A Day In Colorbar Store, Shoot & Colobar Goodies


A Day In Colorbar Store, Shoot & Colobar Goodies

Hello Ladies!

I am here today not with any review or any product first impression or any other swatch post today. But I am here today to share my experience with you. I try my level best not to be boring and give you something new .I think change should be constant isn’t? .

I so happened to visit a Colorbar exclusive store yesterday in Khan Market. It was pretty eventful and interesting day where we shot a video at the outlet.



winged eyeliner makeup


I would suggest you to check out the store. It is very well equipped with almost all the shades and not only the selected shades like we usually come across at the regular Shoppers Stop counters.  You would not regret visiting this store.


makeup kit


So as I was telling you, we were there for a video shooting. I am really hoping it turns out well. We did this video with Elizabeth, the makeup artist at the store. She is a very warm and welcoming person. It was a pleasure interacting with her. I actually learned a lot from her specially her eye liner tricks, which definitely are going to help me a lot.


makeup pouch from colorbar


We also discussed a lot of things alongside shooting the video. It was anyways going to be so as we are two people with similar interests and it is always fun to meet someone who shares the same interest isn’t?

The weather was very hot yesterday but I am a woman and I cannot ignore shoots and pics. When it comes to looking good for a camera, we women have no competition. I am always game too but the only thing I am bothered about is that the lighting should be perfect. 😀

The store was wonderful, the shoot went fine but the best thing to happen was that they gave me some goodbye goodies to come home with. And I am absolutely digging them right now.

The following were the goodies involved:


  1. Colorbar Zoom and Whoosh mascara 



colorbar mascara


This is a lovely product and if someone has already used it, she would definitely find it as a regular purchase. I already have reviewed it and it is widely used. It is priced at INR 650 if you order online


  1. Colorbar All Day Waterproof eye shadow stick


eyeshadow sticks review


A product worth its price of INR 850, it will surely make you go raving about it. It is crease free, does not fade and stays without flaking for good 7-8 hours. I already possess this waterproof eye shadow stick so I think this has to go in a giveaway for sure. 🙂


  1. Colorbar Just Smoky Kajal





A water-proof and smudge-proof Kajal worth its price of INR 650.I have to try this out Elizabeth used on me and I till the time I reached home it didn’t budge from its place.I am yet to come out with a review with this I am hoping this will be good.


  1. Colorbar matte touch lipstick Tooty Fruity



lipstick tutty fruity


We have reviewed it before and I completely forgot about it and swatched it..I wish i would have saved it for someone to gift or something.



lipstick swatch


Post we hurled up the shoot, I left for food as by that time I sure had a growling stomach. Lovely Nidhi also headed straight to work  who by the way is PR who organised all this for us.


goodie bag+colorbar


I am not sure how to say it but it is true that a human being always sees greener patches. With such days, I am pretty positive about the work I am doing and the perks I get to have. But sometimes, I do feel why I am in this mess. Any clue anyone?



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