Mirabella Velvet Lip Color -Pop Velvet Review


Mirabella Velvet Lip Color -Pop Velvet

Hi Ladies!

mirabella pop lip pencil

Want to Fade away boring, dull days??? There is a lipcolor which is an evergreen shade for all season is Orange! Orange is in, which means the brighter, the bolder. Eye-catching thunderstruck pout that is an ideal change for our regular shades like pinks and all-natural neutrals by far this fall because, truth be told, dark can sometimes be dull.

About Mirabella Velvet Lip Color -Pop Velvet

Bold color, lightweight feel. Moisturizing lip pencils glide on for a flawless pop of long-wearing color. Preserves lip suppleness, elasticity and tone.

Creamy, moisturizing lip pencil with fluid-like texture glides on creating a flawless satin finish with intense, long-wearing color. BERRY FLUX VITA ingredients preserve skin suppleness, elasticity and tone.

mirabella pop velvet lip pencil

My Experience with Mirabella Velvet Lip Color -Pop Velvet

pop up velvet lip pencil mirabella

The packaging is like the typical lip crayons which need to be sharpened after almost every use. The lip pencil is sleek gray-ish black with metallic detailing. The body is color coded and bears the name and other details about the product. I would have loved if the cap shut with a click.

Pop velvet is anything but a true orange lip color. It is a warm, bold orange that is unlike any other lip color I own. On my light lips it generally looks slight reddish than orange, but you can definitely see the true orange undertones in the shade. It is so soft in texture and Ideal for fall seasons it keeps lips moisturized whole day long. Moreover it provides stain matte finish which I like. It doesn’t bleed or feather. the bullet of this lip pencil is ideal for drawing and filling lips.

mirabella lip color

The color is absolutely amazing and brighten up my face instantly. I would say, if you are shy of wearing bold oranges and belongs to family of Asian skin tones then this could be your favourite orange lip color.

The staying power is amazing. It stayed on my lips for about 6+ hours without loosing it satiny smooth finish. It settles into fine lines and as I always say prep+prime your lips before applying any lip color to achieve perfect looking ‘Pout’.

mirabella velvet lip color

What I Like about Mirabella Velvet Lip Color -Pop Velvet?

  • Sturdy and attractive packaging
  • Stunning orange shade
  • Creamy texture
  • Buttery smooth formula
  • Ideal orange shade for brown skin tone
  • Face brightening shade
  • Handy
  • Doesn’t bleed or smear
  • Provide satin matte finish
  • Variety of shades to choose from.

mirabella lip color swatch

What I Don’t Like about Mirabella Velvet Lip Color -Pop Velvet?

  • Hefty price tag
  • Not available in India.

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Rating- 4.5/5



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