A Cost Eeffective, Full Body Detox – Dry Skin Brushing


A Cost Eeffective, Full Body Detox – Dry Skin Brushing

Detoxification of skin is something we all have been hearing a lot, lately. But have you ever wondered what exactly skin detox is, what does it do for your body, are there any cost effective methods to detoxify, or better, that is detoxification meant for your body? I do not know about you guys, but we definitely thought that the detox procedures offered in spas and salons are way expensive, and that there should have been a simpler and cheaper way to do it. And look what we found, this amazing and simple process called DRY SKIN BRUSHING.

No one wants flaky and dry skin, especially now that the summers are approaching, and we all are ready to sport a little more skin-show. So let us see what it is, what does it do for you and how should this be done.


What is dry skin brushing?

We all know that we have two kidneys which help eliminate toxins and debris from the body; but less did you know that our skin is the largest organ in our body and is also known as the third kidney. Ask why? This is because, our skin helps eliminating almost one-fourth of the body’s total toxins. It is a natural phenomenon of the skin to slough off dead skin cells every minute and replace them with new cells. What dry brushing does is to help the natural phenomenon of the skin and sloughs off the skin cells mechanically.

Our body consists of a lymphatic system which, when functioning properly, helps in maintaining the total well being of our body. Dry skin brushing helps activate the lymph nodes of our body and by improving the blood circulation, helps in better circulation of lymph in the body.

Apart from everything else, skin brushing rejuvenates, relaxes and energizes the body at the same time. It helps clear up fat depositing toxins which directly affect the cellulite appearance on the skin. Everything kept aside, it is a be-good, feel-good treatment your body will adore.

Who can indulge in dry brushing?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to who can and who cannot indulge in the sheer goodness of dry skin brushing. Males and females can make use of this splendid, cost friendly technique, although it demands dedication. Whether you have dry and flaky, or average to oily textured skin, dry brushing is made top suit each and everyone.

However, people with skin conditions like eczema, abrasions, acne, rashes, non-healed wounds, cuts, psoriases, burns or even those with health conditions like diabetes and regularly high blood pressure should avoid giving in to dry skin brushing.

What do you need for dry brushing?

As I said, this little tip to detox your entire body will not take much up of your money or your time. All you need is a brush with natural bristles and a long handle. Even textured wash clothes, textured gloves, a soft pumice stone, or even a loofah pad would work equally well. But just make sure to use thoroughly dry and cleaned instruments to dry brush your delicate and dry skin.

dry skin brush

Preferably chose a brush whose bristles are stiff, but not so much so as to Scruย the skin. The idea is to gently brush off any dead skin cells and invigorate blood circulation. And also try opting a brush with a longish handle so that you can reach even to the toughest regions of your body, like back, with ease.

How to dry brush your skin?

  • Make sure your body as well as the brush is completely dry.
  • Before beginning to brush the skin, stimulate your lymph nodes. For doing so, using your fingertips, thrice thrust (SLIGHTLY) the area between your collarbone and your neck, each of your armpits, your groin and the area where your rib cages meet, i.e. just below the breast.
  • This will invigorate the lymph flow from the stimulated glands.
  • Beginning at the feet, brush vigorously the soles, moving up to the ankles and the calves.
  • Moving upwards, cover the cellulite areas, i.e. thighs and hips. Brush these areas lightly but thoroughly.
  • Moving up to the arms, brush the skin downwards, towards where the heart is; focusing on the armpits.
  • Brushing the neck towards the direction of the heart, reach the breast and brush each breast smooth (avoiding the nipples, ouch!), again focusing on the armpits.
  • Remember to brush towards the direction of the heart, to increase circulation and to use soft circulatory or swirling motions while brushing the skin.
  • Brush the abdomen area (above the navel) in the same towards the heart direction, but make sure to go slow. Continue this motion on the back also.
  • Coming to the area below the navel, which is the core part of the body, start brushing from right to left, which is the natural order of the intestines movement.
  • Work the colon gently, while going in soft spherical motions.

Thought the process may seem a bit too long and time consuming, once you get the hold of it, it would not take any more than a mere 5-10 minutes.


Always follow up with a good warm shower to rinse off the sloughed dead skin, spritzing your body with a blast of cold water to stimulate the blood circulation. Do not forget to slather up your skin with good body butter or nourishing oil based moisturizers or even oils. No, baby oils would do no good.

So, with almost no investment and 10 minutes at hand, you can afford supple and healthy, glowing from within skin every day. Still mind trying it?

Have you tried dry skin brushing?

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  1. Loved this post. I do it everyday. It’s true that our skin eliminates almost 1/4 th of toxins but didn’t know it’s called the 3rd kidney. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Omg! You do it everyday? I am to very lazy in this arena!
    So glad that atleast someon does it religiously! ๐Ÿ™‚

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