !

Unhealthy/monopolistic Practices

A spade is a spade. We can’t overlook that. Our competitor indulges into multiple ways to control the blogging world and give readers a distorted picture –

1. Free Writing – WiseShe allows for free writing and honestly, we don’t bother if you’re writing elsewhere too, as long as it’s not about the same content. However,  they (self admittedly), put a clause that any writer who writes for them cannot write for any other blog. One of means to kill the competition and put a one upman rule.

2. Product Review – The blogger is so business minded that they won’t care about the readers and will purposely give lower rating to the products which we have boasted about. For example rating low Fab India Vitamin E  Cream and  many others because I reviewed them with a thumbs up. Later on, every reader started praising the product and it gave me the confidence that yes my reviews are not bad.

3. Hate comments – It’s a joke if they mention us as hateful. Writing that we ‘spit venom’ is a white shameless lie which no decent human will say, but there are limits your ego can push you to. WiseShe is a clean positive blog which does not host a single hate comment against anyone. They, on other hand, have posts full of hate comments against WiseShe and me in person and many of my friend bloggers too. This is too obvious to over emphasize.

Copying Eye Makeup – I found it very silly that I will be copying her makeup.There are much much better eye makeup available than yours dude .Your eye looks  doesn’t even have original colours and are too whitened to make yourself look lighter.

Are you  Insecure??

Frankly, we have never felt insecure with you copying all the above stuff. I’m more focused towards WiseShe than to worry about what others are doing. As for your really lame accusations –

1. Giveaways : Ooooooh I didn’t know that holding giveaways on blogs is copy righted by You dear? I hosted a give away in November (and I read yours is in July), so I don’t believe how can you imagine that mine is inspired by yours?

2. Meta tags and crap accusations : Wake up Sid !! Come out of your ego shell and see there are a 100 tech blogs writing 1000s of posts about how to optimize your blog, be it layout, ad placement or meta tags. Again, you’re blinded by the false belief of the “BIGGEST makeup blogger” (which you claimed on your blog), that you think everything YOU copy from others becomes your own copy right, and every thing that you do becomes your ‘invention’.

We trust our readers when they send us reviews. What the ‘hate blog’ shows is the defaulter posts which another reader sent. Thank you for correcting us! We never knew someone is reading our every post and confirming it on net letter by letter. Thanks for such a good and free proof reading 🙂 … On second thoughts, could it have been YOU who sent those posts under a fake id ???………

Are you really insecure that there are blogs other than you who are doing good too? I never blocked anyone from visiting WiseShe like you do ! I don’t come up with product reviews that are more of a hate response and put a false picture to the reader!

I didn’t care when you copied the Reader Questions and Beauty books (or even my christmas balloons), because I look forward to my work, and not being so cheaply childishly insecure and coming up with silly threats.

It’s a joke that you think of legal actions! If you consult a legal person for this, they’ll ask you to take an ‘Anti-ego’ pill and a good night sleep 🙂 World exists beyond ‘Your blog’ too! And you’re too scared to admit that.



  1. This dirty blogger has stolen karen’s blog like anything and her tags were same of karen blog.I have seen how they humiliate their competitors and now they have stoop to such level.smileys are their copyright :rotfl: :rotfl:
    which world r they in?

  2. I am speechless to read all this here and there as well …
    I sware that women want to cut off all the competition and what else you could expect from her who is not bothered and stole KAREN’s blog easily and cashing on her success …

    Get some life and stop posting hate comments and hate post on bloggers who actually doing hard work and will keep doing …

    And SMILIES ??? WTF man where is the copyright for that …

    will share my story in a while here and how she wanted me to leave blogging …
    commented am getting old and when will i have kid .. that thing i will never forget and my god will see her for that …

    • it is such a shame that a woman ask about your pregnancy ..
      and i remember how you use to cry when she made fun of a post where you had put on sindoor too and Rashmi she says i put hate comments about her on others blog..I seriously want to know where i did that lolz

    • I know rash…How can anyone copyright creativity??? and blogs grow and learn from each other…Thay hav also taken ideas from others…Thats how ppl learn right?? a never said a word when her ideas were also used…

      M so thankful to u Rash for nudging me in the right direction and giving me ur advice..I’ve gained alot of friends and all thanks to u guys.. :-* :-*

            • hey nids..My dad was admitted in hosp on Sun and I came t kno after my return here yesterday…wasnt gona come online but when i came to know bout this i cudn’t help myself..I myself am a very non-confrontational kinda gal..normally i wud have run a mile after any kinda dispute, but i cudnt sit quietly after reading this..

              WiseShe has become like family…even if i dont have any time during the day i feel comfy enough to just log in at the end of the day just to say Hi and Bye..thats the kinda place this is..just cudnt take the marauding..but anyways, i dont wana use long and complicated words..there may also be a sudden ‘co pyrite’ for this.. 😉

  3. I use to wonder why good bloggers like Rashmi, Cynthia, Tanveer never visit her blog now I know she is plainly egoistic and she thinks too high of herself.

    • Rashmi was a threat to her so were other two so she blocked her..first met her and posted all meet up pictures and then blocked her called her dolly bindra and what not..Rashmi wanted to leave blogging because of her I told her not to as this is what the original blogger wanted 😛

  4. not once but hundred times she and her paid chamchis did that and the ones who never posted their pics were making fun … Get some life and post your pics and then will see …

    • yes this is their tactics to make their paid writers talk about surprised me that she and her readers make fun of your look when they don’t even have the guts to put up their pic.uGod has given you look and no one has the right to make fun of your nose or was seriously bad to read that..

    • dont listen 2 them rashmi.they r bad ppl.dnt leave blogging.i read ur review on ponds tinted moisturizer.n i loved it.ur review heleped me to buy my 1st TM.LOV UR REVIEWS.DNT LEAVE Blogging! :nono:

  5. Hi,
    Once i mentioned wise she name on her blog and she blocked me.Lady is that insecure .copying smileys ,copying giveaways posts and copying copying

    by the way what is her so calld paid writer era doing ? lolz copying

  6. Anu there was a post by Shivani on her blog long back where she wrote how the blog copied post and the title of the post was beauty and the greedy b**** and she is one for sure.

    • Hi Nidhi, I only wrote it because she was writing hate comments to poor innocent Rashmi. I know Rashmi and she is one of the sweetest people you will know. She does not deserve it. As for making fun of someone’s looks, the biggest blogger ever is certainly not the person who should be doing it. This is beauty blogging, not a beauty contest. Aren’t we as a community supposed to help each other grow more confident? There is so much negativity in Indian blogging circles. I’m Canadian and you never have such issues in Canadian blogging circles. And as for people thinking it is the biggest blog ever, well there is nothing genius about crappy cell phone pictures, lack of clarity in anything and fake reviews. There is nothing intellectual about it. You can’t accuse anyone of copying anything since you have copied it from elsewhere. I’m staying objective when I say that the blog in question is of poor quality and low significance. Can you seriously compare that to blogs like makeupandbeautyblog/temptalia? The answer is NO. As for that person accusing us to be jealous of her, all I can say is LOLOLOLOL. I speak for myself and there is no match between me and her. The kind of lives we live are total opposite. First of all, I don’t blog professionally, it is only a hobby and I buy 98% of the things I feature on my blog. I want to do this without any bragging of any sorts and my intention is not to put anyone down. And most of all, why would I be “jealous” of her? I’m of a different nationality, different socio-economic background and education level. So please darling, quit the jealousy card. My dad is from IIT delhi, but the difference is that my dad is a contractual engineer for one of the biggest oil and gas firms in the world, not defaming some random blogger (with all due respect) on a “makeupandbeauty” blog. The last thing they teach you in IIT’s is make up and beauty. So my advice to the blogger would be to get a day job, stop hating on others, live your life peacefully and stop creating drama with the help of your aides. It looks bad on you at the end of the day.

  7. Let me also add something to this. I never had any problem with the blog in question earlier, there used to be a lot of ppl whome i liked who used to post there…i enjoyed reading it even and was NEVER ever rude, mean, or spiteful to anybody on the blog .
    SUddenly, i got blocked from the blog…why? Because i was told “All the people on your blog are haters of my blog, so even if u havent done anything to me..i am blocking you” …..i was naive and stupid, i had my share of haters too and i i thought okay maybe thats true for her..she doesnt want to be messing around with ppl who hate on her on my blog…but then i realised…. Basically, if yr blog is inconsequential..yr allowed to post…if its slightly popular…sorry..nope yr not even allowed to comment.Thats the geenrral rule

    • Mehak let me tell you ..your blog is one of the most looked after blog so you got blocked..she bullys every one saying if u come to my blog you are NOT suppose to visit any other blog..lolz…i cant believe when some one who is from hyderabad and has a blog told that she asked not to comment on rashmi blog and not to talk to was suppose to be her best friend Once upon a time..

    • Mehak i have always kept my self away from this but when u dedicate a post on me i will surely come out .Blogging is passion and if you take it like business then i m sure yur reviews and everything r business made friend business mindedly and threw them off when yur motives got fulfilled.

    • :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

      • ehi.. may i know why u have hatred for her? i dont understand u both were spkin nice.. n stuff ryt? n i don’t think she makes her followers not to comment on other beauty blogs.. i have seen many who are her followers who comment on other blogs too.. i dont follow this blog but the look as i see is similar..just clarify.. if u dont then may be u dont have an answer to it..i can guess my answer..

  8. Trashing is the way to eliminate competition….happens a lot in the offices both corporate/public/almost everywhere. I have seen this I should say for the first time- what is this blog wars…the original ….boy oh boy…blogs are about a persons/ group of persons view of the world and not the battlefields to dish out accusations at others.Kudos anamika..a fitting reply. Why dont people work on getting their act together for the benefit of readers instead of lamely shooting false accusations on others. Its true I was blocked and as far as I know I dont do anything bad/wrong/dirty/nonsense on any blog, that hurt…but I thought what the hell…there are enuff blogs to read and express an opinion on If I so wish. Grow up, if you feel someone is plagiarizing then prove it beyond a few anonymous blogs. Incase u forgot in the media…any publicity is good publicity…or didn’t you not know that. If you really wanted to clear this issue….u could have written to anamika instead of doing what u did.

          • i agree with you on that 100%.
            I didn’t understand many times why my comments weren’t posted
            (i mean i tried to argue about some products, where they gave less ratings), Is she trying to tell people that she invented the smileys (which are very common in chatting/comments/discussions),she is so blocked, nobody cares for her lame insecurities. I prefer this blog over many blog,for the honest reviews. Thanks for posts guys , you rock.

            • Thanks Raz…u r write they rate products bad because all other blogger have rated them good.all business no originality

              • Yes even I have observed many times, whene-ever there is a frank opinion both hubby n wife stumble upon like anything, you cheapos learn to accept the things
                :flush: :flush: :flush: :flush: :flush:

  9. New Rules for Blogging have come up recently:
    1. No other than an IITian and his consort can run a Make Up beauty blog because “Make Up and Beauty” has been given a “patent” to the best make up beauty blog of this world. :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright:
    2. No other than them should use Smilies in their comments section because all smilies have been their creation and innovation. :jittery: :jittery: :jittery: :jittery:
    3. Anamika and Rashmi are NOT “eternal bloggers” as they will grow older but the “original blogger” has got a “Patta (lease)” from God to remain young ever and so she is eternal make up beauty. :jittery: :jittery: :jittery:

    I don’t know in which world these craps are living. :wallbash: :wallbash:

    • hahahha IITian yes she will always stay strong and beautiful.God bless her..I never claim myself to be beautiful, fair or whiten my picture or anything..

    • IITian …. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: as if we care ….

      God my hubby is this that and what not isnt it :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

      and your hubby is spending whole day on women’s site now what is that ??

      • by the way there is very interesting thing which i would like you to bring it here..

        her writer gives a bad rating to Fab India tea tree toner and then their is a post of best five toners which has tea tree toner in it..does she even read what her writers writes 😛

        my post here

  10. I only ask one question here …
    I may be wrong okay
    Ana may be wrong okay …

    How come 10 other bloggers are wrong at the same time ??
    leave me and ana aside and what about other bloggers here on Indian blogging community are all of they wrong and so called ORIGINAL are right ??

    • you were her biggest target she knew u were sensitive so that is why she kept making fun of you .I remember you telling me how she gave bad reviews of a cleanser which she loves ..she doesnt care for her reviews as its her businesss .

  11. I was just going through both the blogs. I am just a passive reader but I really feel that you are targeted for no reason. Nothing is so novel in both the blogs. I just felt I should lend my support as someone is taking advantage that they are bigger and this is bullying. I too find them very rude and hence I don’t give my frank comments or feedback. I feel bad that people cant handle competition. And this is not the way to go about pulling you down.

    • Jay they had no issues when I had no supporters and followers and moment wise she had some following they started using their u ever see me writing naything bad or being rude to any one out here…?

      • I find your blog clean with no stinkers.. Actually take it as a big compliment that you are a threat to them…That too for the so called India’s biggest bloggers 🙂

      • Thanks Amritha.I am thankful to the orginal blogger for blocking so many people .Their true face came out from this and i made friends like you..

        • Awww am happy to have pals like u ….infact i am blessed to have u , rashmi and tanveer …am gonna call u my pal buddy!

          • :):) Rashmi just went to drop Anmol ..she will come back and reply to you..this is what she told me on phone right now 🙂

  12. You know what last couple of weeks..I saw anonymous trashing comments on Peaches and Blush, Addicted to Blush ….its funny…and weird and sad that someone is making an effort to trash others work and now u r blog….whats with this? Atleast I gotta applaud people for coming out of anonymity and voicing their opinions…am gonna give kudos for that….:) No offense meant folks but its all too ….one word SICK.

  13. I think she should also claim being the ‘Original cheater’ :jittery: :jittery: :jittery: :jittery: .. after all she’s the one who originally cheated from Karen’s MBB and started her own. Cheap shameless fellows who just can’t stand anyone be it Ana or Rashmi ,Cynthia, Mehak or any one …

  14. Anamika, I don’t know if you are aware of this, but I read your blog quite often and I enjoy it a lot 🙂 same with Rashmi’s. I don’t know why it has come to this between Indian bloggers 🙁 I guess I will just prefer not to be involved and keep reading the blogs I like!

  15. Anamika I must tell you yours is the blog which I see most hard work.You do your eye looks by yourself and they speak volume.You should not be offended by these so called Karen copied original blogger.

    • Thanks Shreya even in my dreams i wont think of copying her eye makeup looks 😛

      even if i sneeze on my blog she will think i copied it lolz..

  16. OMG ….. i visit other blogger like rashmi, taz and other ( don’t remember there name)…very oversmart lady… let everybody know about her bad mentality.. :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump:

  17. I don’t understand why can’t the ‘so-called-original’ blogger concentrate on her own work. Her blog contains maximum bitching … this is the first post on WiseShe that I’m reading such stuff … and that too much needed

    Message to ‘DonkeyKong family’, if you think html and smileys are your copyrighted stuff then you’re the biggest morons on earth 😀 😀 cheapos…

  18. i honestly dont understand why the blog in question has so many followers. its lame, like reading a “grehshobha” magazine or some lame hindi magazine.
    anyways, tht post just shows how insecure those ppl are. u or any of u bloggers dont have to care abt them.. as long as ur followers know the truth.
    i dont understand how “beauty blogging” got so dirty and political. Thats the main reason is stopped writing.
    anyways, you shud just ignore these weirdo’s and keep up with ur blog
    best of luck!

    • Thanks girl..they blocked me when they introduced there e beauty book idea..because that was too much a plain copying.

  19. Even i feel the same that she couldn’t handle competition especially for quite sometime,when many popular blogger havent commented even once except for the budding ones. Her giveaways are blatantly copied from many international giveaways. The same rules and the same style in managing the giveaways. She has copied directly without giving credit for stealing ideas from Temptalia Karen and Karla sugar for instance swatching products in shops and many indian readers who are not aware of such international blogs might see it as original. When we all know who faked the entire blog. Even on the homemade tips of masks and other sort of ideas was directly copied the blog

    PPl there are two sides of the story. Pls dont fall for her rants as an original blogger as she is inventing lies. Moreover one product maybe raved by a person in one blog and totally thrashed elsewhere because its reviewed by two different people with obviously different skin types. It doesnt mean someone is tarnishing your image. She cant handle competition especially after you success in Cosmo. She wants all the attention and flattery. Even the way she replies to the comments are all so fake just copied out of some blog.I think she is menopausal for being hysterical.

    • Esha I am glad that you said that..i once wrote Khi khi khi in my comments she said i copied her.:P what will u say on that ?

    • Thanks Ponnovium..if this post wouldn’t have been suported i would have left blogging because it is not a business for me it is a passion.

  20. Amritha..she did this guest post competition some where in july 2010 and i did it in march or april 2011 and I copied her??
    she should know there r 100 of tech blogs who write posts about how to organise a give away and many others things..

    • Well I am gonna support Gautami Tripathy here and say everyone does their thing…if people really wanna know who did it first…then lets go back to the launch of internet or should I say blogging…who was the first blog…who was the first make up blog…who was the first.., u get it…people take patents/copyrights if u can for the first this or first that….u know the drill right. Dont get ugly and that too on beauty blogs …nothing bootiful abt it.

  21. I am a lurker or call me a passive reader. I am older too, considering you all young females!! As I teach young females, I am kinda comfortable in their company too. (Yours as well)

    I read both blogs. And comment occasionally if a product catches my eye. I am not an advocate for colour cosmetics but yes, I care to know about sunscreens, sunblocks, moisturisers, cleansers, hair oils etc etc. I suppose you get my gist.

    What I noticed is when I comment here, it is not moderated and shows instantly. But when I comment on THAT other blog,it is never shown!! Now I understand the reason for that. We are civilized people and can co-exist despite our differences. I have been blogging for 6 years now. (I have book blog too!)I have faced a lot of nasty bloggers. The best way to deal with them is to ignore them. Blogging is supposed to make the world smaller and not to create friction. You do your thing, I do mine. If we think in terms of “ONLY I”, we are never going to evolve. Isn’t it what we want to achieve? Or the opposite? Think about it!!

    I am a poet, as Anamika would vouch for that and I am pleasantly surprised to see her as a GFC follower of my poetry blog.

    • Hi Gautami,

      Giving respect to the readers has always been my priority .I always reply to mail and on comments. If you ha a sunscreen issue I accepted and it asked every one and talked about it with every one.Those who are insecure willl only do that.

  22. Anamika……..

    I am shocked…In fact, morning, I didn’t even open blogger and was doing my own work aaram se when I got a call from Rashmi saying there has been some problems.

    I really don’t know what to say girl….I was one of those first few bloggers who entered the Indian beauty blogging scene a year or so back. You know it was all friendly and cool then.But later when things started getting commercial, it was all spoiled and no more fun 🙁

    At this point, I have only one thing to tell you…Just keep doing your work and move ahead dear…Life is after all about being positive and happy. let not such dirt get into the way of your peace n happiness in life. And special kudos to you for keeping your blog positive and free of hate/sarcastic comments n dirty talks.


    • Thanks Poornima..Old blogger buddy still being my friends says it all..

      and u know how in between i went missing because of the lady it was you and Rashmi who supported me.I am not going to give my passion for sure.

  23. I think we should mail Karen about how she copied her whole blog and ask her to sue her ..they are just bul shitting and nothing else with their paid era writer who knows everything in the world.

  24. i am plain DISHEARTENED :-(( ive nothing against anybody because whosoever runs these fab blogs…good or bad…somewhere at the end of the day give us a lot of knowledge and make us aware of the things we dont usually bother about in our routine lives,be it food…workout regimen…beauty…beauty products…reviews etc etc…sad to know the day started on such a negative note.but then,am sure u r happy to see the strength in ur readers Ana…i wish both the conflicting parties a very good luck.remember…nothing really is original…something is always ‘INSPIRED’ by something 🙂 people copy my work too!but can i go fight the world for it?!?!?NO…i cannot…because…at the end of the day…i too know that wonderful IRISES which i have painted have been lifted off of lemme say ‘COPIED’ from my friends garden oozing with a flood of wonderful looking iris flowers 😀
    infact…last night i was in such a brilliant mood after reading a few posts on ur site that i actually wanted to mention u in my status saying something sweet :-)) i think its time to go ahead n make u smile NOW
    i love you and your blog and the reviews…
    you simply ROCK!

  25. I remember you were the only one who use to talk about aloevera and patanjali products and asked every one to use it..this pathetic beauty blogger made fun of baba ramdev products and suddenly i see paying her writer to write reviews about the patanjali products.

    i very well remember she copied beauty book idea blindly from you and when u started ask question from me she started as her gang..and pregnancy post on beauty blog proves it all who is the cheater cock.

  26. oh god!i am so shocked to read all this..i did not know women can do this on the blogs also.but Anamika,just dont care about is their natue and you show your nature na!as a dog barks and a man just keep himself away from that.they have shown their true only shows how much they are scared from just think the way “half glass full”.i means they think about you as some big be happy and leave them in their own self made “BIG BLOG”shell :smoke: :smoke:

  27. Hey I have been reading both the blogs.. and I never felt any similarity. I was actually surprised its your blog there were talking about :). You dont worry gal!

  28. Hey Ana, To be frank, wiseshe and IMBB were my inspiration on creating my own blog, and I had followed both the blogs, thanks to you, for following back. I have been as passive reader and I dont comment often, even on wiseshe, you can find very few comments and I make sure I read each and every post. Once there was some blog about relationships and stuff, where I had commented and said thanks for inspiring, i still remember sending “Wiseshe and IMBB are my inspiration” and that comment was blocked, till this very minute, I didn’t know why that comment was blocked, not just that one, but every comment I had posted was blocked. I feel as if I am addicted to these blogs, I was shocked to see that post, I felt it was rude and I should say Mr.IIT is rude, always. I think I will restrain myself from that blog.. Ana, take a chill pill. have them go legal and sue them.. I just saw Karen’s blog!! They have no RIGHTS to talk about this, even something of this sort had happened. CHOORI OOPER SE SEENA ZORI!!! HAHAHA!!

  29. Even her blog sale idea is copied from many other international blogs for example Karla sugars category on swap and buy. Such a lame female. And being an IITian never ran across our heads that you would have an extra brain to steal ideas from somewhere and claim it as your own. I thought IIT’an are popular for fresh Ideas. I know many IIT’an and no one I know comes as lame and haughty as him to go publicly and cheaply thrash a blogger. It was so unprofessional, pauper and unclassy. he acts as a teenage girl spreding hatred and doing a follow up( a whole Linsey Lohan episode) We have all grown out of that phase and act your age. He will make a perfect saas for a saas bahu serial . I am sure Esha kappoor might find him as an asset.
    Moreover most of us didnt start our blog on seeing such a trashy blog. I have started mine way back in 2005. Its easier in recent years for people to blog as accessibility to internet and a laptop is easy. Its now convenient for most of us to blog anytime of te day. Moreover pls dont make a rationalization on indian brands and international brands be it lotus or fab india. For most of us accessibility to an indian product itself is hard. I dont have a maybelline or revlon in the place I stay and people living in cities have it at their stones throw and can review them. The blogger talks as though he revloutionized cosmetics and indian brands through his word and say. In blogsville there will be sharing of ideas and sometimes peopple think the same way and please dont confuse it with stealing. I guess if its stealing then what would the original Liar be called???
    Dear Mr. IITan it would be appreciable if you would support your partner for the right things instead of acting on the drama and accusations she is making. Poor Mrs Original Ideas and her woes.

  30. All this trashing is going on because of the original Idea had started the trashing on her blog. Nothing would have happened if they wouldnt have began all this trash talking. Its sad to say that i am seeing this for the first time in our Indiaan blogworld. I havent seen the same elsewhere.

    • I feel sorry for doing the post too Maneesha but how far can i take the bullying.I am not some one who make fun of people demean them or boast about myself.If some body thinks I am like that then i am sorry about it.

      • I totally agree with Zara, I too had the same experience. I felt warmth when Rashmi and Anamika responded to my comments and extending their hand on friendship. I felt out of place and indeed there is group that respond to each other totally being oblivious to others. Yes they are being dominated by an elite group. I had posted many queries and comments instead i was given the cold shoulder and shunned by not even publishing my comments or input.
        I also want to say that the posts on the other blog are indeed immature. I couldnt believe certain articles written by their paid client. A doctor would thrash their claims. Not much of effort or research done on most articles before being published. I was appalled and disgusted on certain misinformed topics.

      • I wasnt talking about you dear. I was talking about the original blogger who is creating a scene. I have never come across such person with a low character.I am using a public domain to thrash someone. She couldnt do it herself ,so she had to effeminate husband doing all the bad mouthing.I really dont understand what does he have to do with a blog related to women issues You know what I mean TMI for me to cover regarding this.

        • she did this always bring her husband to fight with women . i have never seen a man who disrespect woman so much..calling us names and all..i would have never felt high of my husband if he would do this .

          • Absolutely, we will lose respect for our husband who fight like a hen on such frivilous topic. I mean most of us would ask our men prevent such situations.
            i dont understand what he has got to do with reading feminine issues and posts regarding makeup and cosmetics and bickering with other women regarding this. I think he is born on the wrong side of the world.

  31. 😯 😯 i dnt bliv dis, i visit dat blog evryday n thought dese guys r sooo gud ,bt now i knw wat a shame, insecure ppl :duh:
    wen i read deir hate massage i cudnt unstd 2 whom r dey reffering , bt bliv me anamika ur blog is nowhere lyk dem ,ur genuine n alwayz will be 🙂 🙂

  32. OH MY GOD…….this is insane. never knew these things existed in blogging world.. Ana, we are with you and we know what you are. You are doing a good job, please continue to do so….just donot bother about others. The competitor is just scared about the competition and wants to keep you at bay by eliminating who ever is doing a better job than her. Just cut her!!!
    I cnt understand one thing..thats a all women site and why the hell is the husband bothered about it so much!!! Is that like his money share is going to cut!!!

      • u know wt i think even i too got blocked there hahahaha….i can’t c my comments….thats funny alot 2 me hahahhahaah….anyways i don’t care since i hardly write comments….

          • just 2-3 days ago….she replied my comment saying i visited after a long time n now blocked me….if sm1 reading certain blogs does nt mean that he/she is a supporter or hater….

                • yes all they want is one blog to survive..she once met her so called friend who is not a friend any more and then ask her r u interested in regular blogging..friend replied no then she was happy..her friend told me that..lolz

  33. you know where all this spite is coming from na, Anks? Pure, unadulterated jealousy & insecurity.

    Blog sales, EOTDs, Reader Queries, giveaways have existed on foriegn makeup blogs way before there was a single “Indian makeup blog” was written, shd these foreign blogs then cry “copyright infringement’? Hell, Gtalk has smilies, are they going to sue them next for coping their idea? So is no site allowed to have smilies or blog sales or EOTDs? Do they have a copyright over it? Tommorow if blogger installs the option to add smilies, will a 1000 blogs be accused of copyright infringement by these people?

    Is it necesarry that every person have the same experience with a prdt – sometimes it happens that I don’t like a particular prdt, but my fellow blogger loves it – does it make either of us a fraud – no, that is called difference of opinion. Adults have opinions, and sometimes they differ. It would be a sad world if we all had the same opinion – like robots.

    Those who really are the best, never scream & shout from rooftops “I am the first Indian blogger” “I am the best indian blogger” “I am the most successful blogger” “I was sent these products first” – when you have to scream to prove your point it already means that you don’t have faith in your capability and in your readers to discern good from bad. Readers don’t care who was sent which products first – they want to read a good post. When you have to scream that you are the best – it means that you also know that you are not the best :P…

    Anks, I belive in karma, what you give is what you get return. Stay strong, this just means that you can grown big enough to bother them.

    • I Dont want to treat my blog as business .What i do here is MY PASSION and nothing else..This is why i use to write about food , female problem concerned and slowly i fell in love with makeup so much that i could not see anything else.I don’t take my blog as a business I blo every day because i love the fact that i know you, rashmi, poornima, ki, zara, ani, dhanu, shilpa and who not.You all made me life wonderful.I get up and look for the comments reply for mails and think for doing another makeup look.I have never written any where that it is a business for me like them. my about me sections clearly says i want to be a makeup artist .still this is the first negative post on my blog and i so wish it could have not happen.i hate negative comments on my blog section and look at me i am doing this today.

      • You didn’t start this Anks – they did. You are defending yourself, you have the right to do that. They started it by slinging mud on your work. You are not being negative. You will obviously reply to their accusations.

        People who stay in glass houses should not throw stones at others.

        This too shall pass, Anks.

        Maybe they were expecting you to cower down & stop writing. I know of many instances where young bloggers were bullyed & harrased so much with negative comments from them that they actually stopped writing. There were negative anonymous comments on shivani’s blog & a young blogger from Delhi was made out to be the culpit – the poor girl was hauled over the coals with dirty comments & made horrible fun of – when she actually was not responsible at all. Shivani later found out the real source. I think they wanted to do the same with you. Bullies.

        • Yes Tanz I remember a new bie blog left blogging because of her .I would have never done that ..just not their types at all.

  34. When I had seen the blog today, I didn’t know he was targetting wiseshe but when I saw your post, I knew wat khichdi he was cooking.. They just need hits and comments.. And want to rule the blogging world. Apna IIT demaag kuch aur lagaate to acchcha hota!!And you keep the good work Anu, I am from Chennai, and there is a saying in Tamil, which means, when ppl have started talking about you or backstabbing you, it means that you have grown to a height, and they are just scared of you

    • Amrin u r right but i am not sure if i will be blogging with same passion as all i will be thinking about this blogger and how i have copied their ideas …infact now i don even visit her blog it was a reader who mailed me and asked what is happening there.

  35. Oh my! Its super surprising to check out the blogs I make sure I read and make out, “Okay! what the fuck? ”

    the moment I read the blog and the hate post in question, I couldn’t imagine it was against you.

    I wanted to start my blog too but I am slightly scared now. 😛

    Girls out here were here for the love of sharing and talking of all the good things(makeup of course!), wasn’t it? where is the question of competition arising from? and hate posts?

    the make up blogging world indeed is very girl-y!

    I’d be wrong if I say I’ve seen you copying something, I haven’t. talk about giveaways nd all,those are popular across the globe.

    your fans and followers know you aren’t copying. Good luck. 🙂

    • Thanks Ankita every person who has commented here has saved wise she today ..because i was not sure about taking it further.

  36. Hey Anamika, I feel really sorry for what is happening among the 2 majors of india’s makeup bloggers. Its like war of titans. I have been following both of ur blogs but to be frank I feel that extra warmth and homeliness on your blog. You always try to keep it real and simple and never goes OTT. A lot of prople can be successful but only few can be humble which is a great virtue.

    And when people talk about copyright or plagiarism they should clarify if they are totally right on their part. Ain’t they copying these ideas from international bloggers and just jazzying it up with fancy names. Totally support u here Anamika and no wonder why other major bloggers like Mehak, Tanveer, Rashmi, cynthia are on ur side and not theirs.
    Yaar makeup and beauty are such wonderful and pretty things. Internet is place to share and if they r so confident that their ideas are so original why don’t they get it patented in the first place.
    So lets not spread the hate and keep it beautiful.
    Peace Out \/

  37. and btw,the IITian man in question, if was so intellectual to be boastful enough about being an IITian, won’t have intervened in the “aurton ka akhada” out here. God!!

  38. And yes Anamika please please please dont let anyone get on to u …..Blogging is ur passion and must carry on….I am sure it not like ur bread and butter as it is for the other party ….So no one in this damn world can tell u to stop following ur bliss….They must be running short of business so have stoop down to such level with the sense of insecurity

    We enjoy reading ur post and u enjoy writing it so no matter what others say !!! Its not a business its a passion which everybody cannot understand

  39. dear ana….good afternoon….
    omg….this is insane……i always thought politics occurred in professions…….and rash also told me her story wen she was sad and sullen and ready to quit blogging and i coaxed her to keep sticking to her passion no matter what….and now u too….i am shocked…..totally shocked….

    i tell u one story from my profession….there is one more dentist around my clinic who opened almost a year ago and me and my hubby have been practicins since past 6 yrs.and wen ever a patient goes to him he says….i ‘ll do ur wrk for 5000 less than what u’ll pay at dental this was told to me by some of my old patinets. and he actually cut down our clientiell coz of cheap rates.and i asked my huby to lower our rates.but my huby told me that we are charging fr the quality treatment we r giving…..and i cant compromise on quality..
    slowly all patients came back to us.coz we are honest and give them quality treatment.
    one thing i learned from this incident….never stoop down to any body’s low standards…..people will surely recognise ur honesty and quality of work….even if late…

    ignore such originals……u have faithful friends around u…..and count me in fr sure……
    and if u ever leave blogging..i’ll p[ersonally come to hyderabad and spank u hard…….rashmi was a soft target…..but u r strong i knw that…..

    • hahha Shilpa..i will hug Rashmi for giving me a friend like you..My commenters are my friends an not burden.If they ask me any question i feel happy that they trust me.I wait for my friends and if they r missing ask about them..thats me.i will skip a post but reply my friend.

      • i dint know that they were telling u a..just got my updete by mail in the afternoon and knew what was all this abt..i got their update early in the morning..i follow both the blogs and find u both good and both cannot be compared in any way..u both r the ppl who kind of provoked interests in looks and make up..i was just hurt wen i knew u were the target..dont worry gal…i basically love all u do, ur reviews and lloks..take care..i just wish, we indians cud b more united

  40. but all in all i m not feeling happy about this entire scenario……….i mean blogging should be a friendly thing…and not full of enmity…..

  41. Anamika,
    I have been following both the blogs from past 3-4 months everyday. I used to like both the blogs, but was never aware of this kinds of cheap accusations. Initially I was in a dilemma as to which of you are genuine. But the following thoughts are the ones those made me realise the clean chip-
    I really got offended by what has been posted by them.

    1. Firstly, I didn’t like their thought of limiting the bloggers to post only on their blog.

    2. Claiming copyrite of smileys and Ads as theirs. Are they not aware of legal clauses?

    3. Reader queries and subscriptions are available on the blogger world from the day its started. There is nothing like, it solely belongs to them.

    4. Sales and giveaways can be anybody’s cup of coffee. Its nothing to do with creativity. There is no need to credit anyone for that..

    Put these along your stride and move on….
    🙂 Happy Blogging!

  42. Why this blog war anu? i feel copying is the best
    form of complimenting!!! at the end of the day, when
    you have the fulfilment of having done something useful
    and go to bed with a clean and clear consiceince – there
    you have your reward. With bouquets, you’ll also have
    brickbats, but you continue your good work with the same
    zeal and passion!!

    • Anu dear,

      Are you okay? i am a bit concerned about you.
      You have Kapil to stand by you and your loyal
      friends to back you up. We are all above all
      these things as we are on a different level.
      learn to ignore and stick to your passion.

  43. When I read post in morning in so called original blog, I was shocked, actually there is no similarity between this blog and THAT. I read both the blogs and I would like to say few things, Mr.DONKEY listen, are the most rude person , cant you just take the frank comments,
    2.You deliberately want everyone to praise your wife and her FOTDs though they look bad many a times.
    3.Stop your paid writers to praise on your wife and bitch on other bloggers.
    4.If you complain on copying on other bloggers what you are doing , don we know where you are copying from.
    5.Ask your paid writers to stop copying articles
    6.STOP STOP STOP bullying
    7.STOP your cheap tactics to make ur blog number one, it can never be

  44. I am really shocked to read all these, I have been a reader of most of the beauty blogs like rashmi’s, [email protected], IVC, etc….along with IMBB. I am out of the country now, still find out time to read these blogs
    I even contributed around 4 articles to IMBB. But gradually I realised the business motives and stopped associating with it. I felt the blog favoured some brands and reviews were biased.Also they were biased towards selected few people who contributed articles. One thing I noticed was the listing of some products,which got good reviews in other blogs, in their results of “worst beauty products survey”.
    Integrity and honesty are fundamental human qualities, which make ourselves true to our conscience. If someone resorts to bitching and defaming others for ones benefit, life is a long race …… does get paid ………so cheer up..:)

    • Thanks was difficult for me to explain this how they deal with the products and biased their reviews..but now i think people know.

  45. o god…whats happning? i thot u two bloggers hv a healthy friendship….n u 1ce told me that u admire rati 4 her blog….i m shocked 2 c this thing here n there..i hope everything gets fine

    • this was till she started feeling insecure and acussing me for each and everything..and then she use to be bad with every other Indian blogger and block them right away .

  46. we support u anamika,dont worry be strong!ur d best
    i just want to tell you few commenters here are supporting u here but bashing you on the other site,like ki,fahee & few others.

    love ya!!!

  47. Hi there.

    I have been a contributor to the other blog (under a different name, of course) and you’re absolutely right..they keep letting the same people write. Not because they have better reviews (I’m a freelancer with a high word rate) or review better products than I did but because of favoritism. There’s a gang that chats regularly over Gtalk or something and that blog is being monopolized by them.

    Came across your blog only today..and I like it. Do you want writers, by any chance?

  48. Remember I told you once that I have rose tinted glasses on? Thinking it is one big happy circle of friends? Those glasses were rudely yanked off today 🙁

    Like Ki, I don’t wish to take sides coz I like both places…. but i love your site for what it is….

  49. Hi Anamika,

    I am really sorry 🙁 i read there post first and jumped to the wronmg conclusion, and was ready to come and un follow you, but as i was reading the comments of this posts, i hav realised that alot of the blogs that i follow support you, because of the terrible things that have happened to them and also i remeber you commented on my old blog in reply to somthing i posted, that i never got from them, but that being said, the content on both blogs is amazing and its sad that there is this war now. But im ashamed of myself for jumping to conclusions and judging you. I am sorry.

  50. anamika……….r u okay….?i m really feeling concerned for you…?hope u r fine and taking good care of ur health amidst all this chaos……..

  51. @shilpa u wer one of d commenters on other site bashing anamika,now ur asking if shes ok???!!!! 😕
    omg you ppl are so fake!!! :reallyangry:

  52. Dear Anamika,

    I am a silent reader of both the blogs. You are doing a good job dear…..I totally love your blog. When people are not able handle competition, threats etc they behave in strange ways. This is just a reflection of that. So whatever happens, you keep rocking with your reviews and tutorials…and be least bothered about people who is trying to pull you down…we all love and support you……..

  53. Hi anamika, I was really shocked when I saw the post in both your blogs. I was really confused when I came to know it was you. After reading Rashmi’s comment I can find who is the real culprit. Don’t worry, you have your own loyal readers to support. Don’t give up your passion for blogging.. There is nothing really you need to prove to them. All the very best for your success :yes: :-*

  54. ROFL….This is just jealousy speaking Anu..A hate mail is just the sign of how good you are…You recently got featured in Cosmo and I am sure this must be triggered due to that… :laugh: yeah Cosmo…cosmo…

    I very well know what you talking about..I used to regularly visit a lot of blogs..including your and you know..I used to read all blogs silently first..never commented because I was not sure what I would say would invite criticism or big lol’s..I never had much interest in makeup except a few things…I am still skeptical of commenting on blogs due to this..But with you I can talk about anything and everything..Friendship :drunk: is not limited to makeup blogs which are nothing less then a mutual admiration society.. :no:

    Anyways, U know what got me hooked to your blog..It was you..Talking to you and Agent Z and all other girls makes me feel like I am talking to my girlfriends and not some fellow bloggers.. :yes: :yes: I get restless when my internet is not working (read last night) and I am not able to access Wiseshe..

    Long story short, I want to write so many things but I won’t..atleast not here..

    Blog description, smileys, sales, giveaways are too small things to fret about..If they are so bigger, better, they should ignore such things..
    …Nobody is stealing their thesis..

    You just take this criticism in your stride and HAPPY 500..Did

      • Prachi i don have words to say…i never expected so much of love..thank u so much the way zara is not here she too was blocked lolz

        • Zara was blocked because she did a post on my blog ..and by the way they personally contacted her and asked her to write on their blog.

          • Oh Yes MOKP..I was seriously thwarted..I felt so sad after that was almost enough to make me stop wanting to write..but with A’s support M still here, doing what I luv most and got u too!! 😉 :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump:

            • and by the way, i did DIFFERENT posts…dint send the same thing to both..I fail to understand y i was deemed as ‘unethical’…It hurt pretty bad ya…i genuinely liked their blog as well..but this act just put things in perspective for me…

  55. Hey Anu……..jus saw the post and was shocked..but no need to worry when you are right and I think a blogger like you doesn’t need or rather don’t have time to steal ideas from others when you have millions of them already in your mind…I think smilies are general plugins which every blogger will love to have so there’s never a question of copying them 😛 . Readers questions , giveaways are also a part of blogging where you try to help your followers to solve their queries or make them hooked to your basically it’s not an idea but that’s something which readers will automatically do(asking questions, participating in events of the blog) when they start following your blog regularly.

    Don’t worry everything will be fine. :-))

  56. Anamika,

    I was so confused to see this post. It took me around half an hour to understand the matter. I know how dumb I am but I was almost out of blogging these days because of some reasons. I would just open the blogger see some random posts and log-off and just a few minutes back I saw this post on your blog. Then I read the comment thread of this post and then I realised what was going on. I don’t want to right anything about the subject blog here, but I want to admit that I have always admired you and your work to make WS a successful blog. Yes I would call it successful because because people are talking about you on forums, though hatred.

    You and Rashmi of Indyabeauty have always inspired me to do better in life. Whenever I want to purchase something (mostly make-up) or want some review I would blindly follow your opinion and I would be satisfied with it. Though, not a wise forum, but I want to sincerely thank you and Rashmi for bringing the beautiful stuff like make-up, skin care and everything to our notice and inspiring many of us to write blogs. Unknowingly you guys have inspired me (and I am sure many others) to write my own and I am really enjoying it thoroughly. Though, I am not able to do justice to it lately, but I hope to resume blogging soon. Thanks for bringing out the happier me 🙂

    I hope that you keep up the good work and continue being healthy and happy. These things come and go, take it just as just another chapter of life. The early you close this chapter it will be better of your peace of mind and you can probably post even more interesting stuff.

    Happy blogging and enjoy life as it comes! Keep smiling and thanks again 🙂 😀


  57. hi i had my last xam in the morning so didnt check wiseshe so missed it… :pain:

    anu..when i first visited wiseshe commented on one of ur post..i was so surprised to get ur reply within few minutes and frm that day onwards there is not atleast a single comment that u missed replying..thats how much u love blogging and helping ur friends..u r so true,secure,lively n helping :blush:

    anu v all love u like anything..i personally luv u,admires u n really look up to u for advice…plzzz dont dishearten urself for those cheapos..u r the BEST n will always be…
    trust me and continue ur work with passion like u always do and god will bless u with all the happiness n faith.. :rose: :heart:

    • Pavani thank u so much..i try my level best to comment and reply every one and specially those who are regular with wise she..i am more with readers than with money or my posts. this is all.

  58. Hello Anu,

    Yes, i agree with Pavani…..when i first commented and got an instant..i was like so happy!!! Just donot worry. We are all with you.

  59. hey anamika, i was following both blogs, but u gotta trust me, i always checked reviews here more than there 😛 … i dunno why, i just found this place more approachable and friendly comparatively with more Indian products, so baby, thumbs up to urs!! 😀 :inlove: 🙂

    • thank u so much Sneha ..I dont write product reviews in keeping the companies in my mind.Many companes will be reading it but this is true.What i review is what is the reality and not biased one.

  60. yaa Dhanu i was so happy when i got the reply to my comment n like instantly hooked to this site frm then 🙂

  61. It’s pathetic. Whatever they are claiming doesn’t make sense. Giveaway’s, comment or smiley plugin etc,. are not their intellectual properties… let them prove anything which they invented have been used on your blog.

    Actually you can sue them for defaming your blog.

    I support you Anamika.

  62. Hey girls, i was an unbiased reader, and i don’t follow any blog…but read silently, from all this i can see that their blog is totally INSECURE!I have seen that the couple discourages and gets rude with ppl with frank opinions quite a lot! Giveways, Blog Sale, e Books are very very old concepts not only on Indian sites but on International sites. When the name of a blog itself is not original, and borrowed from an International huge traffic blog, what else can be original on that blog? the readers should be cautious of such blogs.
    Anamika , i was waiting to get facial done while heading to a vacation some few weeks back and searched ur blog, the only place where i found a genuine tip of steam, milk, massage and scrub with besan, malai etc…i love your site…it’s pretty homely, fresh and real!!keep the good work on…regards,

  63. Ana i must say you are the awesome blogger and wonderful girl by heart …
    pls continue to inspire us and look after your blog and Kapil …
    I wish you all the success and good luck for your family and blog and i so wish that each and every Magz. covers Wise she and i know its going to happen honey …
    you know whatever i say has proved till date and mark my words one day you gonna RULE this Blogging community like you are now ..
    i love and respect you for what you are I seriously admire you for all the hard work you do here

    Love Rashmi

    Lots of good wishes from DEV as well 😀 😀
    :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* my only favourite smiley

    • Give my regard to DEV Rashmi..and now i feel like crying .THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH.. I seriously wonder that just getting published in a magazine can make some one so is mush beyond that.

      • Wish you much more in life girl. May you go a long long way in life. I am sure whatever Rashmi has just said will be true soon and you and your blog will be even more successful. Keep going!

        • i don have high inspiration Eesha i believe in simple life and enjoying it..this is why choose blogging and seeing it her sucks .

          • You are a darling Anamika. You seem to be badly hurt. I know it is difficult to digest such things when you work so hard. We all are with you to support. Lots of love. Just to Jab We Met with ‘that’ post. 😀 :laugh: :laugh:

            • :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump: yeah very true Nids :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright:

              oh sorry back with my only favourite smiley :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

              • I don’t know rash why there is so negativity in Indian bloggers world. If people from other country read these kind of post on the blog either this one or other what impression will they get. I only suggest one thing..give your best to your work.

                • i so agree to it Nidhi…do u expect this kind of thing from temptalia or karen?? I look up to them and would like to be one of them and not some one like this for sure.

                  • i agree Nidhi..i never knew that blog politics even existed until I experienced it myself..was very disappointed to know that something so awesome can also turn ugly..Hats off to U a for being a trooper with this..

                    • Zara I would like to thank my fellow blogger for blocking every one ruthlessly and every one came to wise she and showered me with love..they ROCK ..let me give them some more love this might pacify their false ego

                    • Zara this has ruined my whole day with no positivity .its so sad na..writing post when other person sleeping and asking one to have different opinion and then i wasting my time and giving them back.

                    • Zara you know I learn something from my 2 year old son- Never take things to your heart. It’s life and everyone around you can never be the way you want so let it be. Only take care of those who loves you.

                    • I know u must be so hurt by this underhanded business…But I luv wot Nids just said above…somethings shud just be let go..and see the u know who ur real friends are..I can assure u right now that if u had any prob and needed help, atleast 6 of us here wud jump up to help u…i dont think that wud work out in their case.. :-* :-* so b happy!

  64. its hard to believe that ppl go upto sush extents to hurt others..this z soo bad to hear abt all the things they do..who r they to stop helpful bloggers from blogging :hammer: n wat z the kind of achievement they want ruining everybody :wallbash: :wallbash: :wallbash: ..anu just :flush: :flush: :flush: :flush: :flush: :flush: :flush: :flush: tham n let them go to hell … :hammer:

  65. oi anu u were featured in COSMO WHERE WHERE me wanna see……….inna bada news tumne nahi bataaya ….COME ON……………

      • Arey yaar…this wud have cheered me up big time ….now am gonna call u duffer… :pissedoff: Inni nice baat you should have screamed in the mail………..oh dear…..awesome and now it explains everything….heheheh….babes…let it go, not worth it…badiya kaam karthe raho….aise accolades paathe raho….. :laugh: :rotfl: paagal hai , jealousy common hai ….relax chill,no need for no debates….only a jeweller knows a jewels worth. People appreciate u…enjoy, criticism is part of the story….heheheheheheheheheheheeh…………am really laughing mad right now. Everythings in perspective…………….. :rotfl:

  66. Hi guys!

    To add my 2 bits –

    ‘the original blogger’ was the first indian blog i came across – this was almost a year back. However, on date, I find the blog very wannabe – the standards have deteriorated (were they ever there?)and the review style quite a mish-mash.

    Give me Indian Vanity Case, Peaches and Blush, Indya Beauty, Wiseshe (to name a few) anytime. As aside to Rashmi – I really dig u lady and you should not let anybody pull you down. Believe I have posted the same on her blog before.

    Keep up girls!


    • yes blogger use to hate a particular brand too much and talk all nonsense but one day she was all changed because brand sent her the products..

      .we all bloggers saw it and had a hearty laugh

  67. I just thought these two blogs were similar ones but without any copyright issues, considering everything was going just fine…so when i read the article on that blog i believed it and commented there in haste but am unable to delete it bcoz I dont agree with that after reading both sides. I just want to say here that there is no need for any name calling..the more group questions, sales etc there are its better for everyone!

    • Thanks Keerthi..i know many people hve commented there and got the shock..I really wonder if they will be humble enough to remove all the comments who people have asked them to delete.

  68. Reading both sides, 😯 !!! Let it be, let everyone keep doing their good work in own ways. I would still love both the sites as used to do it earlier & keep enjoying the reviews n tips 🙂

  69. Hey! I have never left a comment on either of these blogs, though i lurk around both of them, but I thought I should say something now because it would matter, especially to you. (Well, in all fairness, I had left a couple of comments on the other blog, but they never got published- so ya.)

    Copyright exists not on mere ideas, but on expression of those ideas, unless of course they already exist in the common pool. Copyright exists on things like original literary, dramatic, artistic, musical works, films, sound recordings. So while what they WRITE (their reviews) and their original photos are copyrighted, the other stuff is not. Stuff that they claim you copied, already exist in the common pool! Things like meta tags, smileys (unless they made the graphics on their own and didn’t use some open source software to implement it merely), giveaways, blog sales, paying for posts, polls and so on. It is ridiculous to suggest that having any of these (even if they happen by way of emulation) amount to copyright infringement. At best, it’s “copying” in the layman sense- i.e. doing something someone else has done because it has been found to work, and it’s what people want. That’s how competition builds! That’s how innovation happens. If something is successful, and is in the common pool, naturally lots of people are doing it and there is a reason for that- IT WORKS!

    So no one can be prevented from using these popular tools such as sales, giveaways, polls etc from increasing their readership. Further, it’s sheer hypocrisy to accuse someone of copyright infringement when a.) no copyright exists b.) you have also taken the same idea from some other blog. Even if it were a completely novel idea of say- having a unique kind of blogroll, it would not be eligible for “copyright” in the legal sense, as copyright does NOT extend to a lot of things. Please see S. 13 of the Indian Copyright Act! I mean, they can’t just throw around legal terms and not know the meaning of the same.

    Also, as a sidenote, you have a pretty decent case against them under defamation and libel, which, by the way, is a civil as well as criminal offence 🙂

    Take care, and please don’t get perturbed by the mud slinging.

  70. This is really confusing. I was never aware of any problems between bloggers. Reading all your comments, especially from Poornima and Rashmi got me thinking. I just hope you keep working on your blog and so should others, the readers love a good read and go where they find it…… Good Luck to all!!!

  71. Hey Anamika.. I used to follow both the blogs, but yea I always found Wise she more friendly and approachable.. I know they are overreacting and trying to put U down but dont U worry gal.. by doing this they are only gaining hatred to themselves.. I really hate that so called popular Blog now!!!!!!!

  72. GOSH!!!

    i am mostly a passive reader of both the blogs…. and yes i read karen’s blog too….. i can see the similarities…. btw Karen’s blog is much cooler and more fun to read then IMBB.

    i am apalled at how bitchy all this has become… totally unclassy!!!
    this is like bullying upcoming bloggers….

    i thought i would boost you with the fact that YOUR blog was one of those featured in Cosmopolitan magazine’s article “best beauty sites bookmarked” page 242-243, june, 2011. 🙂

    NOT imbb…. i was surprised a little.. but now i know why! 😛

    keep up the good work anamika!

  73. Anamika, I’m so sorry for judging you harshly & writing a mean-spirited remark on that site.

    I have been a follower of that site for a long time & when I read the post today, I’m ashamed to say that I immediately believed it. As an adult I should have realized that there are always 2 sides to any story and should not have have passed any judgement without reading both sides. I am sad to say that I criticized your blog & removed it from my reader.

    I read your post about the issue only after that. After reading the comments left by your readers, I realized that I had made a mistake since you and others who have commented here also had a point. But by then it was too late to remove my comment from that site.

    So I want to offer you my sincere apologies for not giving you the benefit of the doubt and for not hearing what you had to say. I hope you can forgive me for jumping to conclusions.

    As for the issue itself, I have learnt my lesson & will remain neutral from now on. Like some other reader commented, I will continue to read whatever I feel like & will not take any sides.

    I hope you understand how truly ashamed I am for not reading both sides before rashly commenting.

    • Poohkie there are so many who have mailed me and have commented saying we are feeling sad why we wrote on their blog.Its ok you dont need to say sorry at all..If i were u would have felt the same.

      • And I was one of those who jumped into a conclusion to fast, and sorry for that :(.. but it was too late and cant delete my comments.
        Anamika you are doing a fab job… just continue the good work.

        But I also learnt a lesson today… you need to know both side of the story before giving your opinion.

  74. I am stunned..i cudn’t believe my eyes when I saw the posts..And I sincerely commend the way ur taking this A..Extremely cool..thats the way to be..

    Rash knows my entire story but leme share a bit with all us wiseshe-ers..I stumbled upon the other blog last year when hunting for the right make-up to buy in prep for my wedding..I used to comment but hardly ever got a response and felt a bit out of place…no1 seemed to friendly and responses were just professional and never the friendly kinds..everyone was so SET in their GROUPS..made the rest of us feel like outsiders..I did find Wise-she after a couple of months and subscribed..but never had the guts to comment since I had gotten a tad bit conscious after the incidents with them.

    Then earlier this year I stumbled upon Rash’s blog and made a single comment with gr8 nervousness..and Rash being Rash gave such a warm reply that I actually felt like continuing commenting….Long story short, I made a friend for life. I wanted to write reviews after being inspired by the blogs around me and I did give it a try. but as u know, that experience went all onky-wonky..I never understood y someone cant write for other blogs when the same review isn’t being repeated?? Where’s the justice in that?? Isnt blogging all about sharing ur opinions and making others aware of the stuff out there? y the conditions?? y such xtreme competition??

    Suffice to say..I have made more friends here in 2 months than I made there in a year! Yes guys…U, Rash, MOKP, Doc, Nidhi, Candy, Ani and so many others have made this the place to be!! ITs not just about minting money and blocking ppl..its about sharing opinions whether gud or bad and simply about making friends..I THANK MY STARS AND RASHMI THAT I GOT YOU AND EVERYONE HERE…Luv u guys like crazy!!

    • Sorry I wanted to comment here

      I totally agree with Zara, I too had the same experience. I felt warmth when Rashmi and Anamika responded to my comments and extending their hand on friendship. I felt out of place and indeed there is group that respond to each other totally being oblivious to others. Yes they are being dominated by an elite group. I had posted many queries and comments instead i was given the cold shoulder and shunned by not even publishing my comments or input.
      I also want to say that the posts on the other blog are indeed immature. I couldnt believe certain articles written by their paid client. A doctor would thrash their claims. Not much of effort or research done on most articles before being published. I was appalled and disgusted on certain misinformed topics.

  75. i decided i wouldnt put up a comment on either sides .. but something came from heart i was always a very geeky kind of person and it was on some random search that i landed to both these websites. I dont know why i have never noticed the kind of similarities everyone is claiming about i thought its general in all beauty websites , the fact is both websites are catering to the needs of women and have taught tiny weeny things in many ways.
    I just hope the issue gets resolved bz we are all alert bloggers and we look at 10 different reviews before deciding to buy a product (atleast i do) so most imp thing is we concentrate on good job/reviews and everything else will settle with time.
    best of luck 🙂

  76. By the way i know this girl personally who run this GMAT is funny to run a GMAT blog when you are not even a MBA or a post graduate and simple graduate from DU that too from correspondence :rotfl:

    seriously u don even clear GMAT and think of starting a GMAT blog :rotfl: :rotfl:

  77. Hey Anamika

    I have to say i got a shock on reading such an article on that blog. People read beauty blogs for a few minutes of blissful entertainment and reading such a post on that blog early in the morning left a really bad taste. I am a newbie blogger and didn’t know so much has been happening since the past year.Anyway best of luck to you. Hope you get over this sad bitching episode soon 🙂 And I found the idea of suing you for copying smileys hilarious! 😀


  78. ana………now u have the taste of a SIL……happy now….u so wanted to have one….. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

    • I will add something I forgot to add to my previous comment. I am a poet. So what I write is MY copyright. If someone steals that, it is plagiarizing. Any creative thing carries our copyright. Other stuff which are in public domain don’t have any such thing.

      However, anyone who posts on one blog has the right to post his or her stuff on any number of platform. Becos the content belongs to her/him. No one can block that.

      I will not take sides. I am neutral. And it is better we stay that way.
      Frankly what are we fighting for? Don’t you think we should fight social issues? Child abuse?

      Fighting over makeup stuff is so childish.

      Just my two bit….

  79. First thing that i want to say to “Mr.IIT is u are a shame to IIT” :loser: anyways….

    Anamika dont even think a bit about this crap, you are an amazing blogger. I love how u dont let anyone feel an ousider……your instant replies are amazing. I remember wen i commented for the first time i thought – will any one even bother to reply as i cud see a few girls chit chatting abt something…but no i was wrong i got a reply within minutes…and since then i am glued to your blog. I am a silent reader as i dont get much time to comment due to work, but whenever i do i comment 🙂
    Keep up the great work tht u r doing :yes:
    God Bless

  80. Hi Ana, I’m just speechless and don’t know what to comment!! I wonder how far jealousy can go. Even I had contributed around 20 articles to the site in question and been an avid reader before I even started writing. Later when I started my own blog, I was being asked why I was giving precedence to my own blog than that!! Frankly, this kind of rating never occurred to me since I was writing on my own out of my sheer love for it. later I was asked to send every article I wrote to them and to post only what they rejected ( even though I was only a freelancer). Even I have been blocked because of reasons unexplained and left with accusations of extracting traffics. Why having a blog myself don’t I comment on your blog? Does that mean I should ffel insecure that I’m losing readers? or you because you might lose a reader? I had to take blatant comments from haters but never had a nice word from them. Even one my my friends had been blocked because of some farcical accusations they out it.
    I have noticed their malice and love for flattery and solely high end brands. let the haters flock together. You must keep on with your own. Having ideas from one another is nothing offensive ( which is not even related in this case), how come smileys, blog sales , discussion forums be copyrighted? Is there only one IITian in this country? the rest all illiterate giving them reason enough to snub others and do everything rude? Does one website means it should be the only one from a country? No other blogger is supposed to be there with related topics?

    I wonder at their taste when being the proprietors they can pick up this kind of distasteful things

    • Nvedita remember you mailed me about her ?
      like you i received so many mails form readers and telling me how badly they were blocked and treated..I mean you are a free lancer and how can you ask people to write only for their blog when they have not hired you permanently.? What kind of attitude is that?

    • Nivedita, I am shocked!! 😯 (can I use this smilie? or do I need to pay some royalty to someone?)).. How can they lay claim to your all your writing on makeup & beauty? It is *your* blog & *your* posts? It is your choice to send them which ever posts you wish.. How can they ask you to send them *all* your posts? & publish the ones, they reject, on your blog..

      I wonder where does this come from, this sense of entitlememt? 😉 How do they feel that you owe them all your posts? Have they bought the copyright to all your posts – future, unwritten ones as well?

    • Oh yes doc..there was an attempt to draw and quarter me…but it turned out well for me..Otherwise how wud i get u guys?? :inlove:

  81. @ Zara i am a big follower of this blog 🙂 i love everyone here 🙂 you, Rashmi, Prachi, Shilpa, Prerna, Tanveer everyone 🙂 Wish she rocks :dance:

  82. @ Anamika Never…. infact i never knew he was working with MS. Thats what i am saying..this Mr. loser shud get a life and do something out of what he has studied in IIT rather than doing such things……

    Khair chhodo we shud not even talk abt this anymore…. we have better things to do hai na 🙂

    @Shilpa i like tht smiley thankyou 🙂

  83. zara maine tumhe us din bhi bataya tha that i hate u ,ana band rash a lotttttt……fir tum baar baar kyu poochti ho….. :duh: :duh: :duh: :bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang: i thin k i need to block u fr asking insane questions :dance: :dance:

  84. Hi,
    Just my 2 cents!
    At this point, take care of your health. I can understand your mental stress. Just relax and have a good night’s sleep. Believe everything will be alright soon. U ‘ve your genuine frenz by your side for moral support! Cheers!!!

    • MP thanks.I have been goign through bad health nowadays and i have talked about it here..Thank u so much for poitning it out and try not letting this thing affect me 🙂 thanks so much 🙂

  85. Hi Anamika,

    I had been reading your blog for long.. in fact I only regularly follow urs and hers since u two are the more prolific bloggers. But I have to admit that while your blog is good.. it used to be quite different earlier- had sections on food, health, natural remedies etc. apart from makeup. But as time has gone by it is indeed more and more resembling the other blog…perhaps that’s why it looks like you are copying. Maybe you should go back to your old style.. it was better, had more differentiated content and gives more reason to keep readers loyal.

    • Hi Rekha while blogging i realized that i love makeup more than anything else..but how am i copying ? they have shifted to my health, food , natural remedies?so shall i accuse them of copying my ideas?

  86. It’s been a year since I started blogging and honestly both the feuding bloggers were an inspiration, so I feel really sad today to see you all fighting.
    I’ve read both sides of the story and I honestly cannot fathom the reason for the whole fiasco.The whole point of blogging is to speak your mind and the readers are savvy enough to understand whose lying and whose copying so that decision should be left on them.If you are popular and have a loyal readership then why do you care about others copying your ideas?Do your thing.
    Bad mouthing your blog Anamika was in a very bad taste.And I feel really bad about Rashmi.Speaking ill of someone and poking fun is such an immature thing to do.
    Anamika you whole hardheartedly supported me during my initial blogging days and I really appreciate it.In fact your were the only blogger who regularly commented, and went out of your way to help me out.
    You are a beautiful person and I can vouch for you even though I have only known you through your blog.You encourage new bloggers which is a great thing to do and in return expect nothing so I feel bad that you’re being targeted.Don’t let this affect you.
    I really hope you can sort out your problems amicably.The Indian beauty blogging world has been an indispensable part of my life for the last one year and I’d hate to see it being affected by such negativity.

    • thanks Sonia..I always try to follow new bloggers and the reason being that i know how it feels when no one comments .I am glad u trust me 🙂

  87. Some people simply cannot be happy for another person’s success, beauty, talents, etc., And they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person. I used to think IITians are more mature, innovative, humble and what not.. silly me, I was wrong.

    Anamika, you are doing a great job. Ignore haters. Cheers 🙂

  88. hi anamika, It is shocking to see some educated people working like this. You do a great job. Dont worry about others, you know what you are doing. You have all our love and support. Keep wiseshe rocking… :-* :-* :-*

      • yes anzz m always wid u… fact few days back i noticed their jobs section n thought of giving a try but then after dropping a mail i read the condition dat i cant write on ne othr blog…….u r the 1 who encouraged me to write wid no condition…….i cant dream of leaving this blog……anzz n wise she rocks!!!!! :king:

  89. Anamika…if it bothered you, I am glad you brought it up, but you have seen their class, upbringing. Come on, I was so upset after THAT episode. But my mom brought me to peace – the way they talk, they have the pedigree of maids, slum people. I had better behaved and spoken maids in India when I was little. I have stopped visiting this blog and the other blog who copies my articles. Its not worth the time and energy and I have ten thousand other things to worry about.

  90. Last night I was aghast reading the Original bloggers post. Not because she was slandering in an unclassy manner but claiming ” stealing ideas”. I have been living abroad most of my life and I am frequent reader to Karla Sugar, MBB, indianmakeupmusings,Temptalia,xsparkage, Michelle Phan many in the beauty blog pool for the past 5 years. The so called original ideas was stolen from such international bloggers. I was repulsed someone condoning their own actions and accusing someone for the very actions of what they are doing. All the idea of blog sale, swatching products instore, OOTD,EOTD,FOTD,makeup breakdown of celebrities, polls ,surveys,homemade tips, categories on the blog like ask us, Inviting burgeoning writers to contribute,placing of adsense is so common. Yes adsense are mostly placed on the right, even on TV advertising most products is done on the right on the split screen and this was claimed as the “orginal style”. I have participated in such blogs and their giveaways are downright copied by the original blogger (what a shame)Many people are not aware of such international bloggers and fall prey to such stunt. YEs they have done a lot of hardwork in copying and emulating these bloggers and calling themselves fresh without giving credit to such bloggers (they act as though they havent even heard of them). They way the original blogger responds and runs her blog is done by coping these blogs.Yes i totally agree with them that a lot of donkeywork and sweat was put to bash people in an unprofessional manner.
    Its so juvenile to mention stealing smiles. We share Ideas and encourage ideas in the blog world. Clearly they are threatened and timid of the growing blogsphere in India. We know the original blogger wanted to have a “michelle Phan phase” all to herself with flattery and mimicing these bloggers.
    It is not fair tarnishing someones image when you have a lot of fault on your end too. I just want to put one word across that they have mentioned “Don’t copy others’ ideas. It’s not cool. Use your own brain.”

    Lastly lets start a fresh new day beginning tomorrow. Its so unfortunate that they have behaved in a crass manner. I couldnt control myself of all the accusations and claiming themselves as original bloggers when they themselves needed to take a look at the mirror.

  91. sorry gals was super busy whole day …
    didnt even got time for myself but my mind was here and i was so disturbed and not even me my friend who had witnessed all this was with me whole day and I must say thanks to all the lovely friends here to stood by ana in this time and I seriously appreciate how she handled all this

    @ Zara …. :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* missed you honey and am glad to see you here in full action :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

    and talking about me i have gone through hell as they have tried to actually kill my blog and MAN what not they did …I still have sleepless nights whenever I think what all had happened to me by them …
    my hubs told me hundred times to stop blogging if i am upset with their acts but naah i know slow steady wins the race ….

    I wish non of you guys would ever have enemies like them …. they thought they will rule this blogging community and they got their answer…

  92. Mind telling us what they did , so us unsuspecting souls can know better? It just seems so contradictory that you had a meet up with her and then she tried to kill your blog. If you can tell us what happened , we will be aware of it.

    • Rashmi, jee is asking you something .she wants to know how u met her in a meet and then why u r not friends any more..:P

      • :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: i seriously want to pour my heart out but guess need to do better things in life rather then again going through all the things once again :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

  93. This is really disgusting Mika! i just read their post abt you and i found it really funny … i mean cummon guys, copying smilies??? really? :giggle: :giggle:
    and blog sale??? whats new in that? lot of people does that and you started it late which clearly cannot be categorized under copying “them” :duh:
    and abt that hate blog…. who knows that the blog wasnt created by “them” only….
    anyway Mika, its their only business so they are trying everything to publisize that
    Dont worry WE LOVE YOU :kissing: :kissing:

    • Thanks so much Meenu..i thought u will skip the post 😛 i know the hater blog is their creation only but this shows how much do i revolve in their mind..they must be dreaming about me only ..making a blog on me ..lolz

      • Lol! yessss! n abt this post i marked this post.. in fact i keep track of the posts going on on wiseshe through daily mail.. so m not completely detached from wiseshe 😀 wese to i try to read as many post as possible but some i keep in mind not to miss…
        you go to good night sleep… you dont have to clarify anything…
        good night darling :tight hug: :hugleft: :hugleft:

  94. Anamika – you know why they wrote about you na – you got featured in Cosmopolitan – they didn’t. They are plain jealous – thats all. Love you blog ! Keep writing

  95. hi there anamika, i just read whats happening(read the other sites’ posts too!)
    I am glad that you have so many supporters,u are so lucky 🙂
    I also noticed that many bloggers who posted comments against you on the other site realised their mistake & feel sorry.
    Im sure your feature in cosmo triggered their jealousy button!! 😉
    dont loose ur sleep over those freaks,chill!!
    we all are here to support you :-))


  96. Wow! There’s been a lot of drama today! Honestly, I stay away from these things but I couldn’t keep mum anymore. I remember how you promptly replied to my queries on FB, as opposed to the other blogger who couldn’t care less. I used to visit the other blog regularly but of late, I’ve begun to notice that they are biased towards certain brands. When I saw their ebook, it immediately struck me that I’d seen that idea on your blog way before. Same goes for recipes & other posts that you covered on WiseShe long before she did. Going by one of her comments, she hadn’t even heard of Oil Cleansing until recently when someone wrote a post on it. Did you notice that her blog became popular AFTER she started paying people for writing reviews? 
Also, most of the high-end products reviewed there have been “sent by PR for consideration” and more often than not, get glowing reviews. She also writes that so called disclaimer way below the post so people won’t even bother to read it! On one of her earlier blog sales, she purposely didn’t accept my comments so that her friends could bid on the items first. Why hold a blog sale when you can’t play fair? 
The quality of comments on her blog has deteriorated, it’s one big slumber party full of inane chatter & childish smilies, such a put-off. 
Anyway, I hope you feel better soon & try not to let stress get the better of you.
Lots of good wishes 🙂

  97. I think m the last person to comment on this. Was kinda busy yesterday .. but tension ni lene ka. U see how many pplz lub u and wiseshe.
    Haterz gonna hate. Just be happy and keep blogging forever.

    Lub u :*

        • solliie anamika and zara..
          actually m going to germany tomorrow. for my cousins marriage.
          this week been so hectic 🙁 and m so sleepy! i feel like i wont even be able to enjoy there 🙁

          but will be back soon.

          mish talking to u girls >:D:D:D:D<
          :drunk: :drunk: :drunk: :drunk:

  98. The only good thing that has happened as a result of their post Anks, is that their masquerade of lies & insecurity has been exposed. Earlier it was only us who knew how insecure they are. Biggest blog, my foot. We all know they are the biggest bullies in the block, that’s all.

    For too long they have been fooling all their readers that the other Indian Bloggers don’t comment there as we are “jealous” of them.. Whereas the truth is they have hounded, harrassed & blocked every major Indian beauty blogger who poses even the *slightest* of threat to them.. I remember the slew of negative comments that wld be written on every review of mines. After this negative treatment – I was blocked (or so I think) becoz some random anonymous girl wrote on my blog that she didn’t like their blog.

    Yea, deprivation of their insightful blog has been a huge loss to me, NOT. :loser:

  99. Heyyy Heyyy Heyyy…. Anamika rite now just wanna give you a tight jadu ki jhappi, gal was trying to upset you and your readers and you know what, she did a pretty good job, atleast that’s what I feel after reading all the comments. I’m an amateur blogger and the very reason I started blogging was coz you and Rashmi inspired me, I love your reviews and posts and everyone here is family.
    I know u’re so so angry bout this but just sit back for a while, is that lady or her views so consequential?? Buddy you’re awesome and you know it, nothing else really matters besides u’ve so many pals and well wishers. That’s a good snuff reason for you to smile at people who behave in such immature way. We all love you a lot, Take Care n smile away 😀

  100. Hi Anamkika,

    I have been a passive reader of both your and her blog for a long time now. This episode had inspired me to speak out and show my support. I am so disheartened to see such negativity emanating from her blog. Blogging about makeup and beauty products, doing review and makeup looks can not be considered original by anyone in their right mind. Bloggers have been writing about beauty and cosmetic products for ages now. How can she say claim to be the original beauty blogger in India? Seriosuly, her tutes and reviews are not THAT great that anyone would be tempted to copy. Most of their posts are voastful and self-praising, which can get so irritating at times. All their allegations sound so immature and half-baked.

    The most shocking part was their allegations that you stole their giveaways idea, blogsale and smilies idea. Omg, really? Do they have any idea how lame and ludicrous that sounds?

    As for the IITian, doesn’t he have anything better to do, like inventing some groundbreaking technology or changing the world, than fight his wife’s battles for her? Reading his childish and unprofessional post on their blog infuriated me so much.

    Anamika, all i want to say is that I have always loved you and wiseshe for the warmth that I feel whenever i visit or comment. I really appreciate your politeness and sensitivity while addressing this issue. You have kept the whole situation under control and clean, which cannot be said for their blog. Please don’t let all the negativity affect the wiseshe family. Keep your head high and keep doing what you do!

    Lotsa love!

  101. i was about to mail u anu, stating that I’m too with you 😀 but then thought u have already got dozens of mail regarding this and i shouldn’t waste your time and decided to comment here only…
    Like Phookie, i too have read both side’s story and felt their is indeed a jealousy / ego kinda feeling, and i can say this because i too have experienced it personally like Rash!! Not to the extent like her but thoda thoda..
    Before associating with u, i wrote 1review for them but they made me run for payment of that writing for2weeks saying my a/c no. is wrong!! I’m a calm and peace loving girl, so i just left hope and asked for friendship with u, i started writing for u and u sent me my payments successfully in my that a/c only which they said was “WRONG” :bangbang: :bangbang:
    I was very hurt when i participated in their sari contest and no 1 even commented below just because till that time i was very very close to u :-(( what a jealousy!!

    and to conclude i would write:- my hubby is proud of u and coz u only gave me a platform to make an identity of me in blogging world, now i have taken short break from writing coz of my health issues,but still our friendship is so strong that yesterday u mailed me and told me that i have won a giveaway…kaun itna karta hai bolo?? I’m so lucky to have “GENUINE FRIENDS” in wiseshe like u, zara, priti who all are friends bina kisi shart/conditions kay!! and in that so called original blogger k site pe jo friends hai, they are fake friends, they will make friendship if u r rich, buy only MAC and MUFF, have attitude and so so….OK, now i dont wanna go into controversies but Anu…I LOVE U, I’m BLESSED to be your friend :clap-n-jump:

    • Prerana u will always be good friend and i know what happend to you as i had seen your reviews before there but if you work any where on the internet its your choice.You never told me about this thing and sari episode i know very well but then i thought let you take your own decision.

  102. ya one more thing i want to add here is, do u remember once u rang me and while talking u asked me why i am interested in writing on your blog and not her blog

    I tell u the answer today – because u know how to respect friendship more than her, because u are polite, calm and attitude free girl, i feel u r very down to earth while she is!! :-(( Money is not everything (atleast for me)thats why i chooses u and not her, coz for me u r the right kind of person to befriend with….don’t worry about the hate posts from them, u too have your warriors with u :yes: :yes:

    • Hi Prerana! M so with u on this..

      Me too wrote a couple of reviews for them and had the very same experinece as u..ditto..

      i too chose to write here bcoz of the freedom of expression and thought we get..we dont HAVE to like a review and can contribute our own 50cents without and backfiring….M so glad to have friends like u..worth more than cash !!

      wots up wid ur health? all ok na?

  103. the person who have wrote that post in that site, is he really an engineer or what……..there are many other works to do in iit campus or college na.

    and previously also he has mentioned about iit…..why so hyped about it and what is the meaning of responsible iitian…….i didnt get it, are the other citizens or say other bloggers non responsible……….and above all responsible for what, responsible for writing in a ladies blog??????

  104. Anamika, All I will say is your prompt & friendly replies keep me hooked to wiseshe, you have always shared your beauty tips & the places you buy stuff from with all the girls here,there is no pretense.
    I’m your friend will always be your friend. Don’t get bogged down by such things, you have such a caring & polite husband,all this drama will disturb him. Atleast for his sake, just ignore these kind of things.

    • yes Adivaah 🙂 touch wood .by the way they r still talking about rashmi and how bhuddhi aurat she is ..just pathetic

      • yes they r pathetic , jus now I saw their comments on Rashmi …my god comments are so personal … these people don’t know their limits ….horrible people

  105. hey anamika
    this is priyanka hope you remember me , once i had posted my pic asking you for the tips for eye makeup and at that time your response for very quick .
    I am regular reader of wise she and IBMM blog but after all this drama I am going unsubscribe IBMM. They both (husband and wife) are so jealous of you and your work. I went through there comments and was surprised by the way there paid bloggers are writing about you. This is not the sensible way of blogging, and her husband.. my god he calls himself an IITian, who have nothing to do other that commenting on women blog.

    • Thanks Priyanka for the support and i do remember their paid writers are talking about rashmi callng her buddi and saying we married rich man ..lolz..i think there is never going to be an end of their saga.

      • i will never ever visit there blog …and my god look at her hubby what does he thinks of himself …first their target was fashion and you website and now its you …

          • seriously man wat kind of people they are …kal raat ko main apne hubby se yehi discuss ker rehi thi …first they curse and then advertise ….Wat kind of people…. even god cant help them

  106. I am a silent reader of both blogs. having read both posts I would say that smileys, blog sales etc etc are noones copyright. and they are saying on that blog that blog that people here are making personal comments but I would like to ask what they are doing.
    i just read jomol’s comments about ‘dolly bindra’ buzurg mahila’ and ugly person an so many more. I would like to ask how a person who has had plasti surgery herself can comment on another person’s looks and call them names?? her comments are really ugly and completely puts you off.

    as for pointing to another’s age is she going to remain young forever?? she too will be a buzurg mahila someday….let her not forget that

  107. amanika i think u are dealing wit mentally sick people, they don’t know their limits …….my god this Jomol is tooo much ……

  108. noone can be more fake than you jomol…your comments are all in bad taste……I don’t even want to see ur pic let alone talk to you….poor miss bulbous nose needed plastic surgery to become pretty and pass comments on others

    …your dirty way of commenting says it all. I baby coz
    thanks a lot but i don’t need to prove anything to someone like you

  109. This is such an unfortunate thing to happen! … I was away from wise she for like 5 days, had gone to pune ! I comeback and see this, Anamika , u are doing a great job! You inspire a lot of people like me! Cheers!!!

  110. I Got it ! So i was enjoying my last few days of freedom. I’ll be working with the best digital agencies in india :dance-leftright: I started walking toooo :clap-n-jump: So All is back on track ! Will start working from tomorrow … You know what these last few days I shopped sooo much and every time i bought a product I used to think of Wise she ! Seriously !!! Its like a Wise-she-mania :inlove:

  111. I am also an engineer from a respectable institute, and I know many IITians, but I have never seen such insecurity and bullying attitude in anyone of them. One might justify ones act by telling, he was silent for long enough and had a toll on his patience blah blah………..but these all are mere pretence…………
    I think it was all preplanned and a lot of effort has been put up in conjuring up that article……It reflects utter childish, narrow and filthy thinking….
    I am an unbiased reader, with opinion of my own……..what my intelligence inferred from their post was mere defamiation and tarnishing of someone else image to boost their own……

  112. I unsubscribed from her blog.. to show moral support. Honestly, I have never commented on ur blog before (though I subscribe to it). I also admit I used to like her blog. The post is big big mistake they will repent. They were doing well..poor things.. apne pair pe kulhadi maara! I far things were still ok..but Jomol has completely ruined it for them. It is outright ridiculous and shameful to call someone ugly! (even if they are.. and we know how you look since we can see your face unlike her and u are FAR from ugly!! Forget one is ugly .. they are as God creates you) Poor poor R.. her blog is tarnished by such women and her husband’s over-enthusiasm for her blog. She seemed like a nice girl..guess everyone does get carried away. I hope I never get carried away if I see some success.
    Good luck to u Anamika. Thanks to them, you actually have lots of silent readers like me coming out to support. Think of yourself as lucky that it happened to u 😛

  113. guess what even i was blocked few weeks back.
    i bought to her notice that some article/review was copied from some foreign blog and bang i was blocked so strange

  114. Swati…if you have been fathered from a single person…you won;’t comment about a child like you have….it means you have multiple fathers…ask your mom

    this is what jomol said ……this is the level of IMBB

    i only said what she will teach her child …nothing bad about the baby really!

  115. 😀 now that I have unsubscribed from that blog .. you better post many good posts.. I have to rely on u only 😛 And as they claim, if you are copying, then good for me na.. I can read your posts and hers (which are apparently going to be copied here!!).. so double benefit 😉

    • lolz…i will try my best to fulfill yur expectaton can mail me what you would like to see more here .this s my email id

  116. Ana, I wanted to comment here since yesterday, but didn’t have enough time to post one.

    I just want to say that I’m on your side 100%. I always thought that u were one of the most passionate bloggers out there. Sometimes I wondered how one person can blog about 7-10 times a day & I really admired yr dedication (and humour =D)

    They thought by bashing your blog they’ll ruin your reputation, but they are so wrong. Nobody like bullies & no sensible person would respect the opinions of a bitchy man.

    About copying, PUH-LEASE! Don’t get me started. But we all have noticed that from the start, haven’t we? 😉 . Of course the wife is always original & “creative” in her husband’s eyes. Poor thing is too busy doing the dirty job for her :bangbang:

    Ana, keep blogging & always believe in yourself :yes:

    *Damn, these smilies are FUN! I should “copy” them for my blog too. But wait, I don’t want to get caught in a “legal tangle” :rotfl:


  117. All I want to say is that if they want to take legal action against you or anyone running a blog that has an ad space, smilies (shocker!!! I never knew they had patents for it!!) etc, just ask them to step forward & bring it on.. No way in a million years, any court will ever side with them.

    Best case scenario, they might have to pay you for slander.

    If required, let’s call Zuckerberg.

    • lolz Zuzkerberg is seriously not gong to waste his time on this by the way he too has faced leagal issues but at least valid one ..not on some inconsequential basis.Only motive was to malign and let other talks shit but sadly it backfired.

      Karthik i know whose husband you are and sadly its not a good post to welcome you 🙁 ..but still i am happy that u both have supported me though you were previously friends with them.

      • Ana, trust me, my husband is not friends with anyone 😛 he has never commented even on my blog, let alone others’ and this is the first and only time that he will. And only because he can see what is right and wrong!

        I was friends with some people who are bullies and that was wrong – but I have not been around enough to know what is happening 🙁 I was always at a distance so I was not aware of ppl being blocked etc. Now I know 😀

        • what surprises me is that they let their writer write anything..and hide behind.I have edited many comments out here because people have been little harsh..but saying some one that you must have had many father..shows what a character lady has..just disgraceful.I am just out of words because words fails to define her.

          • Yeah, they said they block people to prevent hatred. Okay good. Then why not do that when your own blog friends write really demeaning stuff? Even if she was provoked, is it okay to let her say such things?

  118. yesterday i commented, it was awiting moderation, but today me nt finding it, ny way…. good work ana, keep the spirit up
    god bless u

  119. Here is our forever young J…. got them from her Picasa album. She was tarnishing someone’s image as if she herself is some Miss world…. I have cropped up the image as I didn’t want other member’s in pic to show up.

  120. Provide everyone the link anamika,,she has used such filthy & derogatory language..
    everyone should see her real face..

    all my love and support to u dear :))))

  121. Hi ani,
    my bot miss always used 2 say that dont give imp 2 what people say about u.ek kaan se suno 2sre se bahar nikaldo coz if u pay attention 2 all tese rubish then u cnt live in this just ignore all this dirty n LS comnts yaar.
    1 funny incident i want 2 share with u . whenever i n my bro fights or i beat him he also beat me then i used 2 ask if dog bytes u, in u will byte ? he used 2 sy no but ill beat the dog with lathi .so what i mean 2 sy is dont do the sme 2 her but show trough ur good works coz that is d signs of good n polite human like u ani n no can be like u.
    n sorry 4 spelgs n grammatical errors!

    with lots of love.

  122. Hi Anamika.. i think this is the first time i am commenting on your blog although occasionally i do comment on the other blog. Yest, to find that post against you, i was also fooled into believing the lies after looking at the link that was posted, i must be honest i did comment against you. BUT after reading both sides of the stories, even i, like other readers felt that the post was indeed posted with some other motive in mind and not what i had thought. It really disheartened me because i must admit.. I also always wondered why amazing bloggers like Cynthia never come there.. now i know.. And no i never felt that your blog looks anything like theirs and well smileys have since forever.. Also, many a times i have tried to go to Karen’s blog and reaching there instead.. so now i wonder about the validity of accusations hurled at you.. it is in bad taste and they have lost many a loyal readers like me after this senseless and INSECURE act.. Also please do ask them one thing ” how come the recent IMBB digs and Karen’s concept of publishing roundup weekly posts is so similar?” Totally lost respect for that duo!
    All support to you! It’s good that they did it actually.. instead of maligning u falsely, they have managed to tarnish their image instead in front of silent readers like me. Because, unfortunately for them, i consider Cynthia and Mehak wayyyyyyy above them.. quality of articles as well as quality of comments if u know what i mean.. and your quality of content specially skin care tips and recipes(which they copied) is any-day better than their “paid” quantity.. And now i shall gracefully wait to be blocked or mocked or whateva! Honestly.. who cares :yawn:
    Here’s a smiley for you.. :-*

  123. Also, i noticed.. lakme, as a brand used to suck for her TILL she received some goodies from them.. then it was simply fab.. Also.. there are some products i did get on IMBB recos and honestly they sucked for me.. so how can they accuse you of false reviews? I guess it’s to each his own.. i nvr got back at them and said ” hey u said this product is fab but for me it was useless.. i am suing you for false reviews” lol.. that’s funny.. isn’t it upto the reader’s judgement to decide.. a trial and error thing? They are so naive and so insecure!

  124. Now you should send them a thank-you note.. like me, you have gained so many loyal readers out of this.. and now we know.. who-is-who 🙂

  125. …….IMBB was the place where i started blogging last year…they took me up even if i am just i had an attachment with them…but after a while i discovered more lovely Indian blogs like Addicted to blush,IVC,P&B,Wise-she etc…and i felt that they are more dependable than IMBB somehow..and i have been reading IMBB lesser and lesser….But When i woke up yesterday and saw that post…i was Aghast…I mean…seriously…..copying smilies????!!!! even though i felt :pain: :pain: i thought they might have a point….but i didn’t comment coz i just wanted to wait and see how you would handle this and you blew me away with your reply…You smoothed everything down…and i always wondered why none of the bigger bloggers commented on IMBB…now i know why…..

    and jomol…who used to be my BFF at one time…singlehandedly tarnished their rep and their standards…the languages and expressions she used were just spiteful..and they don’t even have the sense to moderate those comments….and calling someone ugly/old/gold diggers….its just so hurtful and uninspiring….I don’t wanna ever be Associated with JOMOL ever again…she is just hatefulness and spite personified.Before when i used to do posts there…they would tell me that certain posts are already there in IMBB similar to the ones i gave them…but they were completely different…and then the posts these days are all rehashed versions of older posts…they really outdid themselves..they got rid of many loyal readers of IMBB with this one posts…and made Wiseshe more popular….

    Stay Strong Ana….You rock..!! 😀 😀 😀

    • Thanks Fathima. Beware Jomol will be on her way to spit out anything on you now and it will be difficult for a 17 year old girl to take it.Please I will request her to call me names and trash me but not those who are sensitive , elder or younger to her.

  126. Hey anu
    even I too searched and found that so called Ms universe hahaha

    that Ms universe and her other associate (anu I know whom i mean)
    are totally nuisance .
    I used to get annoyed whenever i read their comments
    never ever am going to visit that site.
    now am on the safer side !!
    Because I unsubscribed myself from that site!!
    and dont have to spoil my day reading all the degraded comments
    I beleive yesterday’s comments on that blog has provoked all the loyal visitors and many of my friends said they too unsubscribed themselves.
    yes they dig their own grave !!!

    Love U all other bloggers anu,cynthia, mehak, rashmi, nivi, nidhi
    sorry if I have left out any
    kudos to all others who support our anu

    hope my comment gets published this time

  127. hi anamika…i have never ever commented on any blog till now. but today i wanted to say what i felt…i have been a passive reader of many of the beauty blogs for a while now…i was never biased towards anyone…coz to be honest all i was interested in was knowing abt the product thatz all…beyond that i wasnt seriously interested in anythin due to lack of time……so few days back i saw that article on that blg and i wondered who they were referrin 2…so later i got to know about who they were talkin …and i must admit i have never seen a man being sooo bitchy in my life…

    I always made a point to read all the comments of the particular product review i was looking for…so i always noticed sumone called sanjeev commented in a kinda of agGressive way….intially i didnt know who he i thought may be he is may an aspiring amakeup artist/skin doc/ or s umthin related to that or else why wud a guy be soo interested in all makeup and beauty realted stufff…unless he is know what i mean…..but so anways…and then i later noticed in his comments that he had to always shout over the top of his vc n tell everyone that he is an iitan iitan ittan..i was like WHO CARES..seriously who cares that too on a makeup blog ..if it was on a tech/ engg related blog then i understand…but otherwise who cares about his past and its not the past that matters but actually what you make out of it..DR ABDUL KALAM wnet to an ordinary govt school and college and made it clearly shows how a person who always talks abt his past is a real life loser COZ IF YOU HAD ACHIEVED now you wudnt have to be talking abt your past to get sum attention coz you know u havemade it big in the present day . gosh ! he must have been a real loser and underachiever in iit thatz why he feels the need to tell everyone to boost his ego and self image whic are otherwise iam sure being trashed by his other fellow iitans who are way better than him…
    Plus i really want to know doesnt this so called original blogger have enuf guts to defend for herself if it is her blog mainly..why does she need a mouthpiece and why he is he doin all the talkin for her….strange…they doing it as though itz their family buss…funny…hope they get out of their delusional world… your blog now ever more…keep up ur good work..:)

    • Thanks Shima..They have inspired me to work hard more also its true that money is not everything in life and good deeds pays back 😉

  128. Hey!! I know this is an old post but I just HAD to comment. I was a susbriber to IMBB (still am… but am going to unsusbcribe now)!!!

    I had never seen ur blog till the day i saw the harsh and rude HATE blog… so i did what they didnt want me to do…start looking for your blog :)) Am i glad i did

    Firstly, I do read makeupandbeautyblog (the US one) and found it really strange that IMBB had copied them, but didnt really bother.

    Secondly I found articles on foreign sites copied with little editing to make them look different. So, i just stopped reading the blog ultimately but was too lazy to unsubsribe.

    Finally, I found their habit of selling SECOND hand make up disgusting and gross! Hello cooties! Havent you u guys heard of germs and infections???

    Lastly i feel this was a retaliation to your blog being mentioned in Cosmo. Congrats on that btw.

    Anyways here is my opinion. I read their hate mail first. Then I found your blog and your reply. I think u are right purely based on what i can see logically.

    U have a new subsriber now.

    • Thanks u dela..and i hope u enjoy my blog .Like them i too can speak and stoop to their level of insulting but then how will i be different then them.

  129. Oh I loved the fight…….nothing here is original and I am writing the same thing that i wrote on dat person’s blog becoz i didnt know who it was….

    at the end of the day we copy anything and everything from everyone so the term originality is obsolete. I think no one should make claims like biggest et al coz self claims are useless….

    i never knew it was u until a dear friend told me and i must say i feel pity for the one who accused u. ur posts r amazing and please keep up the good work


  130. I know, its kinda late comment…I just came across this…few days back…i guess from past one month i have been writing articles in their website….in the beginning..i felt good..after few days I came to know tht the lady doesnt know anything…i mean if some layman who asks questions abt makeup, she takes her own time to respond…i guess she checks in google to find answers…n her husband..i donno whether he is a gay or not….even he writes articles abt beauty n all other stuff…she copied lot of things from others….I sent her an article abt diff types of hairstyles n neutral makeup….n the shocking thing is they never posted tht article of mine n infact she copied few of those makeup n hairstyles along with the accessories(almost same) which I flaunted in them…she is pathetic…i know am not supposed to dig these things…coz its been lontime…..but I wanted to say how pathetic they r…

  131. i know…i mean i wont say..its a exact one…she know tht i will kill her if she does tht but almost the same…first i thought its a coincidence but she also flaunted couple of accessories which I flaunted in my article…I have also observed her copying others…

          • Ana 🙂
            I can only say that you have proved it 🙂 :yes:
            I personally had problem writing there Ana. Frankly speaking I had sent them one article of a Amway product and the great lady replied to the mail telling that they don’t accept Amway/Avon/Oriflame products review but withing next 2 days i see an article of Avon’s eyeshadows :hammer:
            And those two Husband and so called sweet Lady they write comments for few articles as though they are the only ones who can afford costly cosmetics and we all readers are just mere drug store waallaaas :guns:
            I was taken aback Ana from that day i stopped looking into that blog.

            LOVE :heart:

                • So I was thinking I won’t comment here and bring this up again but dude, seriously tell me what is the mystery behind the high end things.

                  Btw, I thought I was the only one who found a man behaving frolicking in a beauty blog weird specially when he is not adding anything to the content so glad to have company!

  132. Hi,

    I am a silient reader of your blog and i genuinely like your blog for your reviews and also the beauty tips.

    I have observed the difference in the reviews/posts of other blog discussed here and i agree to it….its downgrading…

    You Keep up the good work…..and believe in yourself…..
    Just wanted to show my support to you…

    • Anamika,to be frank I follow ur blog n her blog too..only that i found your’s later. I personally don’t have much issues and I don’t know anything about this hulabula.(cause i first found that something like a beauty blog even exist before late august this year).But there has been some issues with one of my was sad to hear. Just keep up the good work 🙂 :hug-makeup:

  133. i dint even know about this post till today but i just wanted to say that if she wanted to copy it.. she could just have posted the link on her site …such a hypocrite… ana i am totally on your side and i really love your sit its like whatever i want to check out the review of….i just search it on wiseshe and the review is there ……

    you are truly a godsent angel to me O:-) O:-)

  134. i dint even know about this post till today but i just wanted to say that if she wanted to copy it.. she could just have posted the link on her site …such a hypocrite… ana i am totally on your side and i really love your site its like whatever i want to check out the review of….i just search it on wiseshe and the review is there ……

    you are truly a godsent angel to me O:-) O:-)

  135. Hi Anamika..I just read this post…..i have read the other blog as well, but never subscribed them, as i felt them somewhat fake n money-oriented. wise she has a genuine touch, which i could feel, so i subscribed. Love ur post and keep going 🙂

  136. Oh maaan! I am just tooo too toooooooooo late to read this!

    But honestly u should thank that lady.. Its like a “blessing in disguise” for u.. Coz u already had existing loyal wiseshe readers and earned new loyal and honest readers (too bad 4 her thou)…

    I have always been a silent reader for wiseshe earlier when I used to not write, And If I have any concerns I used to come and wiseshe and look for solution and I never left without any solution from here.
    I LOVE WISESHE! Its a great place with girls who are good hearted, helpful and sweet unlike others.

    I have never read “HER” blog ..honestly.. coz whenever I googled for any review.. I always used to see wiseshe and other indian blog’s reviews first than hers. Also, i dont prefer going to her blog coz she thinks and behaves like a foreigner. Thou she is not!
    And i love my Indian beauty , fashion and Style more!
    BottomLine, A… U R THE BESTEST! :-* :hug-makeup: :highfive:

  137. hahahah.. Anamika.. ive never liked that blog. hate how people lick A** there and treat rati or rather worship her like shes some freakin godess who would grant them beauty and has answers to everything and they do this for something like Rs. 200 that she gives them. :lipstick:

    • hehehhe..Nikki! thanks for the INFO…Now i am double HAPPY i never came across her blog!

      And do u understand what I meant with I attracted “WISESHE” and not some other loser indian make up beauty blog lyk … LOL 😉

      I attract only good things and good people not Evil! Happy to associate with Wiseshe! God knws what the BEST :-)) O:-)

  138. Ohh gosh.. Got to know about this through ur comment on my blog.. I guess they are a bunch of losers, trying to fake it all and looking just for traffic at their site !! The management is sooo rude & harsh- I didn’t know they’ll turn out this way !!
    Anyways a good thing outta this episode- I got your site’s referral, just went through few articles.. Nd I loved them : ) :tap-dance:

    • Welcome to wiseshe…nitika! :-))
      Pleasure to have u here! Wiseshe is a family and u will be loved! :hug-makeup:
      Its a “blessing in disguise” for wiseshe…thank u so call “original blogger” for driving all ur readers to Us. 😉 😛

  139. ok I spent around 2 plus hrs reading (almost) all the comments “here n there” and all I have to say is, ur a sweetheart Ana :heart: n keep up ur good work :hug-makeup:

  140. I just landed on this page today and thus this verrryyy late comment. I have been a reader of both the blogs but very recently tending towards Wise she a lot..thanks Anu… I love your blog and your work. The fact that you guys review almost all types of products is really amazing and dont stick on to the stereotype of Chanel and Guccis and Diors which frankly few of us can afford… and yes one more thing..all the looks you do really suit you ……

  141. hi anamika
    i started reading both the blogs recently and soory for being so late. but i frankly believe you r geniuine.
    be like this only

  142. Ana I am laughing out here … Me and vaish were talking abt this episode and i went in search of this post …
    Has this original blogger heard of Internet freedom ?? And the meaning of originality ??? I wonder but I had a nice laugh at her expense ….

    Gal no wonder am attracted to ur blog .. Ur guts is what pulled me in … 😀 :yes: :heart:

  143. Hey there!
    I know my comment is may be a bit too late. But then, I’ve just started to discover Indian fashion and beauty blogs after setting up one of mine. You get to learn form your seniors right?
    I heard negative feedback about IMBB earlier too but I didn’t quite believed it then, but listening to your story… I trust your honesty. That leaves quite a few questions in my mind, though. Isn’t blogging supposed to be a medium to express what you honestly feel or think? Is it that bad a business? And as far as I know, blogging can be quite unique in your own niche, with your own voice, then where’s the place for jealousy?
    Hope you can answer these questions for me as I’m not going to turn to Rati looking for the solutions. Just can’t handle negativity. :-((

  144. Ana,
    I am a freelance TV anchor,and came to know about this issue through a fellow anchor,so cudnt stop
    myself from going through all of it and then commenting.I Know I am a bit tooo too late and sorry for that also.but just wanted to desperately convey that KUDOS n Hatts Off to U.Its been more than a year since i am following your Blog ,(u know it) more of silently….But I came across the other blog also sometime bck and read on it too…and any Idiot tooo can easily make out the difference.
    You are a friend …a guide..and seems approachable with all the wise she team as a Big Family.
    and there the…Madam R is the goddess with people going all gaga n ooh lala over her,who loves flaunting only high end brands.and to add to it is Mr Husband doing all those frilly things.
    On the other hand I have read K’s post also…Only one thing i wnt to say …that they are just tooo dignified and respectable.I guess thats what is imp.and u both have surely earned a lots of respect and love from everyone around.
    ,although we have never interacted but i truly genuinely respect u for all the difficult n challenging times that u have gone through ur pregnancy ,then delivery and still emerged as winners.and managed to make wise she JUST AWESOME.

  145. @ Ric..!!

    Sorry for being personal but we r friends so thought i can ask u….why do u write for R..

    Pls pardon me if u felt bad but just felt weird aftr reading ur post there.For me wise she is Ana ,Zara n U…

  146. Just saw this now :O , didn’t know about all this :O:O

    Anyways fully support you , wiseshe is more of a family and less of an impersonal blog. <3

  147. Hi Anamika, I know Im super late with this topic, like years later! lol But I just thought to put my two cents to this. Ive been a reader on the other blog for a while but I had unsubscribed a couple of years ago.. I found their blog too busy with unnesscary information, Kind of like this superprincessjo on youtube. I have never really come across your blog but recently I ended up checking it out. I do appreciate the content you have and even the positivity you seem to encourage around here. Ive heard so much negativity and drama about the other blog esp with “mr husband” who seems to feel the need to control things that completely have nothing to do with men :/ Doesn’t make sense, his wife seems to have the sole role of a pretty poser for clothes cause I can def not vouch for her makeup, that you can hardly make out. I find this blog has more substance and weight when compared to that. You responded quite well to their ugly accusations, and this Jomol chick just seems to be another bully in their ranks, I think girls who write there should be just aware of what they’re getting into before they start dealing with such individuals. Anyhow kudos to you and your team 🙂 Happy Blogging! xo

    • Thanks…i believe in collective effort and not being selfish in it..Everyone has their own way of living..It will be great if you let your writer friends know about them and ask them to join us..I assure you they will be super happy with us :):)

  148. Hi Everyone,

    I’ve been a silent lurker on WiseShe for a long time now. Unfortunately, I also have to admit that I also read IMBB. In terms of quality, content, appearance, and honestly, just plain personality and professionalism, WiseShe wins hands-down.

    IMBB, when it first started, was comforting. The creator seemed down-to-earth and approachable in her quest to learn more about makeup and reach out to others doing the same. As the blog got richer and they became wealthier, I noticed a growing gang of sycophants and also increasing ego and arrogance on the part of both husband and wife. The wife has taken to reviewing very little, if at all on the blog, which I find very ironic, considering the main purpose for her having ventured into blogging, in the first place. In addition, the majority of her posts now only revolve around their frequent vacations and various photos mainly to show off her clothing (mostly on the high-end side). Both husband and wife lap up everything their readers say- all the worshipping and pandering really makes me sick. Please don’t get me wrong. It is important for people to be nice to each other but it is also important to be real and honest; something which their readership does not subscribe.

    Mr. Husband especially gets on my nerves. First, all the readers who keep attaching “ji” whenever they comment on or refer to him. Also, his posts are positively reeking of arrogance. He acts as though he is way above anyone else and that all his knowledge far exceeds anyone else. I would really like to see them both eating humble pie. Success is wonderful and certainly addictive. When anyone achieves success, they must be lauded for their efforts. However, people should also be true to themselves.

    In addition, they “hire” so many people to write on that blog and show no interest whatsoever in maintaining quality. The quality of the posts are frankly terrible. They keep saying they are hiring and all that, but why? Honestly- I don’t see any changes or editing done to the posts on that blog. They are painful to read, as a result, I rarely visit that site anymore.

    My biggest pet peeve also is that there is no freedom of expression and all comments are moderated to an unhealthy degree. Only comments that are extremely complimentary or “grateful” and “thankful” are posted. I understand that no one wants negativity and that it is the creator’s right to not have aggressive and hateful comments. However, today, the husband wrote a post on grammar so that the writers would (hopefully) going forward, do a better job. Now, that post, while not terrible, is certainly not great. Mr. husband is definitely not a good writer and some of his examples to illustrate “good” and “bad” were not without their errors. So I wrote a comment- for the first time ever.

    I pointed out some errors in his post and also had a set of advice to the writers on how they can improve their writing. The comment was moderated and subsequently removed. This business left a nasty taste in my mouth as in no way was I derogatory or at all mean. Simply by being honest and pointing out their own errors, did not sit well with them. While not an active contributor, I certainly became a part of their blog as my reading of them, only increases and adds to their views and readership. Therefore, I have decided never to visit their blog again and to stick to honest and high quality blogs like WiseShe.

    I congratulate you on sticking to your guns and for not surrendering to them. I read all the posts IMBB made in regards to WiseShe and was frankly disgusted by their behavior. They have a very low and thug-like sensibility. “Noveau riche” unfortunately does not always result in class and they are a great example.

    • Hi Kavisha,

      Thanks for your kind words of encouragement ..Frankly speaking I don’t visit their blog anymore, somehow it used to make me feel sick.

      I did learn a few things from them – I want to focus on my team because I don’t even know if an unknown reviewer is genuine or not.. We now have selected writers who we sponsor products as we trust their reviews and they too give us their best.

      There is a constant effort to improve the quality and we have long way to go.

      Talking about ‘them’, .. it disappoints me a little, that people comment on this post only when they get to see their real face or have a bad experience .I wish people had more suggestions for us so that we can improve more and do much better

      • I think the reason why people do comment on this post is because it acts as a beacon and showcases the strength of your stance. Standing up against injustice and bullying of any sort will always be popular, clearly that is the case here.

        If I had any suggestions since you note that clearly in your response, they are as follows:

        – Exercising greater control on who is writing on your blog is a good move. It will certainly result in tighter quality controls.
        – I think every reviewer needs to take a step back and look at their review. Sometimes, when I read something, the sentences will be jarring, way too long, or use excessive words.
        – It is important to “see” the personality of the reviewer, but it is also important that there is consistency in terms of how items are presented. Like a newspaper for example- various writers on different types of content, however all harmoniously under one umbrella.
        – I like the home page and the different categories listed above. I think you should take more advantage of that setup and have more headers- you do also have a lot of fitness and cooking posts. Why not add those on top as well- have more categories- you certainly have enough posts for that.
        – Have a separate area for suggestions- maybe have it categorized in groups such as content, style etc. If there is anything provided that is useful, maybe have those comments public so that other readers can also add their bit to it.

        In the end, it is only through greater interaction on all our parts that will truly take things forward.

        Good luck.

  149. i know im superlate…but i couldn’t stop myself from writing this….that blog is a superfluous one controlled by some cheap and shallow people, who ridiculously show off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!One of them think that she is a goddess (!lol) or an actress(rofl)!!Further, they have such a strong moderating team that anything negative never gets published…………c’mmon if ur honest u gotta face the truth………….!once upon a time i used to follow her in instagram…but once when i commented that i didnt like her look..she blocked me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!in fact she keeps blocking people who doesnt sugarcoat her posta like”’oh u luk amazing..blah blah……..!it reflects such childlike insecurity and stupidity…..and i wonder how quite a lot of women been lured!!!!!!!!!!This is simply intolerable……………!!

    On a different note, i must say i like Anamika……..its really tough maintaining a work-life balance..and it even difficult if ur a mom to a kid. So kudos to anamika for managing everything successfully!!!!!!!She is honest and natural and i adore her.All the best!!!!!!


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